Porsche Carrera GT Gets A Comfort Upgrade With $16k KW Coilovers And Lift Kit

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The Porsche Carrera GT is considered 1 of the top supercars ever made. Still, KW thinks they tin amended it – astatine slightest successful presumption of thrust and handling. The institution offers a caller adjustable coilover suspension with 3 presets and an optional hydraulic assistance system, which are said to marque the Carrera GT much livable, comfortable, and dynamic astatine the aforesaid time.

While the supercar was the pinnacle of Porsche engineering backmost successful 2003, suspension exertion has progressed successful the pursuing 20 years. KW’s coagulated piston dampers are three-way adjustable (low-speed compression, high-speed compression, and rebound). A trio of pre-configured setups is accessible done the accommodation instrumentality connected each damper. The archetypal mounting is truly adjacent to ΟΕΜ, the 2nd is much comfort-oriented, and the 3rd is track-focused.

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 Porsche Carrera GT Gets A Comfort Upgrade With $16k KW Coilovers And Lift Kit

According to KW, their coilovers are much comfy than the archetypal Porsche suspension with “more delicate damping and accelerated feedback”. At the aforesaid time, they marque the supercar much dynamic arsenic “the steering becomes much precise, the handling is much nonstop and the behaviour feels safer”.

One of KW’s clients is former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld, who installed the suspension connected his idiosyncratic Porsche Carrera GT which unsurprisingly refers to arsenic his favourite car. After experiencing the caller coilovers, Heidfeld concluded: “the consciousness and the DNA [of the original] haven’t been changed overmuch but the feedback has go adjacent much refined and direct”. An absorbing item is that portion KW products are usually painted successful yellow, the coilovers for Heidfeld’s Porsche are bluish and red, matching the instrumentality hubs connected each broadside of the conveyance (the archetypal suspension is black).

 Porsche Carrera GT Gets A Comfort Upgrade With $16k KW Coilovers And Lift Kit

For those who don’t find the banal mounting debased enough, KW tin little the car further by 10 mm (0.4 inches). However, Heidfeld suggests that the Carrera GT is already excessively debased for accustomed regular driving scenarios. As a solution to this problem, KW offers an optional hydraulic assistance strategy that tin rise some axles of the supercar by 45 mm (1.8 inches) connected demand. While this don’t crook the supercar into a crossover, it allows it to thrust implicit velocity bumps oregon ramps without scraping its underparts. Luckily, the fastener for activating the assistance is hidden wrong the ashtray connected the halfway tunnel, truthful the plan of the interior remains unaltered.

According to the official website, the outgo of the KW V5 coilover kit for the Carrera GT is €15,195 ($16,227). We don’t cognize however galore Porsche Carrera GT owners volition opt for the KW V5 coilover update. Mind you, betwixt 2003 and 2006 Porsche sold a full of 1,270 units of the Carrera GT. We stake that less than those are inactive successful existence, and not galore are being regularly driven connected nationalist roads.

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