NFEX Raises $3M Seed Round to Build NFT Derivatives DEX

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PRESS RELEASE. NFEX has completed a $3 Million effect circular led by ABCDE Capital and included concern from different well-known institutions including Amber Group and Firestone Ventures. NFEX strives to physique the champion derivative NFT market, creating caller opportunities to pull greater liquidity to the NFT marketplace.

What is NFEX?

NFEX is simply a decentralized derivatives speech that offers perpetual swaps trading crossed fashionable bluish spot NFTs and different crypto assets. NFEX expands limitations and boosts liquidity compared to accepted NFT marketplaces, offering leverages and long/short trading capabilities. Users tin instrumentality positions successful NFTs astatine debased introduction costs, speculating the aboriginal prices successful either absorption oregon shorting NFTs without immoderate holdings. This opens up a assortment of trading strategies for NFT traders including hedging, speculation and arbitrage.

BMAN, the co-founder and GP astatine ABCDE Capital commented successful a erstwhile interview, expressing his concerns implicit the deficiency of liquidity successful 99.99% of the existing NFT projects and his assurance successful innovative products similar NFEX to bring a betterment to this industry.

“NFEx’s imaginativeness is to physique the liquidity halfway for the NFT industry. The founders of the squad person extended acquisition successful gathering exchanges and providing liquidity for caller plus classes. We judge they are the astir susceptible candidates for this product.”

The nationalist motorboat of NFEX is astir the corner. Please travel our twitter for the astir caller updates.

About ABCDE Capital:

ABCDE is simply a 400mm money investing successful web3 builders co-founded by Huobi co-founder Du Jun and erstwhile Internet & crypto laminitis BMAN. We are builders, entrepreneurs, influencers and the astir invaluable partners down the builders. We person our teams successful Silicon Valley, Singapore and Beijing bridging the ecosystems of the eastbound and west. Our LPs and partners see the world’s starring cryptocurrency speech and well-known infrastructures successful the crypto industry. We manus connected to enactment builders from extremity to extremity from marketing, assemblage relations to engineering and ecological construction.

About Amber Group

Amber Group is simply a person successful integer plus trading, products, and infrastructure. We enactment with companies ranging from token issuers, banks, and fintech firms, to sports teams, crippled developers, brands, and creators. Operating astatine the halfway of markets, we supply liquidity crossed each large exchanges, applications, and networks. Across each products and categories, we person turned implicit $1T successful volumes since inception. Our halfway worth is gathering beardown relationships with our clients; helping them bargain and merchantability integer assets, gain yield, negociate risk, and entree liquidity. Through our user fintech platform, WhaleFin, idiosyncratic investors bask secure, award-winning investing services including app & web trading, fixed income and structured products.

To larn much astir NFEX you tin work our erstwhile blog link here.





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