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The Agora Doha is simply a boutique edifice nestled successful Qatar’s caller metropolis of Lusail, and is simply a brand-new summation to Marriott’s Autograph Collection portfolio arsenic of 2022. 

Agora Doha – Booking

On average, you tin expect to wage $625–725 QAR ($230–$269 CAD) per nighttime astatine the Agora Doha. As 1 mightiness expect, prices during the 2022 FIFA World Cup were inflated overmuch further.

When booking this spot connected Marriott Bonvoy points, the complaint typically falls successful the portion of 22,000–30,000 points per night.

On the time of my enactment here, I had arrived successful Doha astatine 2am, and simply needed a spot to clang until the pursuing afternoon. My authoritative World Cup accommodations were successful a section flat booked for the pursuing night, with check-in starting astatine 3pm.

Doha’s large concatenation hotels had mostly continued blocking grant availability erstwhile booking successful beforehand during the World Cup.

However, to my delight, the Agora – which had lone opened a week earlier – happened to beryllium releasing a fewer other rooms that hadn’t been sold for booking connected points, truthful I went up and redeemed 30,000 Bonvoy points for a one-night enactment for the accidental to remainder my caput for the nighttime astatine a pristine caller Autograph Collection hotel.

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Agora Doha – Location

The Agora Doha is situated successful Lusail, overlooking the Lusail Marina.

Lusail is the second-largest metropolis successful Qatar and lies northbound of Doha’s metropolis centre. This caller metropolis was fundamentally built specifically for the World Cup, sprawling on the coastline and playing big to marinas, resorts, residential and commercialized projects, man-made islands, and respective amusement districts.

The Agora Doha sits close crossed the thoroughfare from Place Vendôme Qatar, an architecturally extravagant Parisian-inspired luxury buying promenade that besides houses the Le Royal Méridien Doha.

Meanwhile, adjacent doorway to the Agora is the recently opened Waldorf Astoria Lusail Doha, completing a trio of luxury hotels successful this country that’s definite to beryllium fashionable arsenic the metropolis of Lusail grows implicit time. 

Nearby attractions see the Lusail Marina Promenade and the Doha Golf Club, some of which are astir a 10-minute thrust from the hotel. Doha’s main sights and sounds, similar the Souq Waqif and the Museum of Islamic Art, are a 20-minute thrust away. 

To get to the edifice connected the nighttime of my arrival, I took an Uber from Doha International Airport, which was adjacent to a 30-minute journey.

Agora Doha – Check-in

As I arrived rather late, it wasn’t until the pursuing time that I noted the hotel’s sleek and modern solid façade and contrasting beige chromatic walls of the building. Moreover, the entranceway was complemented by a tranquil h2o diagnostic flowing retired front.

Agora Doha – Exterior
Agora Doha – Entrance

Upon entering the lobby, I recovered a lengthy lounge abstraction with ample seating, starring towards the check-in table astatine the acold end.

Agora Doha – Lobby lounge
Agora Doha – Lobby lounge
Agora Doha – Check-in desk

The crushed level boasts a spacious seating country with plush burnt tan sofas, and an further seating country astatine the far-left extremity of the lobby.

Agora Doha – Lobby lounge
Agora Doha – Lobby lounge

I was anxious for a speedy check-in process, truthful I could drawback up connected sleep. The Agora Doha is an all-suite edifice that offers generous suite-style rooms to each guests, truthful determination was nary request to “suite-talk” this clip around.

I was assigned a Deluxe Suite and past was handed my keys, and I rapidly made my mode to my room, anxious to get immoderate rest.

Agora Doha – Elevators

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite

I was instantly impressed by my suite, which came with a refined and spacious surviving country and a afloat appointed kitchen.

The suite is adorned with marble flooring, contrasting wood finishes successful the kitchen, and a blase colour palette of midnight bluish and golden accents throughout.

The seating area, adjacent to the kitchen, features 2 plush sofas and a modern achromatic and golden java table, with a patterned rug that ties the abstraction together.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite surviving room

The flat-screen TV is positioned against the partition other the seating country for optimal viewing.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite surviving room

To the close is simply a matching eating array with seating for four.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite eating table

The room is besides a generous size, with sleek woody finishes and implicit with modern appliances, including an oven, microwave, toaster, and each the indispensable cooking utensils.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite kitchen
Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite kitchen
Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite kitchen utensils

In the right-hand country was a Nespresso java maker, arsenic good arsenic an electrical kettle.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite java shaper & electrical kettle

Additionally, determination was a ample fridge and ample furniture abstraction stocked with dishware.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite fridge & cabinet

To my surprise, the suite was besides equipped with a washer and dryer, which proved to beryllium precise utile astatine this constituent successful my trip.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite washer/dryer

Unfortunately, the level became flooded with h2o erstwhile I utilized the washing machine. Thankfully, the h2o didn’t travel into the remainder of the suite, but this is decidedly thing for the edifice to benignant retired sooner than later.

The chamber featured a comfy king furniture arsenic the focal point, stylishly flanked by sleek bedside tables with chic lamps. The king furniture faces a secondary flat-screen TV that’s nestled into an oak armoire, with a tiny ottoman tucked neatly beneath.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite bedroom
Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite bedroom

Stepping into the bath done a tiny foyer, the alcove bathtub is acceptable into the right-hand wall.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite bathroom
Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite bathtub

The interiors boast elegance with a treble vanity, gangly mirrors, and a precise sleek design. The ablution and toilets are to the close and left, respectively.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite treble vanity, shower, & toilet
Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite bathrobe

I thought the plan of the bath was stunning, and was particularly drawn to the harmonious marble floors and walls of the bathroom.

Another tiny gripe was that the ablution h2o ne'er got hot; however, I chalked it up to the increasing pains of the archetypal opening phase.

A secondary half-bathroom is located backmost astatine the suite’s entranceway with a regular toilet and a bidet. There’s a ample reflector and free-standing sink, which was a stylish touch.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite secondary bathroom

Lastly, the suite has a balcony which faces Place Vendôme, equipped with 2 patio chairs and a tiny broadside table.

Agora Doha – Deluxe Suite balcony

Overall, I recovered my enactment successful the Deluxe Suite to beryllium precise pleasant, and precisely what I needed for my one-night enactment earlier heading disconnected to my section accommodations.

Aside from a fewer insignificant issues during my stay, the suite was beautifully appointed and comfortable, and I was peculiarly pleased to person entree to a washer and dryer for a much-needed accidental to get immoderate laundry done.

Agora Doha – Breakfast

Breakfast is offered successful the Agora Lounge connected the crushed level of the hotel. The lounge is the hotel’s one-stop laissez-faire eating venue, wherever breakfast, airy bites, coffee, and to-go items are mixed into one.

It’s a agleam and airy venue, with ample floor-to-ceiling windows that spend a beauteous magnitude of earthy airy portion you bask your meal alongside a blistery cupful of coffee.

Agora Doha – Agora Lounge
Agora Doha – Agora Lounge

Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite members and supra tin bask unlimited portions from the buffet dispersed arsenic a portion of their benefits.

The buffet wasn’t the astir wide-ranging and was a comparatively elemental spread, but had each the essentials that 1 would expect, including Western staples and Arab specialties.

The dispersed features pastries, cereals, and muesli, arsenic good arsenic a enactment of salads and Lebanese dips specified arsenic baba ghanoush, muhammara, and hummus.

Agora Doha – Pastries
Agora Doha – Cereals
Agora Doha – Dips

The accustomed Western suspects included waffles, pancakes, turkey bacon, sausage, hash browns, grilled vegetables, eggs, and beans.

There was besides a made-to-order omelette station, which is ever a bully option.

Agora Doha – Omelette station

Cured meats and cheese, including akwai food and Lebanese labneh balls, are besides disposable from the acold spread.

Agora Doha – Cured meats, cheese, & Lebanese labneh balls

I opted for a made-to-order omelette, smoked salmon, and creamy avocado slices. The prime of the nutrient was great, and the attentive work provided by the edifice unit was surely appreciated.

Agora Doha – Omelette, smoked salmon, & avocado

Agora Doha – Other Facilities

I paid a sojourn to the hotel’s fittingness centre, which features bully precocious ceilings and commanding views of the hotel’s rooftop pool, for a speedy workout. 

The fittingness centre was humble successful size, but equipped with a bully scope of modern equipment.

Agora Doha – Fitness centre

The cardio machines successful the fittingness centre included 2 treadmills, 2 cycles, and 1 elliptical machine. Additionally, determination was a broad enactment of value machines and escaped weights.

Agora Doha – Fitness centre
Agora Doha – Fitness centre
Agora Doha – Fitness centre

The edifice besides features a steam room, sauna, and whirlpool, though I didn’t get a accidental to cheque them retired connected this stay.

However, I did caput to the rooftop infinity pool. The excavation looked similar an enjoyable spot to instrumentality a dip oregon unwind with panoramic views of Lusail and the adjacent Waldorf Astoria (which I indispensable accidental looks perfectly gorgeous, and is simply a spot I’ll person to cheque retired connected a aboriginal sojourn to Doha). 

Agora Doha – Rooftop infinity pool
Agora Doha – Rooftop infinity pool

There were comfortably appointed prima loungers surrounding the excavation connected a lower-level deck, portion a jacuzzi, on with much prima loungers and umbrellas, was located nearby.

Agora Doha – Lounge chairs
Agora Doha – Jacuzzi

During my stay, I was amazed that I didn’t spot a azygous impermanent spending clip up here, arsenic the excavation had immoderate precise bully views and was a peculiarly bully vantage constituent for the sunset.

Indeed, I recovered the edifice to beryllium beauteous sparsely occupied passim my stay, which was astonishing fixed the measurement of travellers successful Doha astatine the clip (though not needfully astonishing arsenic the edifice had conscionable opened past week). 

Upon conversing with the unit aft a generous 5pm precocious check-out, I was informed that the sanction Agora means “marketplace” successful Greek, and that the edifice has large plans to bring successful programming similar creation shows, storytelling events, and different culturally enriching activities to heighten the wide impermanent experience.


The Agora Doha is simply a brand-new Autograph Collection spot that aligns good with the ultra-modern caller metropolis of Lusail. I was blessed to beryllium capable to effort retired the caller property, and it served my needs good earlier I headed to my section flat successful the city.

This edifice wasn’t the astir extravagant Autograph Collection spot I’ve visited, and determination are so a fewer kinks the edifice needs to enactment retired during its motorboat phase. 

Nevertheless, the Agora Doha offers generously appointed suites with an elegant charm, a premier determination successful Lusail, and a bully meal offering. As the edifice grows into itself, I’d ideate it’ll lone improve, making it a worthwhile spot to enactment if visiting oregon passing done Qatar successful the future. 

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