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During a caller extended enactment successful Bali, my woman and I enjoyed immoderate large stays and immoderate large meals. During our enactment astatine Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, we had the accidental to dine astatine Kubu.

Ricky plans connected visiting this spot successful the adjacent future, truthful he’ll springiness you the afloat reappraisal successful the months to come. In the meantime, I thought I’d stock my thoughts connected the property’s fine-dining establishment, Kubu, and locomotion you done my acquisition of their tasting menu.

Truly an intimate abstraction for you to bask your dinner, Kubu is located heavy successful the valleys of Ubud, wherever you’re surrounded by trees and the ambience of the flowing Ayung river. 

Kubu – Location

With the upcoming changes to the Marriott Bonvoy program, galore of america person booked immoderate aspirational properties that whitethorn spot a steep summation successful their redemption costs successful 2023. So, erstwhile I heard that the Ritz-Carlton Reserve properties were present disposable connected points, I jumped astatine the opportunity.

I managed to snag 5 nights astatine Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve for 422,000 Marriott Bonvoy points, taking vantage of the Fifth Night Free payment for points bookings. With currency rates averaging $1,400 (CAD) per night, I was capable to redeem my points astatine 1.7 cents per point.

Compared to our valuation of 0.9 cents per point, it’s harmless to accidental I was reasonably blessed with this booking. 

The full spot draws dense inspiration from Bali’s nationalist roots. In keeping with this theme, the edifice has 9 backstage cocoons that lucifer shelters wherever Balinese farmers would store atom aft harvesting, arsenic good arsenic much seating successful the wide eating room. 

Kubu – Cocoon seating

Unfortunately, I didn’t instrumentality my butler’s proposal to reserve a array for dinner. So, I ended up being seated astatine a regular table, and didn’t get to bask the acquisition successful the backstage cocoon. 

Kubu – Restaurant seating

Kubu – Dining Experience

After enjoying the feast for your eyes that the intricate surroundings of Kubu supply you, the repast that follows is simply a treasure of the finest Mediterranean- and European-inspired creations. 

My woman Nicole and I had overmuch to observe connected our palates, starting with the amuse bouche and carrying done each the mode to the last dessert course. While each sheet whitethorn look small, aft 10 courses of degustation curated by award-winning Chef Bayu, we were pleasantly afloat aft this mostly delightful eating experience. 

1. Amuse Bouche

Our repast began with a beauteous amuse bouche, which featured a fantastic food fondue sandwiched betwixt an almond sable. It was served with an earthy presumption atop a woody committee that was fashioned into a histrion stump.

Kubu – Amuse bouche

It was surely good enjoyed astatine our table, lending a bully equilibrium of creaminess from the food and sweetness from the caller orangish segments.

Alongside it, and acceptable atop what resembles a zen stone garden, the tuna tartare tartlets with caviar were a beauteous contrast. This primed our palates for the pursuing indulgent courses.

2. Cherry Tomato Tart

Semi dried tomato, lentil hummus, mint coriander chutney, herb sorbet

When it came clip for the cherry herb tart, I was pleased to spot molecular gastronomy astatine its finest, with the herb foam connected apical of the sorbet. These techniques are fascinating to maine successful the mode they tin alteration the textures of foods, giving them a caller gourmet twist.

Kubu – Cherry herb tart

It has a precise salty and flavourful taste. With the mint coriander chutney, I recovered it to beryllium inspired by Indian cuisine, which I americium people precise fond of, with robust and bold flavours. 

To marque foam successful molecular gastronomy, the cook indispensable trap aerial wrong either a coagulated oregon liquid substance. While this seems similar a caller technique, it’s simply a twist connected what chefs person done for ages with mousse, whipped cream, oregon adjacent the froth connected your after-dinner cappuccino.

The process begins with a pureed food, which past has a thickening cause diluted into it, creating a solution. When that dissolves, it is whipped to bring aerial in, creating a airy and airy presentation. 

Perhaps that’s wherefore I thought that this was the astir visually appealing crockery that we were presented.

3. Butterfish Crudo

Sour cream, reddish radish, pome and cucumber salsa, avruga caviar

The butterfish crudo, served earthy and fresh, presents a airy flavour that is fitting for the 3rd course.

Kubu – Butterfish crudo

With the avruga caviar, a much sustainable enactment implicit beluga, the equilibrium of saltiness paired with apple, radish, and cucumber are each wonderfully well-matched.

4. Slipper Lobster

Cauliflower floret, curry emulsion, scallion

The clawless slipper lobster was adjacent up connected our tasting menu. Like Maine lobster, it has a saccharine sensation and steadfast texture.

Kubu – Slipper lobster

Served atop a creamy cauliflower mousse, on with a curry emulsion, the flavours of the lobster had a spot much extent to astonishment our palates. Akin to the accepted Indian spices, the curry seasoning deed each the close notes, making it a splendid spouse to this crustacean-based dish. 

5. BBQ Gindara

Shitake mushroom, ginger miso, spinach, bulb consommé

By acold my favourite crockery of the evening was the BBQ gindara. Often called sablefish, it has a buttery and affluent texture that volition instantly marque you swoon with pleasure.

Kubu – BBQ gindara

The accompanying bulb consommé was truthful wonderful, I promptly ordered an other for the table. If you’ve been keeping up with my reviews, it would look rather evident that immoderate consommé with salient flavours coming from onions oregon mushrooms ever stands to beryllium my favourite dish.

I felt that choosing the method of grilling was a beauteous determination by Chef Bayu, arsenic it gave the champion opposition of its texture. With the ginger miso, determination was besides a bully hint of spice to this dish. 

6. Beef Cheek Tagliatelle

On Kubu’s gourmet tasting menu, a chickenhearted bosom cooked fricassee-style with foie gras, apricot, and chickenhearted jus is usually served arsenic the sixth course; however, our radical wasn’t keen connected eating the foie gras. We were pleased that the edifice was capable to accommodate america by preparing different crockery for this people instead.

Kubu – Beef feature tagliatelle

Chef Bayu presented america with beef feature that was ace tender and tasty. Along with fresh-made tagliatelle that was perfectly al dente, it had an authentic flavour.

The condiment was simply sublime, with the umami of mushrooms and caller herbs that brought it each to life, yet kept it feeling refreshingly light. 

7. Beef Wellington

Black Angus beef tenderloin, foie gras, mushroom ragout, truffle potato, reddish vino sauce

In the culinary world, Beef Wellington is 1 of those cherished dishes that highlights a chef’s talents.

Kubu – Beef Wellington

While the beef was tender and the texture was bully overall, we felt the condiment was a small overpowering. We did bask the truffle potatoes that went on with it, arsenic they carried a mouth-watering fragrance. 

8. Berry Frappe

Pickled strawberries, basil, coconut milk

As we neared the extremity of our meal, to premier america for the desserts to follow, a berry frappe was served to cleanse our palates. 

9. Texture Chocolate Cake

Chocolate mousse, hazelnut cocoa dacquoise, choco caramel

As affluent arsenic it gets, this texture cocoa barroom was a fantastic finish. The adornments connected apical leant a spot of opposition to the brushed and decadent cocoa barroom tucked conscionable below.

Kubu – Texture cocoa cake

This volition surely delight immoderate cocoa lover!

10. Petit Fours

Our distinctive repast astatine Kubu came to an extremity with the petit fours. Served atop a branch-shaped platter, it completed the taxable we were presented astatine the start.

Kubu – Petit fours

The petit fours diagnostic homemade marshmallows, madeleines, caramel tarts, and a cocoa brownie finished with cocoa nibs. 

Overall, it was a pleasurable acquisition that spoke to each of our senses done each course. 

Kubu – Service

The work was arsenic 1 would expect astatine a fine-dining edifice oregon a Ritz-Carlton property: subtle, polished, and friendly. The unit were well-informed connected the dishes, which they presented and spoke astir with large passion. 

I recovered that the array I was seated astatine had gotten precise acheronian arsenic the prima acceptable for the evening. Given its semi-outdoor location, determination was not overmuch further lighting, which made it hard for maine to decently spot my meal.

This was a shame, simply due to the fact that of however beauteous everything astir america was.


If you find yourself astatine Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, I’d urge booking a cocoon array astatine Kubu. The tasting menu, curated by Chef Bayu, volition contiguous you with a delightful culinary acquisition successful cleanable surroundings.

We appreciated the assortment of dishes we were served, and near feeling some afloat and well-satiated. I was besides grateful that the edifice was capable to not lone accommodate our group’s penchant to not person the foie gras course, but to regenerate it with 1 of the champion dishes of the evening.

I’d emotion to travel backmost to this property, and erstwhile that happens, I’ll beryllium definite to travel backmost to Kubu for different dinner.

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