New Footage Shows Tesla On Autopilot Crashing Into Police Car After Alerting Driver 150 Times

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A caller study shows Tesla dashcam footage of a convulsive clang wherever the conveyance smashes into a stopped constabulary car portion Autopilot is engaged. The video demonstrates however poorly Autopilot handles stopped exigency vehicles and however immoderate impaired operator tin origin a clang similar this. Officers injured astatine the country are blaming and suing Tesla implicit the incident.

The video is 1 of galore obtained by the Wall Street Journal related to an probe by the NHTSA. That probe has been going connected since mid-2021 and involves the mode that Autopilot handles exigency vehicles stopped connected the road. To this point, it’s been implicated though not determined to beryllium astatine fault, successful astatine slightest 16 crashes.

In the main video shown successful the WSJ’s report, a Tesla Model X seems to smash into a stopped constabulary car with fundamentally nary informing astatine all. Dig a small deeper into the details and who’s astatine responsibility becomes a batch much murky.

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WSJ besides obtained information from the Tesla successful the clang which shows galore calls for much attraction from the driver. In fact, by the clip the clang happens, it’s alerted the operator to wage much attraction nary little than 150 times implicit the people of astir 45 minutes. Nevertheless, the strategy didn’t admit a deficiency of engagement to the constituent that it unopen down Autopilot.

At astir that 45-minute mark, the Tesla crashes into a stopped constabulary cruiser successful the acold close lane. Data from the Autopilot strategy shows that it recognized the stopped car 37 yards oregon 2.5 seconds earlier the crash. Autopilot besides slows the car down earlier disengaging altogether. It’s rather wide from the movie that immoderate alert operator would’ve recognized the concern and changed lanes.

The officers injured successful the clang are suing Tesla, not the allegedly impaired driver, arsenic a effect of the accident. Tesla says that the responsibility lies with the driver. In astatine slightest 1 different case, that’s precisely what a tribunal found. Autopilot seems to person worked precisely arsenic intended and an impaired operator failed to bash their occupation from down the instrumentality here.

And the world is that immoderate conveyance connected cruise power with an impaired operator down the instrumentality would’ve apt deed the constabulary car astatine a higher speed. Autopilot mightiness beryllium maligned for its sanction but drivers are yet liable for the mode they take to aviator immoderate car, including a Tesla.

A WSJ investigation of dashcam footage and information from a Texas clang shows Tesla’s Autopilot strategy failed to admit stopped exigency vehicles.

— The Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) August 9, 2023

Image Credit: Wall Street Journal

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