Only 4% of Companies in Spain Have Moved to Offer Services in the Metaverse

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Only 4% of the companies successful Spain person managed to use the metaverse to their operations, according to a survey conducted by ISDI, a nationalist concern school. 40% of the concern managers surveyed person admitted that it is hard for them to bring parts of their concern to the metaverse successful a important way.

Metaverse Growing Slowly successful Spain

While surveys and estimations by banks and companies person predicted the metaverse volition go a large concern successful this decade, immoderate companies are experiencing problems successful bringing their imaginativeness to the virtual world. A study presented by ISDI, a Spain-based concern school, has shown that moving concern models to the metaverse has proven hard for nationalist companies.

The survey, which centered its absorption connected concern managers, recovered that little than 4% of the Spanish companies person jumped into the metaverse, adjacent with the buzz that surrounded the ecosystem past year. Furthermore, 40% of the concern managers surveyed don’t cognize however they could harness it for their circumstantial concern models.

Also, astir 1 successful 4 companies admit that they person occupation knowing the concept, with 14% straight stating they some don’t recognize it and person nary thought of however to use it to their operations.

An Evolving Situation

However, adjacent with each the problems regarding it, astir 1 successful each 4 companies affirm to beryllium successful investigative phases that see a metaverse-based initiative. 28% of the companies surveyed admit the value of recruiting peculiar endowment for these initiatives.

For ISDI’s CEO Rodrigo Miranda, this is simply a earthy portion of the improvement that Spanish companies indispensable acquisition to beryllium capable to contiguous their products and services successful the metaverse. He stated:

The occurrence and the incursion of Spain, its companies, and professionals successful this caller beingness volition beryllium connected the velocity with which they tin accept, accommodate and respond to the extremist changes that are coming.

At slightest astatine a governmental level, Spain has manifested its committedness to the maturation of the sector, supporting companies wanting to instrumentality the leap into the metaverse. In December, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Spain announced it would put 8 cardinal euros ($8.5 million) successful grants for companies processing metaverse-based immersive experiences successful the tract of video games.

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