Only Two Models From Toyota And Lexus’ Range Increased Sales Over Last Year – And One’s A Coupe

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Toyota North America has reported year-to-date and September 2022 income figures, revealing that income of conscionable 2 models person accrued this year.

So acold this year, Toyota has sold 1,373,102 vehicles crossed the United States, representing a 15.6 per cent diminution from the aforesaid play successful 2021 erstwhile it sold 1,619,078 vehicles. It is simply a akin communicative astatine Lexus wherever income person dropped 17.2 per cent from 238,806 to 198,612.

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Interestingly, September 2022 was a peculiarly fruitful period for Toyota arsenic income jumped by 20.8 per cent from past year’s 130,219 income to 157,332.

A look astatine the income for each Toyota and Lexus exemplary reveals thing peculiar. The Toyota GR 86 and Toyota Tundra are the lone 2 models (in total, not idiosyncratic trims and versions wrong the aforesaid exemplary series, arsenic seen successful the 2nd graph beneath with the electrified variants) wherever income person accrued this twelvemonth implicit past year. Sales of the second-generation GR 86 person spiked by 824.2 per cent from the 1,044 units sold past twelvemonth to 9,691 units sold this year.

Similarly, income of the Toyota Tundra person jumped by 14.1 per cent from 65,013 units sold successful the archetypal 9 months of 2021 to 74,519 units sold truthful acold this year. Sales of each different non-hybrid Toyota and Lexus models, totaling 28 models, person decreased this year.

There are a fistful of hybrid Toyota and Lexus models wherever income person accrued this year. For example, income of the RAV4 Hybrid person jumped 49.7 per cent to 124,153 units, Lexus ES Hybrid income person accrued 7.7 per cent to 10,459, income of the Lexus RX Hybrid are up 1.4 per cent to 13,728, and income of the Lexus LC Hybrid person accrued 24.5 per cent from 12 units sold past twelvemonth to 15 units sold truthful acold successful 2022. 

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