Racing Greyhound Finds His Happy Place, Celebrates With First Case Of Zoomies

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Paul, a beauteous Greyhound, raced until the racetracks closed down successful Florida. That was the lone beingness helium knew. He, understandably, had nary thought however to beryllium a canine wrong a home. The location itself frightened him, particularly the stairs.


When Elizabeth and Holden adopted Paul, they vowed to beryllium diligent with him, always. They knew he’d look challenges, and they were 100% connected committee to clasp his paw done it all. It took time, but soon Paul fto his defender down and accepted his caller parents’ love. The archetypal time helium laid his caput adjacent to his ma was everything!


Paul deed a large milestone the pursuing summertime erstwhile his parents took him distant to the country. He was capable to play and tally arsenic accelerated arsenic helium wanted to. Paul had his archetypal lawsuit of the zoomies, and his parents celebrated by clapping and calling his name! To spot him tally afloat speed, due to the fact that helium wanted to and not retired of unit was axenic magic!


One of Paul’s shining moments was erstwhile helium recovered his howl. He had been truthful quiescent up to that point! As Paul’s ma puts it, “Paul makes the mundane parts of beingness truthful overmuch better.” We couldn’t beryllium happier for Paul and his everlastingly family. Check them retired successful the video below!

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