Red-Based Analogous Garden Color Schemes

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A red-based analogous colour strategy for the plot runs from lukewarm to chill colors – from fiery red-orange plantings to jewel-toned red-violet plants. Green – recovered successful works foliage arsenic good arsenic existing shrubs, groundcovers and trees you whitethorn person – is simply a complementary colour to each shades of red, bringing a earthy vibrancy and vigor to this plot colour palette:

Coneflower Cheyenne Spirit - Farmside Landscape & Design

Coneflower Cheyenne Spirit

  • Red – Cosmos “Sulfur”
  • Red-Orange – Heuchera “Peach Crisp”
  • Orange – Butterfly Bush “Asclepias Tuberosa”


  • Red-Orange – “Prince of Orange” Crocosmia
  • Orange – Orange Day Lily
  • Yellow-Orange – Blanket Flower “Arizona Apricot”


Chocolate Cherry Sedum - Farmside Landscape & Design

Chocolate Cherry Sedum

  • Red-Violet – Heuchera “Palace Purple”
  • Red – Coral Bells “Forever Red”
  • Red-Orange – Coneflower/Echinacea “Kismet”


  • Violet – Salvia “Violet Riot”
  • Red-Violet – Coral Bells Dolce® “Wildberry”
  • Red – Creeping Sedum “Red Dragon’s Blood”


The station Red-Based Analogous Garden Color Schemes appeared archetypal connected Farmside Landscape & Design.

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