New Ford Mustang “Can’t Be Tuned”, 2023 Porsche GT3 RS Wild Ring Laptime, Sony-Honda To Build U.S.-Market EV: Your Morning Brief

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Good greeting and invited to our regular digest of automotive quality from astir the globe, starting with…

Ford Won’t Give “Unauthorized Tuners” Access To The 2024 Mustang S650

Ford says it has encrypted the caller Mustang’s bundle to support owners by fending disconnected attacks from hackers, but that aforesaid encryption means third-party tuners won’t beryllium capable to messiness with the motor mapping. If you bash privation to tune your S650’s Coyote V8 oregon 2.3-liter EcoBoost I4, you mightiness person nary enactment but to spell with a Ford-approved upgrade.

2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Laps Nürburgring In 6 Min 49, Beating GT3 By Over 10 Seconds

Porsche’s aero-intensive caller GT3 RS proved that each those wings and scoops aren’t conscionable for show. It slashed 10.6 seconds from the regular GT3’s Nürburgring clip to go the fastest naturally-aspirated accumulation car to thigh the Nordschleife.

Meanwhile, Porsche’s electrical Taycan has been boasting astir an wholly antithetic acceptable of numbers. Some Taycans tin present travel 14 percent further connected a complaint (and up to 246 miles / 396 km) connected the EPA rhythm pursuing a bundle update.

Alpine Alpenglow Concept Debuts With Hydrogen Power, Shows Future Design Language

Alpine’s latest conception is simply a futuristic hypercar with striking proportions and a hydrogen interior combustion engine. The motorsport-inspired conception mightiness not beryllium destined for production, but it is simply a manifesto for the brand, previewing aboriginal Alpine models for some the roadworthy and the racetrack.

Tesla Semi Prototype Breaks Down Just Six Weeks Before Deliveries Start

If there’s 1 happening truckers hatred much than large substance bills, it’s trucks that are retired of action, due to the fact that a motortruck that can’t determination can’t marque immoderate money. But portion sum of this breached Semi mightiness person disquieted imaginable buyers and spoiled Elon Musk’s day, the atrocious quality was balanced retired by a study that Euro NCAP recovered nary grounds that Tesla is cheating information tests.

Here’s How Honda Builds The New 2023 Civic Type R In Japan

As if we weren’t already dribbling astatine the imaginable of getting our hands connected the 2023 Civic Type R, Honda decided to stoke our anticipation by releasing a video showing the cars being produced astatine the Yorii Automobile Plant successful Saitama, Japan. The sixth procreation of the Civic Type R sticks with a turbocharged 2.0-liter four, front-wheel drive, and a manual transmission.

Final Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae Roadster Is A Homage To The One-Off Miura Roadster

Lambo’s last-ever non-electrified V12 supercar needed to beryllium thing special, truthful modeling the plan connected 1 of the astir celebrated Lamborghinis of each clip seemed similar a astute move. The last Aventador Ultimae Roadster is decked retired successful metallic bluish and metallic overgarment that’s acceptable disconnected by a achromatic leather interior, conscionable similar the one-off 1968 Miura Roadster.

Sony And Honda To Debut Their First EV In 2026 In North America And Japan, Tease New Model For CES

Sony Honda Mobility teased a fewer much details astir its caller U.S.-built electrical car, explaining that it won’t beryllium a mass-produced car, but a “high value-added product” that volition beryllium characterized by Autonomy, Augmentation, and Affinity. So expect it to beryllium reasonably pricey and crammed with tech, immoderate of which you’ll person to wage for by subscription.

What Else Is Making The News

Netlfix Undercuts Disney+ With $7 Plan But You’ll Have To Watch Ads And It’s Only 720P

Enjoy your Netflix acquisition precisely arsenic it is today? Great! Nothing astir the mode you ticker Netflix is going to change.

From November, Netflix volition beryllium disposable from $6.99 a month. Basic with Ads, Netflix’s caller little priced ad-supported plan.

— Netflix (@netflix) October 13, 2022

Cost of surviving increases are starting to wound and streaming platforms cognize their subscription gross is astatine hazard arsenic we each commencement to look astatine what non-essential monthly purchases we could cut. Netflix’s effect is simply a caller $6.99 (UK: £4.99) entry-level program that undercuts rival Disney’s cheapest offering. The downsides are that you’ll person to ticker ads during your favourite car pursuit movies and shows are lone streamed astatine pathetic 720p, alternatively than 1080p oregon 4K, TechCrunch reports.

Ordinary Cars Are The Stars In British Artist’s Striking Street Scenes


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It’s not hard to find prints and posters of legendary classics and supercars to screen your walls, but Kieran Gabriel’s automotive creation focuses connected acold much prosaic machinery similar the Nissan Micra and Ford Fiesta. And the backgrounds aren’t celebrated racetracks but mean municipality and suburban UK (and American) thoroughfare scenes. Classic & Sports Car spoke to Gabriel astir his work, which was inspired by creation from the likes of David Hockney and Edward Hopper.

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