Prior Design Audi RS Q8 Widebody Kit Is Not Subtle

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Late past year, we saw Prior Design uncover their caller PD-RS800 widebody kit for the Audi RS Q8 and this is not for idiosyncratic looking to alert nether the radar.

The tuner has done zero tuning to the show but arsenic you tin see, the car has received a drastic widebody kit and immoderate monolithic rims.

The kit includes a caller beforehand spoiler, frames for the beforehand aerial intakes, broadside skirt extensions, widened beforehand and rear instrumentality arches, a rear diffuser, bumper fins, a extortion spoiler, a trunk spoiler and a unusual ‘power bulge’ hood embellishment, which is non-functional. The tuner says that each of these parts tin beryllium ordered arsenic a azygous kit but the full bundle volition acceptable you backmost €15,302 (excluding shipping, taxes and instalment).

The images intelligibly amusement that the show SUV has been lowered excessively and if you privation the twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 to outcry a spot louder, they volition proviso an Akrapovic strategy for you too.

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