Pumpkin Nights trail serves up spooky Halloween fun

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October 08, 2022

After the hot, hot, blistery summertime we conscionable endured successful Texas, I person ne'er been much acceptable for fall. All things pumpkin and pumpkin spice — bring it, and assistance maine hide summertime ever existed. So erstwhile I heard astir Pumpkin Nights, a walking way done themed lands packed with originative jack-o’-lanterns, I was each in.

A carved pumpkin featuring the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Weekend admittance for 3 adults is pricey, and parking is extra, but each was worthy it for the enchanting jack-o’-lanterns on the 1/2-mile way astatine Pioneer Farms successful northeast Austin. Plus there’s a occurrence show, nutrient trucks, a pumpkin carver, and elephantine pumpkins to bask earlier you adjacent scope the trail.

But the way is the main attraction, and it’s immersive, magical, and photo-worthy.

Pumpkin Passage

A agelong passageway of hanging jack-o’-lanterns makes a glowing, grinning entrance.

The displays on the way are created with hand-carved artificial pumpkins — astir 5,000 of them! — that won’t rot during the period that the way is open. They look similar existent pumpkins with antithetic shapes and sizes and seemingly hundreds of antithetic expressions.

Enchanted Forest

As you locomotion on the green-lit trail, you brushwood a half-dozen oregon truthful themed lands. A glowing bluish satellite successful Enchanted Forest makes a fashionable photograph op.

The way soon gets a spot spookier.

Bugs and fairies abound.

A gigantic owl made of pumpkins looms gangly astatine the extremity of the Forest.

The Great Hall

The Great Hall evokes the Halloween feast astatine Harry Potter‘s Hogwarts, with candles and pumpkins and owls floating overhead.

The Forbidden City

In the Forbidden City, an undulating dragon and masses of Chinese lanterns — each made of pumpkins — had america oohing and aahing.

Maravilla Lane

Maravilla Lane evokes the movie Coco with Day of the Dead-themed jack-o’-lanterns.

Monster Mash?

A buzzy show of elephantine houseflies and Venus alert traps was either portion of Neon Reef oregon the playground country Monster Mash. Yep, those are pumpkin eyes and a elephantine pumpkin body!

The carved-pumpkin Venus alert traps were enjoying a snack of pumpkin flies.

Neon Reef

With a black-light glow, Neon Reef features dangling pumpkin jellyfish, pufferfish, and toothy anglerfish.

And then…giant spiders lurking successful heavy webs.

Pirate Cove

And finally, successful Pirate Cove, frollicking jack-o’-lantern pirates plaything cutlasses astatine each different and hoard pieces of eight.

As we circled backmost to the exit, I was atrocious to spot the vacation magic travel to a close. But for a mates of hours, the witching hr had done a large occupation of banishing that scary summertime from my mind.

Pumpkin Nights is unfastened each evening but Tuesdays and ends connected October 30th. There’s a Pumpkin Nights successful Dallas too.

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