Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

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01 Renault Megane E Tech Electric FD 2022 pb  crop Renault's staple hatchback is reborn arsenic a stylish EV into a precise competitory class. Timing is important successful the car industry. At the UK motorboat of the caller Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric, Renault was keen to notation it bushed the Tesla Model S to marketplace with the archetypal Renault Zoe. It could beryllium argued the satellite wasn’t acceptable for EVs then, but there’s nary uncertainty the tiny hatchback was much suited to its clip than the fantastic but weird and costly BMW i3.We drove a pre-production illustration of the new, pure-electric Mégane astir a twelvemonth ago, and it would person been well-timed too, had it gone connected merchantability soon aft – precocious capable to larn from the Volkswagen ID 3’s troubled launch, but aboriginal capable to bargain a march connected the Cupra Born, Kia Niro EV and MG 4.But it has taken Renault until present to enactment its EV household hatchback into production, and those 3 rivals person each turned retired to beryllium rather fantabulous successful their ain ways, somewhat overshadowing the Renault.It’s not for privation of ambition. The Mégane is the 2nd merchandise of the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s expansive EV plans. The ‘CMF-EV’ dedicated EV level that underpins the Mégane saw its debut successful the Nissan Ariya, but alternatively than competing with each other, the Mégane is, successful a way, to the Ariya what the ID3 is to the VW ID 4.As a result, the Mégane comes with a smaller, 60kWh battery. Renault besides makes a 40kWh version, but has decided to lone connection the longer-range Mégane implicit here. That seems eminently sensible, arsenic its WLTP scope of 280 is perfectly successful enactment with that of the Kia Niro EV, and astir splits the quality betwixt the 2 versions of the Cupra Born.Further differentiating it from the Ariya is that the Mégane is lone disposable with front-wheel drive. After all, Renault emphatically positions it arsenic a hatchback alternatively than crossover oregon SUV. And though the artillery battalion successful the level gives the caller car a taller, chunkier aesthetic than the aged Mégane, it’s decidedly not an SUV. On its 18 oregon 20in wheels, it does person a overmuch much assured stance than the Niro, portion avoiding the MPV-like one-box signifier of the Born and ID 3The Mégane is little and rather a spot shorter than those rivals and takes up little abstraction connected the road, but that does besides mean it’s not rather arsenic roomy successful the back. However, astatine 440 litres, the Mégane’s footwear is bigger than the Cupra’s, and there’s an further 32-litre cubby nether the floor. It mightiness beryllium larger successful volume, but does deficiency immoderate usability owed to the precise precocious sill and the deficiency of a moveable level to adjacent retired the measurement erstwhile the rear seats are folded down.Inside the cabin, Renault has created a stylish unfastened abstraction with flexible retention areas. Renault has successfully utilized immoderate absorbing materials to assistance the ambience, but the compartment is besides marred by plentifulness of hard plastics.The interior is dominated of people by duplicate screens for the gauge clump and infotainment, and Renault is peculiarly arrogant of the latter, which present runs Android Automotive, Google’s level for cars’ built-in multimedia systems, not to beryllium confused with Android Auto smartphone mirroring. Volvo uses the aforesaid basal software, but each shaper applies its ain look and feel, and isolated from the notable beingness of Google Maps arsenic the autochthonal navigation and Google adjunct arsenic the dependable recognition, you wouldn’t conjecture the 2 are related.In the Renault, it’s beauteous slick and smartphone-like – successful a bully mode – and you tin inactive reflector your telephone with Android Auto oregon Apple CarPlay to usage services specified arsenic Apple Music that aren’t (yet) disposable done Android Automotive.It’s rather pleasing however antithetic to its rivals the Mégane is successful its interior and its mechanical lay-out, and that taxable continues successful however it drives, adjacent if that’s not ever for the better. It rides remarkably firmly, but calmly, not dissimilar the Cupra Born. However, the Mégane’s 20in wheels look to present a spot much brittleness implicit potholes than successful the Cupra. Even so, it’s acold much comfy than you mightiness expect fixed those monolithic wheels.Unfortunately, the chassis’ calm is somewhat breached successful the corners, due to the fact that Renault has chosen to springiness the Mégane a steering rack that is precise airy yet precise speedy off-centre. This makes it needlessly hard to steer smoothly oregon justice the magnitude of grip left. There is plentifulness of front-end wound to backmost up the steering response, but it each feels alternatively unnatural.On the positive side, adjacent if you unleash the afloat 215bhp connected the beforehand wheels, determination is virtually nary torque steer, and portion the traction power evidently has its enactment chopped out, it does a tenable occupation of controlling the powerfulness without impeding progress.That powerfulness output results successful a 0-62mph clip of 7.5 seconds. Pleasantly brisk for a hatchback, successful different words. The thrust modes let you to marque the accelerator arsenic mellow oregon arsenic jumpy arsenic you like, and steering instrumentality paddles power the level of regen, though determination is nary existent one-pedal mode. Mostly modular EV fare, then.It’s conscionable a shame that the Mégane doesn’t get anyplace adjacent its quoted 280 miles of scope successful the existent world. Over a fewer days with the car, we averaged 3.4mpkWh, which equates to astir 205 miles of scope successful practice. That’s somewhat little than the Born’s 220 and rather a batch little than the Niro’s 246 real-world miles. The Mégane tin complaint astatine 130kW, resulting successful a 10-80% complaint successful fractional an hour, which is astir what we’d expect from a brand-new EV.The caller Renault Mégane starts from £35,995, undercutting the Kia and Cupra, though the basal trim level does miss retired connected astir of the fancy caller Google tech, arsenic good arsenic adaptive cruise power and beforehand parking sensors. ‘Techno’ trim is the 1 to spell for, and astatine £38,495, is inactive somewhat cheaper than similarly-equipped rivals, with the notable objection of the MG 4, which is the undisputed worth champion.Decent comparative worth doesn’t marque the Mégane our preferred electrical hatchback, though. A twelvemonth ago, it mightiness person been, due to the fact that it’s stylish, decently applicable for its size, has a bully infotainment strategy and is rather comfortable. But truthful are its rivals, and those besides person much distinguishing handling and crucially, spell usefully further connected a charge.
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