New Jetour Traveller Stargazer Wears All The Defender-Style Off-Road Parts It Can Get

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Jetour launched a caller mentation of the Traveller SUV called Stargazer – oregon Dragon Wing Edition successful Chinese. The off-road-focused variation is the archetypal instauration of the caller JMK (Jetour Makers Kingdom) part and has a constricted accumulation of 3,000 units, reserved for the Chinese market.

The modular Jetour Traveller is already a rugged-looking SUV, but the Stargazer takes things adjacent further. Add-ons similar the outer retention compartment connected the 1 side, the retractable ladder connected the other, and the extortion rack marque the Chinese SUV look adjacent much similar the Land Rover Defender, particularly from the rear three-quarters view.

Other changes see the caller beforehand bumper with an integrated bull bar, a vented hood, an LED barroom connected the grille, broadside steps, protective covers for the taillights, and a redesigned retention compartment mounted connected the tailgate similar a spare instrumentality holder. Also contiguous is simply a acceptable of 20-inch wheels shod successful 255/55R20 all-terrain tires.

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Jetour via Greg Kable / X

It is not wide if JMK made changes connected the suspension of the Traveller but the larger wheels mightiness rise it a spot compared to the regular version. Under the hood lies the banal turbocharged 2.0-liter motor producing 251 hp (187 kW / 254 PS) and 390 Nm (287.7 lb-ft) of torque. Power is transmitted to each 4 wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic with the assistance of the “intelligent” XWD physics system.

In its location market, the Jetour Traveller Stargazer costs ¥219,900 yuan (30,627) and is constricted to 3,000 examples. The modular Traveller is priced betwixt ¥140,900-180,900 ($19,625-25,197) depending connected the trim. Rivals of the 4782mm-long ((188.3 inches) SUV are akin peculiar editions of the Haval Raptor, the Beijing BJ40, and the Tank 300.

The Stargazer is lone a motion of things to travel arsenic the JMK part volition connection 3 much peculiar editions of the Traveller (mountaineering, rainforest, and elite) earlier taking connected the remainder of the Jetour exemplary range. As reported by Car News China, JMK’s customizations volition marque the vehicles “more fashionable, wilder, and much interesting”.


Jetour / Weibo

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