Porsche Macan EV delayed due to VW software woes

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porsche macan ev render The merchandise of the Posche Macan EV has been pushed backmost to 2024 Electric SUV won't get until astatine slightest 2024 arsenic problems astatine Cariad bundle part dilatory improvement progress

The motorboat of the caller Porsche Macan electrical SUV has been delayed for a twelvemonth due to the fact that of slower than expected bundle improvement wrong the wider Volkswagen Group.

The Macan EV volition beryllium 1 of the archetypal accumulation cars to usage Porsche and Audi’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture, but Porsche has present confirmed that it won’t beryllium released until 2024.

Problems surrounding the accumulation of the E3 1.2 bundle level by Cariad, the bundle part of the Volkswagen Group, are partially to blasted for that delay.

Porsche confirmed the quality successful the shares prospectus it issued arsenic portion of its IPO past period – erstwhile it made 911 cardinal shares disposable (a motion to its flagship sports car).

The flotation valued Porsche astatine astir €75 cardinal (about £65bn).

The hold could besides sound backmost the motorboat timetable of “in peculiar BEV models of the 718 [Porsche Boxster and Porsche Cayman] and the Porsche Cayenne”, Porsche warned successful the prospectus. No motorboat timetable has been fixed for those cars, though.

Also successful the prospectus, Porsche warned that Cariad’s parallel improvement of a abstracted E3 2.0 bundle stack meant that it “could perchance allocate greater improvement capableness and resources to its E3 2.0 mentation to the detriment of further improvement of the E3 1.2 platform”.

Porsche has an enactment to not instrumentality the E3 2.0 bundle stack and spell its ain mode for aboriginal vehicles, it noted successful the prospectus, and a determination connected this is to beryllium made adjacent year.

Porsche has been vocal successful the past astir not being tied to the Volkswagen Group’s aboriginal level strategy – some carnal and integer – peculiarly with the Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) for EVs, which volition yet regenerate the PPE.

Porsche has said it volition pb improvement of a show mentation level called SSP Sport, which volition underpin the adjacent Panamera and Taycan, arsenic good arsenic an unnamed “new afloat electrical luxury SUV model”.

Ultimately, Porsche volition displacement each of its SUV and saloon models to the PPE and determination volition beryllium “a bespoke architecture for two-door sports cars”.

Porsche said successful its prospectus that “the motorboat of the SSP Sport volition not beryllium connected different SSP platforms developed by the Volkswagen Group”, indicating that it volition determination astatine its ain velocity successful future, perchance due to the fact that it plans to abstracted from the remainder of the radical connected bundle strategy.

Porsche has said it expects much than 50% of cars delivered successful 2025 to beryllium electrified, rising to 80% afloat electrical by 2030.

Last year, EVs (all of them Taycan derivatives) comprised 14% of Porsche sales, portion plug-in hybrids took 11%.

The Macan EV volition usage a akin 800V electrical architecture to the Taycan “with improvements successful range”, said Porsche.

Porsche started investigating the SUV successful May 2021. It volition beryllium built astatine its Leipzig factory, wherever the petrol Macan is produced. 

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