Ojos y Manos at Santa Fe Botanical Garden

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September 21, 2022

The Ojos y Manos: Eyes and Hands Garden hadn’t opened the archetypal clip I visited Santa Fe Botanical Garden. So during my instrumentality sojourn past month, I was blessed to beryllium capable to research it. (Here’s Part 1 of my caller visit.)

Ojos y Manos, an acquisition and culinary plot with an amphitheater, is accessed via the picturesque reddish Kearny’s Gap Bridge, which was moved present from a New Mexico ranch.

It spans a scrubby arroyo astatine the botanical garden.

Brassy inflorescences of Indiangrass (Sorghastrum nutans) glow against greenish hills and bluish sky.

According to the garden’s website, “Ojos y Manos: Eyes and Hands Garden is simply a spot to research ethnobotany – the shared past of humans and plants successful bluish New Mexico – done hands-on experiences and observation…[It has] 3 dedicated outdoor classrooms, 2 exploration places, and a learning pavilion with a seating capableness of 100.”

Twin towers of level stone, improbably balanced to astir 8 feet tall, people the entranceway to the garden. This is the presumption backmost toward the bridge.

Tiered beds of crops arc astir the amphitheater, with grassy berms of bluish grama besides enclosing the space.

The shaded amphitheater is inviting arsenic a spot to beryllium and instrumentality it each in, and I tin ideate however bully it would beryllium to ticker a show here, oregon be a class. A colorful mosaic astatine the backmost of the abstraction features…

…corn, beans, and squash, the “three sisters” crops grown by indigenous peoples of the Americas. This piece, Sisters of the Sun and Moon, was designed by scenery designer W. Gary Smith, who besides did the wide plan for Santa Fe Botanical Garden — arsenic good arsenic the Family Garden astatine the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.

Detail of Sisters of the Sun and Moon

Chard, peppers, squash, and tomatoes increasing successful the tiered beds — and datura. The garden’s website says datura has agelong been utilized medicinally. That peculiar datura, each parts of which are toxic, is simply a small adjacent to the leafy vegetables for my comfortableness level though.

Tomatoes soaking up the heat

An upright works with burgundy leaves — an amaranth — marches up the amphitheater steps, glowing successful the sun.

Backlit leaves

The presumption from the top

And from the side

At the rear of the amphitheater, a pine-adorned gross allows entree to the garden’s mostly undeveloped Piñon-Juniper Woodland and its trails. I didn’t research those this time.

More late-summer yellows

Narrow-leaved soapweed yucca (Yucca glauca) and its absorbing seedpods

And I can’t defy — much Apache plume

Flowers and effect heads of Apache plume

So pretty

Light-catching filaments

Sown alongside vegetables successful the raised beds, pinkish cosmos adds agleam color.

One much look


Clusters of bluish berries connected New Mexico privet, aka elbow bush (Forestiera pubescens), basal retired against bright-green leaves.

This beauteous shrub oregon tiny histrion is autochthonal to some New Mexico and Texas, among different Southwestern states.

Adjacent to the culinary garden, 2 adobe-clay ovens called hornos are utilized to show accepted cooking methods.

Their earthy domes echo the rounded hills successful the distance.

Straw and mud covering

Apache plume looks large with the terracotta horno and curvy wall.

And with the reddish bridge. Really, what doesn’t Apache plume spell with?

Up next: Gallery creation and colorful Santa Fe scenery. For a look backmost astatine Part 1 of my sojourn to Santa Fe Botanical Garden, click here.

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