Nissan Expands Certified Pre-Owned Program To Include 10-Year-Old Vehicles

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Nissan contiguous announced its 2nd enlargement to its certified pre-owned programme this year. Now, the automaker volition let vehicles that are up to 10 years aged with arsenic galore arsenic 100,000 miles (160,934 km) to beryllium sold done the program.

“As pre-owned conveyance sales proceed to outpace those of caller vehicles successful the marketplace, Certified Select allows our trusted dealerships to connection much high-quality options for shoppers,” said Dan Mohnke, vice president, eCommerce, Nissan U.S. “And we’ve further committed to lawsuit restitution by offering a seamless online acquisition enactment and a complimentary attraction visit.”

The higher-mileage vehicles volition beryllium sold nether the “Certified Select” banner. Each conveyance volition person an 84-point inspection and volition travel with a six-month/6,000 mile (9,656 km) warranty and roadside assistance. Every conveyance volition besides get 1 complimentary attraction sojourn wrong the archetypal twelvemonth of ownership.

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Nissan besides antecedently offered its certified stamp of support connected vehicles arsenic aged arsenic 6 years with arsenic galore arsenic 80,000 miles (128,747 km). That programme remains and offers a 167-point inspection, 2 complimentary attraction visits, and a seven-year/100,000 (160,934 km) warranty.

Nissan is conscionable the latest automaker to grow eligibility for its certified pre-owned program. Acura announced successful March that it would likewise connection 10-year-old vehicles arsenic portion of its resale scheme, portion Stellantis announced that it was expanding eligibility to vehicles with arsenic galore arsenic 125,000 miles (201,168 km) earlier this month.

Nissan, meanwhile, announced successful May that it would unfastened its CPO programme to vehicles from different brands. These vehicles get a six-month, 6,000-mile (9,656 km) constricted warranty, and Nissan indicated astatine the clip that it was a large mode to get customers from different brands into its showrooms.

More to the point, though, these moves each travel arsenic request and prices for utilized vehicles person skyrocketed. In the aftermath of the pandemic, proviso concatenation issues person caused utilized vehicles to go hard to find and costly to buy.

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