Polaris RZR vs Segway Villain video review

1 month ago 22
LUC 0113 Are buggies arsenic bully connected the roadworthy arsenic they are disconnected of it?

The aboriginal of tiny sports cars is successful doubt.

On apical of them getting much expensive, they’re besides becoming harder to bargain arsenic emissions and information regulations marque them harder to produce.

So, wherefore not bargain a buggy? On the look of it, they’re everything a sports car should beryllium - small, light, and perchance a batch of fun. Plus, there’s the added off-road quality - you wouldn’t privation to instrumentality a Toyota GR86 down a rocky track, but with these buggies the satellite is your oyster.

We’ve brought unneurotic 2 of our favourites - the Polaris RZR and the Segway Villain - to spot if they’re a viable alternate to the modern sports car.

Join Matt Prior arsenic helium heads to deepest darkest Wales to find out.


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