Renault 4Ever Trophy Concept Previews Retro-Flavored Electric B-SUV With Rugged Looks

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Renault unveiled a modern reinterpretation of the R4L astatine the Paris Motor Show, albeit successful conception form. The rugged-looking Renault 4EVER Trophy conception previews an upcoming afloat electrical B-SUV for production, with a retro plan language and a multipurpose character.

The Renault 4EVER Trophy looks precise overmuch similar our exclusive render of the 4EVER that was published precisely 1 twelvemonth ago. It does nevertheless travel with immoderate extravagant styling features that volition beryllium toned down for production. Mind you, the conception is celebrating the 25th day of the 4L Trophy humanitarian rally, which explains the flashy off-road kit.

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References to the original 4L see the black-painted rectangular grille graphic astatine the beforehand that encloses the headlights, the signifier of the beforehand fenders, the trapezoidal broadside windows, the tapered rear end, and the pill-shaped taillights. Those are combined with modern styling cues including the pixel-style Matrix LED graphics, the flush doorway handles, the mirror-replacing cameras, the duo-tone roof, and the bladed pillars. An absorbing diagnostic is the ample aerial outlet connected the hollow bonnet which according to Renault improves the ratio of the radiator.

The conception is painted successful Gun Metal Silver with a steadfast dose of integrative cladding each astir the bodywork and magenta accents. It rides connected 19-inch wheels with a futuristic plan and integrated compressors, changing the aerial unit of the off-road tires connected demand. The beefed-up suspension results successful a 200 mm (7.9-inch) crushed clearance, which successful operation with the other off-road instrumentality contributes to the rugged looks. The customized carbon-fiber extortion rack with LED strips houses a spare tire, a shovel and waffle boards are mounted connected the tailgate, portion the underbody has been reinforced to support the battery.

The institution says that the R5 (supermini) and the R4 (SUV) volition beryllium the EV equivalents of the ICE-powered Clio and Captur successful its aboriginal range. The concept’s footprint is emblematic of the B-SUV segment, adjacent though it is 68 mm (2.7 inches) shorter than the second-gen Captur. More specifically, the 4EVER Trophy measures 4,160 mm (163.8 inches) long, 1,950 mm (76.8 inches) wide, and 1,900 mm (74.8 inches) tall, with a wheelbase of 2,570 mm (101.2 inches).

The institution didn’t denote details astir the floor-mounted artillery oregon the afloat electrical powertrain. It did, however, corroborate that the accumulation SUV volition beryllium based connected a stretched mentation of the CMF-BEV architecture and that it volition beryllium produced successful the ElectriCity hub successful Northern France. The modular level volition besides underpin the Renault 5 supermini, Alpine’s blistery hatch variant, and the sibling Nissan Micra.

Renault hopes that the accumulation mentation of the 4EVER volition repetition the commercialized occurrence of the archetypal R4 which sold much than 8 cardinal copies successful 100 countries implicit 3 decades (1961-1992). Besides the SUV bodystyle, the 4EVER volition besides boast an LCV variant inspired by the Renault 4 Fourgonette, arsenic hinted astatine successful the official teaser past year. We expect to larn much astir the EVs successful the adjacent fewer years arsenic we determination person to their marketplace launch.

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