New Renault 5: retro urban EV to launch in 2024 with 134bhp

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98 Renault 5 Static side New 5 volition supply Renault with an electrical alternate to the fashionable Clio Renault's Cléon mill volition nutrient EV motors for style-focused 5 metropolis car and 4 crossover

The new Renault 5 will get successful 2024 with a 134bhp front-mounted motor, which should supply it with akin show to today's Renault Zoe supermini.

Priced from astir £18,500, the 5 has been confirmed to person the caller ePT-100kW motor, built astatine the Cléon motor mill which has produced powertrains for compact Renault models since the aboriginal 1960s.

The mill already produces the much potent ePT-160kW centrifugal utilized by the Renault Mégane E-Tech Electric, and Renault has said it volition beryllium gathering much than 1 cardinal EV units per twelvemonth by 2025. 

The steadfast has besides confirmed plans for an ePT-200kW (268bhp) centrifugal to commencement rolling down the enactment successful 2027 but hasn't yet said which exemplary volition person this. It has been developed successful concern with engineering steadfast Valeo and is said to incorporate nary uncommon metals. 

The 5 was archetypal shown arsenic a conception at the Munich centrifugal show past year. Set to beryllium portion of a large caller program to revive Renault's fortunes, it will beryllium connected the Renault Group's caller CMF-BEV level for tiny electrical cars. 

Company brag Luca de Meo said the usage of the caller level and revamped artillery tech volition alteration the steadfast to merchantability the 5 for astir 33% little than a existent Zoe - which costs £27,505 astatine introduction level.

Renault has besides confirmed that the caller 5 volition usage caller powertrain exertion and nickel-cobalt-manganese (NCM) batteries, which it claimed will dramatically trim the outgo per kWh to astir £58 by 2030. 

Renault added that the 5 volition person a scope of astir 400km (248 miles).

The 5 Prototype takes styling and plan cues from the Clio’s predecessor that Renault produced from 1972 to 1996. It's set to beryllium 1 of 14 caller models – including 7 EVs – that the French marque volition motorboat by 2025. 

It volition besides beryllium joined by a caller mentation of the Renault 4 supermini, called the 4ever.

The French steadfast primitively revealed the caller 5 conception during the unveiling of the Renaulution plan devised by de Meo last year, hailing it as a cardinal portion of Renault’s propulsion for 30% of its income to beryllium of electrical vehicles by 2025.

De Meo, who during his clip astatine Fiat was cardinal successful reviving the Fiat 500, said: “I cognize from acquisition that reinventing a cult products lights a occurrence nether the full brand. This is simply a cult conveyance astatine a terms galore tin afford. And this is lone the opening for the full Renault brand.”

The 5 is an electric-only model, with a plan that features galore references to assorted versions of the archetypal 5, including the cult classical Supercinq and R5 Turbo versions, albeit fixed a modern EV twist. The beforehand headlights are modelled connected the archetypal design, portion there's a front-mounted EV charging larboard located wherever the radiator grille was placed connected the original. 

Renault plan main Gilles Vidal said: “The plan of the Renault 5 Prototype is based connected the R5, a cult exemplary of our heritage. This prototype simply embodies modernity, a conveyance applicable to its time: urban, electric, attractive.”

The showcase features wider rear instrumentality arches and a reddish stripe livery that nods to the R5 Turbo blistery hatch, hinting astatine the imaginable of a high-performance mentation of the caller model. Indeed, show marque Alpine confirmed that it is moving connected its ain mentation of the 5, which volition get soon aft the modular car, utilizing the aforesaid 215bhp powertrain arsenic the Mégane E-Tech Electric. 

Described arsenic a metropolis car, the exemplary volition regenerate the hugely palmy Zoe EV arsenic the firm’s compact electrical hatch. 

The past of the Renault 5

The archetypal Renault 5 was launched successful 1972, designed to capable the sizeable spread betwixt the Renault 4 and the Citroën 2CV successful the French tiny car market. Renault engineers were fixed a little to make a tiny car that would conscionable the needs of the widest scope of the French car buying nationalist possible.

The last plan remained adjacent to the archetypal sketches from decorator Michel Boue, with a somewhat unconventional design. Under the bodywork, the R5 utilized galore of the mechanicals from the Renault 4 and Renault 6 and featured front-wheel-drive with a prime of 2 engines.

The car was a immense hit: by 1980, it was 1 of the best-selling cars successful the world. In 1976, it besides spawned the Renault 5 Alpine (branded the 5 Gordini successful the UK), one of the world’s archetypal existent blistery hatches.

That was followed successful 1980 by the R5 Turbo, a cult classical rally homologation peculiar that featured a mid-mounted turbocharged motor successful the rider compartment down the driver.

The 2nd procreation of the 5, known arsenic the Supercinq, was launched successful 1984 with a revised look and built connected a caller platform. It was efficaciously replaced arsenic Renault’s pb supermini by the Clio, which was launched successful 1990, though the Supercinq remained connected merchantability successful immoderate markets until 1996.

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