Paris motor show 2022 - full report and gallery

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dacia manifesto paris centrifugal  amusement   08 supra  static The Paris centrifugal amusement was the basal for a fig of caller cars. Check our assemblage for the afloat list The French centrifugal amusement is backmost for the archetypal clip since 2018, with respective caller models acceptable to marque their debut

It’s 4 years since the automotive manufacture past acceptable up campy up astatine the Paris centrifugal show, and - understatement alert - overmuch has changed successful that time. Among that alteration is centrifugal shows themselves. They sadly stay an endangered species, adjacent much connected truthful the grounds of the 2022 Paris offering.

There’s nary getting distant from conscionable however tiny Paris was some successful footprint (one hallway implicit 2 floors, and adjacent past determination was tons of filler) and successful shaper attendance. Not adjacent Citroën turned up, leaving Stellantis brands Jeep, Peugeot and DS alongside Renault, Dacia and Alpine arsenic the lone large attendees.

Numbers were bolstered by caller players from China, among them BYD and Great Wall, which made for an intriguing sub-plot to the show, peculiarly successful airy of immoderate unfiltered comments from Stellantis brag Carlos Tavares who called either for European governmental leaders to enforce tariffs connected Chinese cars being sold present oregon for European cars to get favourable subsidies to marque them much charismatic and outgo competitive.

So hide the sparsity: Paris was inactive a relevant, intriguing snapshot of an manufacture having to navigate a immense exertion shift. Tavares’s connection to the media connected what helium believes to beryllium an existential menace to the European car manufacture was besides delivered the evening earlier astatine a meal with French president Emmanuel Macron.

The president himself was possibly the biggest attraction of each astatine the show, bringing it to a standstill astatine assorted points arsenic helium moved astir the halls (well, up and down the stairs astatine least). His archetypal larboard of telephone was Renault, successful which the French authorities is simply a ample investor. While checking connected his investment, Macron volition person seen however Renault was pursuing up the rebirth of the 5 with thing akin for the 4 successful 2024 with the 4Ever concept.

Many noted a similarity successful the benignant and positioning of the 4Ever to Dacia, possibly a compliment to conscionable however idiosyncratic a benignant the girl marque has carved retired successful simple, appealing products. The aboriginal of that marque was previewed by Dacia’s ain conception car, the Manifesto buggy. As for Alpine, the Alpenglow conception provides a manifesto of its ain for the show brand.

To Stellantis, wherever Jeep was the biggest attraction. The Avenger is the archetypal Jeep decently designed and engineered by Europe, for Europe. The institution calls it a “game changer” for the brand, and being an electrical tiny SUV it is surely on-trend, and without plentifulness of the baggage (high CO2, debased quality) of the models earlier it implicit here.

One enforcement spotted taking a keen involvement successful the car was Stellantis president John Elkann. Peugeot had the largest Stellantis presence. The 408, a premix of saloon, hatchback and crossover SUV, was its main star, but bigger quality is to come, for Peugeot contiguous announced plans to motorboat the conception car Inception aboriginal this twelvemonth that volition preview the aboriginal of the company.

A shame it wasn’t successful Paris, then, yet Peugeot had the aerial of a marque brimming with confidence, and determination is inactive plentifulness much to come. Mercedes was successful Paris, but not astatine the show, gatecrashing down the roadworthy for the uncover of its EQE SUV. Renault attended BMW’s location amusement successful Munich past twelvemonth but the favour wasn’t returned here, truthful don’t expect overmuch of a French beingness erstwhile - oregon alternatively if - the amusement circus rolls backmost into Bavaria adjacent September.

All of which near the remainder of the level to the Chinese car makers. Great Wall was astatine Munich past twelvemonth with its Ora and Wey brands, and truthful it was successful Paris, too. It looks a credible introduction to the European market, and a motorboat for Ora successful the UK is inactive on. BYD brought 3 caller electrical cars here, among them a tech-rich Tesla Model 3 rival called the Seal that’s undercutting the American elephantine successful China.

The cars from Chinese car makers get ever much charismatic astatine each passing centrifugal show, and it is shows similar Paris wherever you tin cheque their advancement astir intimately of all, and successful examination to the established players. Tavares doesn’t request a centrifugal amusement to cognize the menace they represent, but for the remainder of us, the melting cookware and gathering constituent that shows correspond to cheque connected manufacture advancement was live and kicking successful Paris, adjacent if it’s present possibly connected an unviably tiny scale.

Read connected for our unrecorded blog and all of the biggest exemplary reveals successful Paris

15:01 - How’s this for a speedy turnaround? Stellantis Motorsport brag Jean-Marc Finot got the greenish airy for the 9X8 task connected 13/11/2019 (the aforesaid time Ford vs Ferrari was released in cinemas) and the car completed its first lap connected 11/12/2021. FP

14:29 - Is it maine oregon does this Vinfast VF8 look a batch similar a Renault Kadjar crossed with a Alfa Romeo Tonale? RB

13:57 - There are plenty of Chinese firms present and it seems similar a shrewd move; due to the fact that the amusement doesn’t person the sheer wide oregon grandeur that centrifugal shows had historically, it means these little established brands person breathing room. They’re not competing with the German premium giants and consumers, erstwhile they get here, mightiness really wage attraction to these comparatively chartless makers’ stands. Smart, I reckon. RB

13:30 - The Hopium basal includes a car, a turntable, and a logo. There’s minimalist, and past there’s conscionable plain bare and looking unfinished. It’s not a basal to entice you in. A splash of colour connected apical of the undercoat wouldn’t spell a miss. MT

13:01 - Not excessively sold connected the rear extremity of the caller 408. It’s a small fussy compared to what we’ve seen precocious from Peugeot. MT

12:43 - Exciting to deliberation this Alpine Alpenglow conception reflects the aboriginal of Alpine cars, though there’s nary coagulated plans to spell the hydrogen way arsenic this conception features, says the show brag Sovany Ang. RB

12:31 - The super-stripped-out A110 R volition beryllium the last iteration of the car earlier we get an Alpine electrical sports car successful a mates of years, confirmed Sovany Ang, its merchandise show boss. Most of the value nonaccomplishment achieved (it present weighs 1082kg was done the usage of c parts positive immoderate specializer tyres, she explained. MT

12:20 - Climbing partition connected the Dacia basal is simply a novelty. There’s astir apt a metaphor successful determination determination astir overcoming obstacles, oregon ‘scaling up’ its merchandise strategy. Or possibly they deliberation we each fancy a spot of mid-show exercise. FP

12:16 - Great assemblage with the ever-impressive Carlos Tavares. The Stellantis brag is ne'er abbreviated of a header oregon soundbite, headlines contiguous see calling connected Chinese car makers to beryllium slapped with import taxes successful Europe, the EU7 emissions regulations to beryllium scrapped, and quality that Alfa Romeo’s aboriginal is secure. MT

12:00 However large his empire grows. Stellantis brag Carlos Tavares remains accessible to his team. DS brag Beatrice Foucher said she speaks to Tavares 2 oregon 3 times a week. ‘He is arsenic casual to speech to present arsenic helium ever was [even erstwhile the radical was smaller] MT

11:38 - Macron Will person been particularly keen to get up adjacent to Peugeot’s caller cars. Not lone is the 208 supermini Europe’s best-selling car, it’s besides Europe’s best-selling electrical supermini and France’s best-selling EV, afloat stop. FP

11:18 - There's nary getting distant from however tiny Paris feels, compared to centrifugal shows of yore. But bosses astatine Peugeot – 1 of the header exhibitors – deliberation carnal events similar this inactive play a captious relation successful getting the brand's constituent across. Head of plan Matthias Hossann told Autocar that, portion "we tin pass digitally", a wholly caller merchandise similar the 408 crossover is champion shown successful the metallic due to the fact that it champion "shows the inventiveness" of the brand. CEO Linda Jackson, meanwhile, said: "The Paris centrifugal amusement is simply a large infinitesimal for the automobile industry, and it gives america the clip to truly bespeak successful presumption of the profound changes that are taking spot successful a gyration successful the past of the automobile”. FP

11:03 - Guess the marketplace wherever DS outsells Audi? Argentina of each places. DS brag Beatrice Foucher tells america there’s a beardown French civilization determination which has helped DS summation traction and mean it’s 3rd successful the premium marketplace aft Mercedes and BMW. RB

10:38 - Renault’s plan manager Gilles Vidal has been talking to america astir the support beingness of SUVs - helium says the extremity is to make likewise spacious interiors portion decreasing the outer footprint of SUVs, which of people plays to the long-wheelbase level architecture of electrical cars. On the outlandish 4 concept, helium says the bonnet handles won’t enactment - nary surprises there. RB

10:14 - I concisely lived successful France and the persistent grumble of these small Aixam ‘voitures sans permits’ inactive haunts me. There’s an EV now, of course, and it’s astonishing however overmuch much you see the appeal, now. FP

10:01 - It’s been noted that the Peugeot 408 bears much than a passing resemblance to the Lamborghini Urus. How does decorator Matthias Hossan consciousness astir that? “Well, it means successful presumption of quality and perception, that it’s rather assertive.” It’s “not a bad” comparison, helium added. FP

09:47 - Everyone said helium was coming and present helium is: French PM Emmanuel Macron is heavy successful chat with Renault brag Luca de Meo. Macron volition beryllium hoping it distracts from the latest load of French strikes… RB

09:30 - Luca de Meo has travel a agelong mode since his past relation moving Seat, which hasn’t gone from spot to spot since his departure. There’s nary uncertainty his situation is huge: to marque Renault profitable, to negociate the tricky confederation with Nissan - but he’s not letting immoderate accent show. De Meo appears arsenic if he’s taking it each successful his stride. RB

09:15 - Renault has closed its basal up of the imminent accomplishment of President Macron. The Renault exec team, including brag Luca de Meo, adjacent look a spot nervous… MT

09:00 - Ah, these are the centrifugal amusement we cognize and love: crowds of radical trying to get the eventual drawback of a apical exec and a caller car contempt layers and layers of people. Luca de Meo talking successful French, giving it the consciousness of a precise French-market-focused show. He’ll beryllium talking to america successful English later. RB

08:45 - Weeks of readying person gone into this centrifugal amusement to alteration the close executives to beryllium successful the close spot astatine the close time, conducting hundreds of interviews with journalists. And past that each goes up into the aerial erstwhile 1 Emmanuel Macron decides helium wants to wage a visit… Word is amusement stands volition person to beryllium cleared up to an hr successful beforehand for them to beryllium swept by the French concealed service, and interrogation schedules stay up successful the air. MT

08:30 - It’s quality, not quantity successful Paris this year. In footprint, the amusement is undeniably tiny, squeezed into conscionable 1 hallway implicit 2 floors. Yet the caller car debuts are inactive plentiful and the executives apical drawer, manufacture heavyweights Stellantis brag Carlos Tavares and Renault main Luca de Meo among them, some of whom we’re speaking with today. Mark Tisshaw

08:15 - First clip I’ve seen the Peugeot 9X8 successful the flesh. Super-cool. Car down is the 508 PSE, its closest road-going narration for now… Hopefully its committedness to WEC volition soon construe to much amusive show cars for Joe Public. RB

08:00 - An unexpected find astatine the show: ‘American Car City’. Complete with 4 sufficiently absurdly sized vehicles including an Escalade and a Ram TRX. You tin lone presume there’s a marketplace oregon they wouldn’t beryllium here… RB

07:45 - A immense basal for BYD is surely emblematic of its imaginable occurrence successful the European market. With 4 models - a crossover, ample SUV, luxury GT and exec saloon - successful its range, there’s nary question implicit which Californian EV marque it has successful its crosshairs. FP

07:30 - First spot connected entering the amusement is the caller Jeep Avenger. Looks large and feels similar it truly could beryllium the car that means bigger volumes (albeit inactive not huge) for Jeep successful Europe. Rachel Burgess

07:15 - With the caller Manifesto concept, Dacia showcases its purpose to bring its outdoorsy, activity-focused ethos to the fore - akin to what Czech marque Skoda did precocious with its rugged Vision 7S concept. Asked however helium feels astir different mainstream car institution revamping its plan connection astir akin principles, Dacia plan manager David Durand said: “It doesn’t interest me, due to the fact that Skoda is successful a antithetic tract - it’s overmuch much costly than our range. It’s a spot flattering I think, due to the fact that it means we are connected the mode that makes sense, adjacent for much costly brands." FP

07:00 - Monday 17 October

Enlightening (and amusing) to talk to some Dacia plan manager David Durand and his counterpart astatine sibling show marque Alpine, Marc Poulain, astir the function-over-form Alpenglow and racy Manifesto concepts. They admit that, contempt the implicit deficiency of ocular similarity, the 2 are precise akin successful their attack to reducing weight, maximising ratio and providing indispensable features. “I deliberation determination are immoderate similarities successful some brands: being indispensable is simply a existent value. We tin beryllium much connected the manner broadside astatine Dacia, and much sporting for Alpine, but immoderate values are common”, Durand said. So common, successful fact, that – Poulain revealed – some were called ‘Manifesto’ until the 2 teams showed their last products to each other.” Felix Page

Alpine A110 E-Ternite

The A110 E-Ternite is simply a glimpse of the firm's all-electric future, showcasing the ways successful which it volition minimise value and support agility of its upcoming electrical models. 

Not lone is it the brand's archetypal moving and driving electrical car, but besides its archetypal drop-top, featuring a removable extortion conception that has minimal interaction connected the car's rigidity and silhouette. 

Alpine A110 R

We eagerly awaited Alpine’s quality successful Paris, and the French sports car steadfast started with the debut of the hardcore A110 R.

Set to spell connected merchantability aboriginal this month, the R volition beryllium supra the modular Alpine A110, completing the model's halfway range. It weighs successful astatine conscionable 1082kg - down 34kg compared to the modular car - portion it besides gains a caller swan-neck spoiler, a level undercarriage, a caller rear diffuser and reshaped broadside skirts. 

That's not each - the R is besides acceptable 10mm little than the S, with hydraulically adjustable dampers offering what Alpine calls the "ultimate on-track experience". A stripped-back rival to the Porsche Cayman GT4, it does distant with sound-deadening materials wrong and features an abundance of c fibre parts.

Hardcore Alpine A110 R is stiffer, lighter way car >> 

Alpine Alpenglow

Alpine besides debuted a marque caller conception - the Alpenglow - successful the French capital, aft its afloat uncover connected Thursday 13th October. The Alpenglow volition animate the adjacent procreation of Alpine's cars, arsenic it moves towards electric-only power.    

An imposing, shadow-obscured racer, the exemplary was presented with a front-facing airy bar, a wide diffuser and a cockpit plan which appears akin to the McLaren Solus GT. 

It's an improvement of the earlier A4810 conception revealed earlier this year, which was peculiarly notable due to the fact that of its hydrogen-fueled electrical drivetrain. 

Alpine Alpenglow is extremist imaginativeness of hydrogen-combustion aboriginal > >

BYD Atto and BYD Seal

BYD is poised to statesman European income of 3 caller EVs – the Atto 3 crossover, Han saloon and Tang SUV – by the extremity of the year. It’s expected to item the cars’ pricing, spec and availability astatine Paris.

New BYD Atto 3 confirmed for UK merchantability by extremity of 2022 >>

New Dacia branding

Dacia volition formally uncover its caller marque individuality successful Paris, featuring a caller logo, emblem and khaki greenish colour scheme. The caller branding volition look connected each caller Dacia cars from the 2nd fractional of 2022, meaning we’ll spot the Dacia Sandero, Dacia Jogger and Dacia Duster all showcasing the firm’s caller “simplistic and artful mindset”. 

Dacia Duster, Jogger and Sandero get firm’s caller branding >>

Dacia Manifesto

Billed arsenic a featherweight, all-terrain buggy, the Dacia Manifesto conception showcases respective caller technologies (but nary doors, windows oregon windscreen)

With four-wheel drive, ample wheels and a raised stance, the Manifesto is besides wholly waterproof and is constructed from lightweight, sustainable materials. 

It’s akin successful size to the Ariel Nomad, and Dacia says it’s a connection of intent - a method showcase that the Romanian steadfast has called a “lab for ideas”. Work on the model began only in January, but it was still the star of its line-up successful Paris. 

Dacia Manifesto conception is featherweight all-terrain buggy >>

Dacia Jogger hybrid

Also connected the docket successful Paris is the uncover of Dacia's archetypal electrified UK model: the Dacia Jogger hybrid.

Due connected merchantability successful aboriginal 2023, it will beryllium powered by the aforesaid electrically assisted 1.6-litre petrol motor utilized by the Renault Clio E-Tech and Renault Captur E-Tech.

It is besides apt to beryllium the cheapest hybrid MPV connected the market, with a terms expected to beryllium astatine astir £19,000.

New 2023 Dacia Jogger hybrid primed for Paris debut > >

DS 3 facelift

Changes to the DS 3 see a sleeker beforehand extremity and powertrain revisions for the electrical E-Tense version. It's besides ditched the 'Crossback' label, successful enactment with the larger DS 7, due to the fact that the DS 3 supermini is nary longer available.

It hasn't been a best-seller successful the UK, but is an important car for the marque connected the continent, truthful Paris seems similar a earthy acceptable for the stylish crossover to beryllium shown.

2022 DS 3 drops Crossback tag, EV gains scope and powerfulness >>

Great Wall Motors

Great Wall Motors is astir to motorboat the Ora marque successful the UK with the Funky Cat EV. At Paris, the steadfast volition besides item its plans to participate the European luxury marketplace with the Wey marque, apt led by the Coffee 01.

The Wey Coffee 01 is simply a luxury SUV featuring a plug-in hybrid powertrain mating a 201bhp Miller Cycle motor and dual electrical motors, giving a full strategy output of 469bhp. A 40kWh artillery means that 93 miles of electric-only driving is possible.

Wey Coffee 01 spearheads Chinese brand's UK motorboat >>

Hopium Machina

The Hopium Machina is the French luxury start-up’s archetypal model, with which it aims to assertion a involvement successful the luxury conception by utilising hydrogen power.

Hopium claims the €120,000 (£104,000) car volition person a 1000km (620-mile) scope and implicit a refill successful 3 minutes.

Power is supplied by a acceptable of electrical motors (in an as-yet not elaborate arrangement), producing 493bhp and a 0-62mph sprint successful little than 5.0sec. 

Hopium Machina is luxury FCEV with 620-mile scope >>

Jeep Avenger

The Jeep Avenger could beryllium the firm’s biggest motorboat successful years. Based connected a caller mentation of Stellantis’s ECMP level besides utilized for the caller Vauxhall Mokka and DS 3, the all-electric babe SUV is the smallest car it has ever produced.

It volition beryllium disposable with either two- oregon four-wheel drive, with a claimed scope of 248 miles, forming the introduction constituent of a five-car line-up. Paris besides played big to the Avenger’s hybrid variant. It volition motorboat successful the archetypal fractional of 2023. 

Jeep Avenger is electrical babe SUV bound for UK adjacent twelvemonth >>

Jeep Avenger 4x4

A rugged conception mentation of the electrical Jeep Avenger was besides revealed with a unsocial plan and upgraded off-road abilities. 

It was revealed connected signifier by Jeep boss Christian Meunier, featuring a modified exterior with further instrumentality to bolster its abilities connected utmost terrains. 

With larger fenders and a wider way than the modular Avenger, it really previews a aboriginal 4xe model, Jeep says.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe

Having already launched successful the US earlier this year with petrol V6 and V8 engines, the plug-in hybrid Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe volition look successful Paris adjacent week. It volition beryllium the archetypal clip the exemplary features a plug-in powertrain, powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine mated to 2 electrical motors. 

The 4xe variant of Jeep’s ample SUV volition have a full output of 375bhp and 470lb ft of torque. The motors, meanwhile, are powered by a 400V 17kWh battery, which offers a claimed 25 miles of electric-only scope and system of 68.5mpg.

New Jeep Grand Cherokee connected merchantability successful 2022 with 375bhp PHEV >>

Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV

Mercedes revealed the Mercedes EQE saloon’s larger sibling astatine a abstracted online lawsuit connected 16 October.

Representing a measurement up successful luxury implicit the Mercedes EQC successful the brand’s electrical lineup, it shares the EVA2 level with the regular EQE, trading immoderate scope for a bulkier stance and much interior space.

On merchantability successful the UK successful aboriginal 2023, the EQE SUV volition beryllium the firm's second-most costly offering, with a terms of astir £100,000. Topping the exemplary scope is simply a 677bhp 5Matic+ variant from the AMG show car division. 

New Mercedes-Benz EQE SUV edges person to 2023 motorboat >>

Mobilize Limo

A Renault Group merchandise intended for usage arsenic a backstage prosecute vehicle, taxi oregon fleet car, the Mobilize Limo is portion developed by Chinese steadfast Jiangling Motors.

While it debuted successful Munich past year, the Limo is making an quality astatine its location centrifugal show. 

Under the tegument sits a 147bhp and 162lb ft electrical motor, which propels the exemplary from 0-62mph in 9.6sec, up to a constricted apical velocity of 87mph.

Mobilize Limo is electrical saloon designed for backstage prosecute usage >>

Namex HUV

Another hydrogen-powered SUV connected show successful Paris is the Pininfarina-designed Namex HUV, produced by Afro-European tech steadfast Namx. 

The SUV, which breaks with substance compartment convection from six hydrogen capsules, is claimed to beryllium capable to deed a scope of up to 500 miles. 

Its capsules re fitted with a fixed hydrogen tank. Together, they nutrient 542bhp connected top-spec models, oregon 296bhp for the entry-level vehicle. 

Namx HUV is 542bhp FCEV with swappable hydrogen tanks >>

Ora Funky Cat saloon

We've seen the Ora Funky Cat before, but not similar this. The Great Wall-owned EV marque revealed a full caller variant - a four-door saloon- for the exemplary successful Paris. 

Ora's archetypal four-door saloon, the conception (codenamed EC24) volition beryllium sold with 2 artillery sizes, the largest susceptible of up to 435 miles connected a single charge. 

It volition beryllium sold alongside the Funky Cat compact hatchback, which volition statesman UK deliveries successful the UK by the extremity of the year. 

Peugeot 408

In an effort to present a much stylish, rakishly designed car for the masses, Peugeot gave a Paris and public debut to the 408 up of its 2023 launch.

Based on the aforesaid level arsenic the 308, the Peugeot 408 will rival the Volkswagen T-Roc and BMW X2 with a distinctly aerodynamic silhouette.

It won't compromise on interior space, though: dissimilar the Peugeot 508 saloon, which tapers astatine the backmost (reducing caput room), the 408 is intented to large connected practicality. 

It features Peugeot’s latest i-Cockpit layout with a integer show and 10.0in touchscreen, and volition beryllium disposable successful 2 plug-in hybrid guises and 1 petrol from launch. 

2023 Peugeot 408 to get with exclusive £43,000 peculiar variation >>

Renault 4

A revived, all-electric Renault 4 volition beryllium the cornerstone of the French firm's ambitious program to refocus its scope towards electrical power. 

Due for a marketplace motorboat successful 2025 arsenic 1 of 7 EVs that Renault volition motorboat successful the adjacent 7 years, the 4 volition usage the aforesaid underpinnings arsenic the caller Renault 5 (below) and beryllium targeted astatine a much style-conscious audience. 

Reborn Renault 4: electrical 4x4 previewed up of unveiling >>

Renault 5 racing concept

To observe the Renault 5’s 50th birthday, the French elephantine created the wacky R5 Turbo 3E - an all-electric racing conception born from a tendency to spell drifting.

It features immense rear tyres, 2 electric motors combining for 374bhp and a 42kWh battery, yet inactive weighs only 980kg – precise light, considering the power. 

The interior is classical conception car. Racing seats, a modular physics show and a retro decorativeness springiness the car nostalgic entreaty with a modern finish.

Renault 5 Turbo 3E is 374bhp all-electric drifter >>

Renault Austral

The Renault Austral serves arsenic the replacement to the Renault Kadjar and volition beryllium sold successful the UK successful 2023. It is the archetypal Renault to usage the 3rd procreation CMF-CD level developed successful concern with Mitsubishi and Nissan, and besides introduces bold caller styling cues and a prime of 2 caller hybrid systems. 

Available with a scope of engines, the Austral volition diagnostic a 1.2-litre three-pot oregon 1.2-litre 4 mated to an electrical motor, producing outputs from 138bhp to 196bhp. The smaller motor tin execute arsenic overmuch arsenic 61.4mpg, claims Renault. 

Renault Austral reappraisal >>

Renault Scenic Vision

The Scenic volition articulation the Renault 4 arsenic 1 of the latest cars to person a caller lease of life. Unlike the smaller 4 however, the Scenic volition instrumentality in 2024 arsenic a bold electrical SUV.

It was showcased astatine the Paris centrifugal show as a conception car featuring a extremist hydrogen-electric powertrain, and it volition take up the baton from the MPV built from 1991 to 2022.

Expect the caller Scenic to beryllium supra the Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric SUV in Renault’s EV line-up.

Renault Scenic returns arsenic extremist EV with hydrogen scope extender >>

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