Polestar 2 will remain brand’s smallest EV – for now

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1 polestar 2 2020 rt leader  front The 2 volition beryllium the astir compact Polestar for a portion yet Company brag Ingenlath says the extremity is to absorption connected a select, rounded portfolio, led by the upcoming Polestar 6

Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath has said the steadfast has nary plans to motorboat a car smaller than the Polestar 2 successful the future, stating that the extremity is to absorption connected a select, rounded portfolio.

The Sino-Swedish steadfast launched the 510bhp, £85,500 Polestar 3 ample SUV earlier this week, which follows the 2 saloon. It has besides confirmed plans for its adjacent 3 models: the 4 volition beryllium a smaller SUV that sits betwixt the 2 and 3; the 5 volition beryllium a Porsche Taycan-rivalling expansive tourer; and the 6 volition beryllium a 2+2 convertible.

The 3 is based connected the caller SPA2 level that is shared with the forthcoming Volvo EX90, allowing the 2 sibling companies to stock manufacturing and accumulation costs. Volvo is moving connected a tiny SUV that volition beryllium positioned beneath the XC40 and usage the caller SEA platform, but Ingenlath suggested Polestar has nary plans to travel suit.

But asked by Autocar astir whether Polestar volition make a tiny car successful the future, Ingenlath said: “We person nary plans for the infinitesimal to cater for a smaller car than Polestar 2 arsenic it is, and successful the aboriginal of people we privation to support specified a presumption successful our portfolio. But contiguous we don’t spot that we volition widen into a smaller car segment, arsenic overmuch arsenic the temptation is to plan a smaller Polestar. It’s astir focus.”

The 6 is owed successful 2026 and Ingenlath said it volition “complete” the firm’s existent portfolio. He added: “Adding the Polestar 6 is the last interaction to getting a implicit portfolio together, due to the fact that that benignant of marque operator exemplary and the luxury of having a 2+2 seater successful our portfolio truly made that merchandise disconnected the ground.

“The 2 SUVs we volition have, the 2 fastbacks and past the 6 roadster – by 2026 we’ll person achieved wrong a precise abbreviated clip a precise rounded portfolio to transportation the brand. Doing overmuch much – oregon immoderate much – than that would beryllium a distraction. It’s not the thought to research each and each country [of the market] and look astatine what other we could ideate doing, but to person that wide dedication to accidental ‘hey, that’s a family’, and we spot that processing nicely.”

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