Our Opalhouse Designed with Jungalow Fall collection is here!

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Summer is coming to an end, and I americium acceptable for allllll the cozy autumn vibes – gathering with a fewer loved ones astir the meal table, snuggling up with a bully publication nether a lukewarm blanket, and adding immoderate festive jungaliciousness into the mix! This season, the autumn winds are blowing successful a new Opalhouse designed with Jungalow collection that I americium ace excited astir and arrogant of.

We worked connected the designs for this postulation past twelvemonth astatine this time. I was missing household and friends, and travel, and imagining what autumn mightiness beryllium similar successful the pursuing year. And truthful I injected this postulation with dreams of traveling to the Mediterranean, with hopes of lusciously layered Thanksgiving tabletops surrounded by loved ones and symbols of peace, tranquility, playfulness and positivity. While this year, we whitethorn not beryllium capable to sojourn far-off-places oregon person ample gatherings, it is my anticipation that this postulation helps you to invitation immoderate of those peaceful, tranquil, playful and affirmative vibes into your location and observe each that we tin beryllium grateful for.

Today, I’m going to stock immoderate of my favourite pieces from the postulation and springiness you a peek into the plan process arsenic well!

For this collection, we leaned into earthy materials. From cane-front furnishings to raffia-wrapped mirrors (this 1 pictured supra is lone $50!) to terracotta decorative accents painted successful bold achromatic and achromatic motifs. Not to notation the terracotta pumpkin candles that I person burning non-stop (and they odor so good).

But we besides leaned into earthy inspirations. You’ll find darling doves, spirited squirrels and offbeat owls marque a fewer appearances alongside artwork and pillows that observe plants, flowers and autumn fruits.

When the good folks astatine Target asked if I could enactment connected designs for autumn tabletop that could beryllium utilized each time but that could besides beryllium dressed up for holiday, I got precise excited! First of all, this is the archetypal clip I’ve ever worked connected a tabletop collection, and I emotion trying caller things, and 2nd of all, I bask utilizing my chaotic imaginativeness to deliberation astir however designs tin beryllium mixed and matched successful antithetic ways.

My jumping-off spot for the tabletop postulation was the sun-shaped plate. I thought that having coagulated plates would marque it casual to formal the plates up oregon down — the aforesaid mode that 1 tin adhd jewelry and a brace of heels to a simple, coagulated formal to marque it consciousness much fancy.  But being the maximalist that I am, I wanted the plates to person a small property truthful going with an antithetic silhouette (the prima shape) felt similar the close move. I’m obsessed with however the Pointed Sun Stoneware plates and bowls came out. The prime is truthful large and they outgo $20 for a four-pack.

From there, I began to furniture connected the fun! Two-toned appetizer plates bring successful beauteous pops of color, and serving platters and bowls that diagnostic my artwork adhd that popular of signifier that I love. And past determination is this brass bid tray that I’ve been dreaming astir for years, yet realized and lone $24.

For the tabletop textiles, I followed my mean bushed — mixing botanical-inspired motifs with graphic ones — successful this case, I paired a tablecloth that features 1 of my watercolors with falling leaves with a striped achromatic and achromatic runner and napkins to supply the benignant of opposition I love.

Add successful immoderate chunky ceramics, pumpkins, tassels and a finely foraged centerpiece and you’ve got yourself a festive tabletop without the fuss!

I thought it would beryllium amusive to stock immoderate of my archetypal renderings and artwork for the collection to instrumentality a peek down the curtain! The mode the plan process usually works is that the astonishing plan squad astatine Target gives maine a enactment program — meaning they stock what types of items they similar to spot designs for and however many. So they mightiness accidental — we request 5 ideas for seating, 5 mirrors and 4 lamps (etc.). From there, I spell backmost and make a temper board, and past enactment with my plan squad (looking astatine you Piper!) to prime colors, make patterns and make renderings and worldly references for each of our ideas. We past transportation the concepts backmost to the plan squad astatine Target.

Then, the Target folks instrumentality our concepts and hone successful connected the ideas to bring everything to life.  Seeing the archetypal samples travel successful is ever a precise breathtaking portion of the process. From determination we enactment unneurotic to edit, fine-tune and marque immoderate adjustments. Above is simply a enactment of immoderate of my artworks and renderings that were portion of our archetypal transportation for this autumn assortment. I americium truthful impressed and amazed by the Target plan squad and however they bring our designs to life, capturing the tone of the archetypal designs and offering the pieces astatine specified accessible price-points.

Below you’ll find immoderate of our favourite pieces from the collection, and immoderate details astir the pieces!



I anticipation you bask having these pieces successful your location arsenic overmuch arsenic we enjoyed creating them! Shop the afloat Opalhouse designed with Jungalow collection exclusively astatine Target!

Photos by Jenna Peffley
My constitution by T’ai Rising Moore
With acknowledgment to my unthinkable squad for helping propulsion unneurotic the collections and the images, and to the Target squad for truly bringing each the design-savvy and making our worldly look truthful insanely good!!



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