Report: 2025 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Confirmed as Fully Electric

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report 2025 alfa romeo giulia quadrifoglio confirmed arsenic  afloat   electric

Alfa Romeo volition reportedly beryllium electrifying with Giulia athletics sedan with the top-trim Quadrifoglio boasting 1,000 horsepower according to CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato.

Speaking with the United Kingdom’s Top Gear, the main enforcement said Alfa remains dedicated to electrification with the full Giulia lineup acceptable to beryllium electrified successful a small nether 2 years. While the marque has different EVs connected the docket – including immoderate that volition precede the Giulia’s translation – the brand’s niche entreaty volition apt prohibit immoderate models from being imported to North America.

While electrification hasn’t gotten the warmest invited successful the United States owed to the country's longer driving distances, enactment seems assured that it’s the close determination for Europe. However, Alfa Romeo doesn’t look ignorant of the reasons wherefore radical surviving successful North America are much hesitant to bargain EVs, with Imparato making it precise wide that scope anxiousness volition beryllium an important origin – careless of the market.

From Top Gear:

Next twelvemonth there's Alfa's archetypal full-EV. But don't get excessively excited: it's different crossover, smaller than the Tonale. It'll beryllium based, Imparato confirms, connected the Stellantis CMP platform, disposable arsenic petrol and electric. In different words, an Alfa'd mentation [of] the [exclusive to Europe] Jeep Avenger oregon Vauxhall Mokka.More absorbing are a brace of caller full-electric large cars, saloon and crossover, for 2025 and 2026. Presumably it's the crossover first, arsenic they merchantability more? His reply is intriguing. "Not necessarily. With an EV you talk archetypal of range. A saloon is amended for that."He calls this saloon the caller Giulia. "The Giulia is back. Alejandro [Mesonero-Romanos, plan main astatine Alfa] is connected it astatine the moment. We person to plan a Giulia we volition love. A transportation with the past without jeopardising [sic] the future."

Jean-Philippe said the all-electric sedan volition boast up to 500 miles of scope and utilize a modern 800-volt architecture that allows for immoderate of the fastest charging available. While that’s inactive not arsenic overmuch region arsenic the existent Giulia’s 15.8-gallon substance vessel tin negociate erstwhile filled to the brim, it’s rather close. However, you whitethorn person to splurge connected the astir costly mentation of the EV to get the artillery configuration that’ll astir lucifer it.

Power estimates were besides somewhat vague. But the CEO threw retired immoderate beauteous large numbers. Imparato told Top Gear that the basal mentation of the sedan should nutrient 350 horsepower and the Veloce volition beryllium person to 800 hp. It’s our presumption that the basal exemplary volition stay rear-wheel thrust with the Veloce having a dual centrifugal setup that turns each 4 tires. The second should besides beryllium existent for the Quadrifoglio, which Alfa’s brag said would marque 1,000 horsepower. Even if you’re devastated by the nonaccomplishment of the sedan’s 2.9-liter V6, the EV's prospective numbers are bound to assistance soften the blow.

That’s assuming those numbers enactment wherever they are and the Giulia’s artillery battalion doesn’t adhd truthful overmuch value that it becomes clumsy successful the corners. But these are again concerns shared by Imparato. He said Alfa was hard astatine enactment processing the sedan successful a mode that wouldn't fto the downsides of electrification go a problem.

"I don't privation you to endure inconvenience from switching to EV,” helium explained. “The question for maine is not whether to power to EV, it's to get the close handling and agility."

[Image: Vorotylin Roman/Shutterstock]

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