New cars 2022: what's coming and when

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999 caller   car   cover We instrumentality a look astatine immoderate of the champion metallic that volition deed the streets implicit the adjacent twelvemonth and beyond

You mightiness inactive beryllium waiting impatiently for your adjacent car, but the shortage of machine chips isn't stopping this year's caller exemplary launches.

From supercars to superminis, hybrids to blistery hatchbacks, we've compiled a broad database of each the models coming retired implicit the adjacent 12 months.

New cars arriving successful October

Electric DeLorean DMC: The institution that owns the rights to DeLorean is reviving the storied sanction for an electrical sports car which is acceptable to motorboat this year. Texas-based DeLorean Motor Company – formed by British technologist Stephen Wynne, who acquired the rights to the archetypal company’s sanction and branding successful 1995 – has previewed its modern-day instrumentality connected the mid-engined DeLorean DMC successful a cryptic Tweet confirming constricted details. It volition beryllium called the DeLorean EVolved successful a motion to its electrical drivetrain, and accompanying hashtags suggest that it volition spot a heightened absorption connected luxury than did the 1981-1982 original.

Lucid Air: ‘The adjacent Tesla’ has yet started producing its Model S rival successful the US, and it’s connected the cards for a UK motorboat soon. While its 1065bhp output is impressive, its claimed 500-mile scope mightiness beryllium the existent game-changer.

New cars arriving successful November

Audi E-Tron: No specified nip and tuck for Audi’s largest EV, which is astir to springiness its rivals existent headaches with its bigger caller battery. We’ve heard its scope could leap from 249 miles to arsenic overmuch arsenic 373, which is astir capable for Edinburgh to London.

Lotus Eletre: If you accidental it quickly, it doesn’t dependable truthful shocking: “Lotus is gathering an electrical SUV.” There, that’s not excessively bad, is it, purists? The Eletre marks the brand's historical reinvention arsenic an electrical show car steadfast offering a breadth of vehicles. Targeting a terms of £100,000, the Eletre volition battalion a apical velocity of 162mph and a sub-3.0sec sprint from 0-62mph.

We're inactive keenly awaiting indepth method specs, but expect a artillery capableness of much than 100kWh and powerfulness upwards of 592bhp. Maximum scope meantime is said to basal astatine 348 miles. Don't interest - the Eletre is being made successful China, truthful Hethel volition stay the location of Lotus sports cars. 

Ferrari SP3 Daytona: Latest summation to Maranello’s Icona bid a mid-mounted 829bhp V12, stylistic nods to hallowed historical racers and not an electrical centrifugal successful show - what’s not to like? Well, the £1.7m price, for one, but past it’s sold retired anyway. 

Honda Civic Type R: The slightest civilian Civic returns, and Honda looks to person done conscionable what we hoped it would: permission it good alone. Few cars person a higher barroom to clear, but cautious upgrades should fto it support its crown (and, we’d imagine, springiness the searing-hot Renault Mégane RS a tally for its wealth astatine the Nürburgring). 

Kia EV6 GT: If you hadn’t already adjusted your cognition of Kia successful caller years, it’s clip to now, due to the fact that this 577bhp electrical crossover volition outpace the Porsche Taycan 4S. First impressions of the EV6 suggest it’s much than potent capable successful range-topping GT-Line S guise already, but who’s complaining astir a caller summation to the sports EV fray?

Mercedes-EQS SUV: Set to go Mercedes' all-new flagship, the EQS SUV volition rival the Audi E-tron and BMW iX erstwhile it arrives towards the process extremity of this year. The EQS SUV is based connected the aforesaid electrical vehicle architecture arsenic the EQE and EQS, which supports both single-motor, rear-wheel-drive and dual-motor, four-wheel-drive layouts. There volition beryllium a full of 2 models with 3 powertrains disposable successful the UK, including a 107.8kWh artillery - the aforesaid utilized by the EQS saloon. 

Smart #1: Smart is successful the process of being wholly reinvented since becoming a associated task betwixt Mercedes and Geely. The adjacent measurement successful that concern volition beryllium its archetypal bespoke EV - a compact crossover with premium aspirations. Measuring 4290mm long, 1910mm wide and 1698mm tall, it’s a adjacent lucifer successful size presumption for genitor institution Mercedes-Benz’s EQA electrical crossover. 

Toyota GR Corolla: What bash you get erstwhile you transverse the Corolla with the GR Yaris? Another blistery hatch with Toyota’s fantabulous 1.6-litre turbo portion and the imaginable to beryllium a star. It won't travel to the UK for the clip being, but hopefully beardown income of the VW Golf R and Mercedes-AMG A45 service arsenic impervious that it would bash good here. 


Aston Martin Vantage, Aston Martin DB11 and DBS: Aston’s 3 coupés stay highly competitive, but there’s nary escaping the limitations of their infotainment systems, based connected Mercedes tech from 2 generations ago, truthful that volition beryllium the header change. But we’re besides expecting a styling refresh and an interior overhaul. 

BMW i7: There’s nary doubting the method prowess oregon the luxury credentials of BMW’s caller iX electrical SUV, but determination are galore radical who simply can’t tummy its outlandish styling. Step forward, then, the BMW i7. A familiar, low-slung instrumentality connected the accepted luxury saloon, with (as you volition person inferred from the lowercase missive successful its name) an all-electric powertrain. 

To beryllium sold alongside internal-combustion versions of the next-generation 7 Series, the 5th summation to Munich’s EV household has its targets locked connected the Mercedes-Benz EQS, which hitherto has had nary existent nonstop rivals. As with the electrical versions of the X3 and 4 Series Gran Coupé, the i7 volition beryllium differentiated visually from the modular 7 Series by a blanked-off beforehand grille (the signifier of which has yet to beryllium confirmed but is definite to beryllium a blistery taxable of discussion), bespoke instrumentality designs and smatterings of EV-specific trim. 

Otherwise, though, BMW volition nary uncertainty question to marque the EV power arsenic appealing and acquainted arsenic it tin to loyal 7 Series buyers. They are buyers with engaged and lavish lifestyles, nary doubt, who privation to get wherever they’re going quickly, softly and successful comfort. And the i7 volition tick each of those boxes, with astir 600bhp successful its astir potent, twin-motor form, astir 400 miles of scope from a 105.2kWh artillery and an precocious infotainment strategy lifted from the iX. 

BMW M2 Coupé: The aged M2 was among our favourite sports coupés. The adjacent 1 should beryllium adjacent better, with much power, much torque and person M3 and M4 ties. And vitally, BMW hasn’t mislaid show of what we emotion best: its puristic driving experience.

BMW Z4: Four years from launch, this low-volume roadster is owed an update, but it won’t beryllium extensive. It'll get airy styling tweaks astatine the beforehand and rear, and immoderate caller colours and instrumentality designs. The 40i has besides been dropped from the range, truthful the scope present consists of the 30i and performance M40i. That'll beryllium conscionable capable to instrumentality the Porsche 718 Boxster rival done the 2nd fractional of its lifecycle. 

Ford Ranger: Britain’s best-selling pick-up keeps connected truckin’ with a Bronco-aping front, a caller diesel V6 and the committedness of hybrid power. It’s each alteration inside, too, wherever a Mach-E-style vertical touchscreen dominates the dashboard, lodging astir of the off-road relation controls, and a modular integer show gives antithetic displays for each of the six driving modes. 

Honda CR-V: Strong-selling hybrid SUV gets cleaner-cut styling and bulks up for its sixth epoch successful an effort to triumph retired implicit the indefatigable Toyota RAV4 and Nissan Qashqai. But the crossover is already lone disposable arsenic a hybrid, successful enactment with Honda’s electrification plans, truthful expect changes to beryllium focused connected the plan and equipment. 

Lamborghini V12 Hybrid: Do you cognize what’s strange? You can’t really bargain a V12-powered, road-going Lamborghini astatine the moment, and erstwhile the Aventador’s successor does yet reintroduce that fabled motor to the ranks, it volition beryllium with the added oomph of an electrical motor.

Land Rover Defender 130: With short, long, commercialized and V8 variants of the L663 Defender present connected sale, it’s clip for a stretched 130 exemplary with 8 seats and a absorption connected luxury. Slated to get adjacent year, it volition bid a premium implicit the existent 110 range-topper, and apt lone beryllium disposable successful the plushest trim levels. 

Ferrari Purosangue: It’s clip for Ferrari to participate the SUV pool. It’s not timidly dipping its toes in, though: with underpinnings supplied by the Roma, V12 and hybrid V8 motor options and genuinely supercar-inspired styling, the Purosangue (‘purebred’) is simply a full-on cannonball.

Mazda MX-30 REx: Short-legged electrical crossover calls connected a caller rotary petrol motor to enactment arsenic a scope extender, expanding the region imaginable betwixt charges – which could marque the MX-30 a overmuch much competitory proposition successful airy of likewise priced but longer-range rivals. 

Seat Tarraco: Planned exemplary updates for Spanish firm’s largest exemplary are apt to see the instauration of the long-awaited PHEV version, which was revealed successful 2019. Otherwise the changes volition apt absorption connected styling tweaks and updated infotainment, pursuing a facelift for its Volkswagen Tiguan sibling successful 2020.

Ssangyong Korando E-Motion: Ssangyong has carved retired a niche successful the UK arsenic a rugged SUV specialist, and it’s aiming to transportation that into the electrical era. The Korean firm’s archetypal EV is simply a battery-powered reworking of the existing Korando that volition rival the bargain-basement MG ZS EV.

Toyota Prius: The monolithic maturation successful hybrid income has threatened the Prius’s spot arsenic king of the backstage prosecute cars. This caller mentation – expected successful 2022 based connected erstwhile Prius timelines – won’t beryllium capable to trust connected its taxation benefits to rack up sales, truthful expect Toyota to propulsion further with caller technology.

Volkswagen Amarok: Volkswagen’s ‘premium’ pick-up motortruck is fundamentally a reworked mentation of the caller Ford Ranger and is to beryllium built by Ford, but it volition beryllium styled to lucifer different VW models. 

Cars coming successful 2023

If this year’s caller offerings aren’t breathtaking enough, there’s plentifulness much successful store for 2023.

Aston Martin Valhalla: Confused by each these caller Formula 1- inspired, mid-engined Aston Martin supercars? If so, deliberation of the Valhalla arsenic being the much practical, accessible regular mentation of the hardcore Valkyrie, which is centred connected extreme, trackbred aerodynamics. Although successful this case, ‘more applicable and accessible’ means the Valhalla makes bash with lone 937bhp and a 217mph apical speed…

The Valhalla has been changed substantially since it was archetypal shown arsenic a conception successful 2019. It’s present powered by a Mercedes-Benz-sourced 740bhp twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8, which is paired with 2 electrical motors (one connected each axle) offering a combined 201bhp. Despite that, it weighs conscionable 1550kg. While the Valkyrie is simply a limitedrun, ultra-expensive beast that fewer volition ever experience, the sub-£700,000 people terms of the Valhalla means it could person acold much of an interaction connected Gaydon’s growth.

BMW XM: The XM is conscionable the 2nd wholly bespoke M car successful BMW’s history, but it couldn’t opposition much with the first. The M1 was a supercar co-developed with Lamborghini, whereas the XM is simply a monolithic SUV with a 740bhp PHEV powertrain built astir a 4.4-litre V8 that volition kick-start M’s electrification. Still, it volition astir apt merchantability acold better.

Fisker Ocean: Given Fisker’s tainted history, it would beryllium casual to disregard the prospects of this bold caller car. But we judge it’s clip to commencement taking Fisker seriously, due to the fact that the Ocean looks a credible contender successful the electrical SUV ranks and has immoderate precise credible firms progressive successful its manufacturing and distribution.

Revealed successful accumulation signifier precocious past year, the Ocean volition rival the Audi Q4 E-tron and Tesla Model Y with a spacious, touchscreen-heavy interior and scope of much than 350 miles. European versions are acceptable to beryllium produced by Magna Steyr successful Austria, with prices apt to scope from £30,000 to £50,000.

Ford Electric SUV: Ford volition motorboat a caller electrical SUV adjacent year, and portion we don’t cognize what it volition beryllium called, what size it volition be, what it volition look similar oregon what it volition cost, we bash cognize conscionable astir everything connected the method side.

That’s due to the fact that this is the archetypal car that volition travel from a woody Ford struck to make EVs connected the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, arsenic utilized by the Audi Q4 E-tron, Volkswagen ID 4 et al.

So expect a assortment of single-motor rear-drive and dual-motor four-wheel-drive powertrains and a scope successful the high-200-mile region. The intrigue truly surrounds however Ford volition marque the car consciousness similar a Ford, alternatively than a rebadged Volkswagen. 

Ford Transit E-Custom: the successor to the UK's best-selling vehicle, the Transit E-Custom is acceptable to introduced an all-electric scope of up to 236 miles successful 2023. It volition beryllium the 2nd of 5 all-electric commercialized vehicles that volition motorboat successful Europe by 2024. It volition beryllium built alongside an electrical mentation of the next-generation Volkswagen Transporter. 

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N: Nearly 600bhp from the hottest mentation of Hyundai’s retro EV? Sign america up. Chances are the Ioniq 5 N volition stock its highly strung twin-motor powertrain with the Kia EV6 GT (below), which volition spot it get from 0-62mph successful good nether 4.0 seconds, which volition marque it the fastest Hyundai exemplary yet built.

Maserati Granturismo: While the MC20 supercar is simply a good halo product, the next-generation Granturismo is cardinal to Maserati’s revival arsenic a existent Italian luxury brand. The super-GT volition summation sleek caller styling and beryllium offered with a scope of petrol engines – apt to see V6 and V8 options – arsenic good arsenic successful battery-electric form.

MG electrical hatchbackSet to beryllium revealed successful the adjacent fewer months, MG’s rumoured electrical hatchback volition get with 5 doors and volition articulation the ZS EV and 5 EV successful a three-strong line-up of electrical models. Chinese reports suggest the hatchback could regenerate the second-generation MG 3, offering some electrical and combustion powertrains. Autocar understands MG is readying to preview the caller exemplary arsenic a conception astatine the Beijing centrifugal amusement successful April, earlier unveiling the last exemplary successful the 2nd fractional of the year.

Mini Hatchbacks and Countryman: The Mini marque is astir to acquisition arguably its biggest translation since BMW reinvented the flagship mode backmost successful 2001. Starting adjacent year, Oxford volition modulation to electrified powerfulness and make an expanded line-up of models.

It’s lone fitting that it volition each commencement with a next-generation mentation of the exemplary that remains astatine the bosom of its range: the three-door hatchback. It volition beryllium offered with some ICE and afloat electrical powertrains – though expect the second to beryllium much versatile and susceptible than the adapted electrical mentation of the existent three-door.

The absorption is connected refining the design, with engineers promising that it volition clasp and amended the classical affirmative handling and amusive driving characteristics that the car is known for. But it volition besides service arsenic a leader car for a rapidly expanding exemplary range.

The next-generation Countryman compact SUV volition get soon after and is acceptable to turn successful size to much intimately lucifer its BMW X1 sibling, with a scope of petrol, plug-in hybrid and afloat electrical powertrains. 

Making it bigger is portion of a program to virtually agelong the Mini range, making country for a caller tiny SUV and a Chinese-built metropolis car that’s tipped to revive the Minor name.

Polestar 3: Electric SUV volition stock a US accumulation enactment and a level with Volvo’s XC90 successor. Its styling volition beryllium influenced by the acclaimed Precept concept, portion materials utilized passim volition emphasise a akin absorption connected sustainability.

With 510bhp and a scope of up to 379 miles, the Polestar 3 volition footwear disconnected from £85,500 in the UK, and it has the BMW iX and Jaguar I-Pace firmly successful its sights. 

Porsche Macan EV and Audi Q6 E-Tron: Porsche nailed electrification astatine its archetypal attempt, but its 2nd is an arguably tougher challenge, due to the fact that it’s not an all-new proposition but a reinvention of the hugely fashionable Macan SUV.

Make nary mistake, though: the Macan EV volition beryllium an wholly caller car built connected an wholly caller EV platform. Co-developed by Porsche and Audi, the PPE allows for ultra-rapid charging and show motors. In the Macan, we expect a four-wheel-drive dual-motor set-up to connection 700bhp and 750lb ft of torque.

Audi won’t beryllium acold down its sibling marque successful utilizing the PPE platform, with its all-new Q6 E-tron owed soon aft the Macan EV. While Audi already has a burgeoning scope of SUVs, these usage either an adapted ICE level oregon the much mainstream MQB EV platform.

Complementing the petrol-engined Q5, the Q6 volition connection 800V charging, a scope of much than 300 miles and yet a sporting RS version.

Renault Austral: Replacement for the ample Kadjar SUV gets a full restyle and a caller sanction that “conjures up the vibrancy and vigor of the south”, apparently. The bold caller look brings it into enactment with the all-electric Mégane E-tech, portion a wide array of improved powertrains and upgraded infotainment level volition boost the popularity of Renault's Toyota RAV4 rival. 

Rolls-Royce Spectre: The archetypal electrical Rolls-Royce is an all-new exemplary that is expected to inhabit a akin marketplace conception to the aged petrol-engined Wraith coupé. It volition usage Goodwood’s caller Architecture of Luxury level and is apt to employment a dual-motor powertrain offering much than 600bhp.

Volkswagen Aero-B: This is efficaciously Volkswagen’s electrical Passat, a caller enforcement electrical saloon designed to rival the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2. It was archetypal seen successful 2019 arsenic the ID Vizzion concept, is known wrong Wolfsburg arsenic the Aero-B (due to its absorption connected aerodynamic efficiency) and astatine 1 constituent was expected to instrumentality the ID 6 name, earlier that was slapped connected a Chinese SUV. Using the largest mentation of Volkswagen’s MEB EV platform, it volition beryllium offered with front- and rear-wheel thrust and a 77kWh artillery that could connection a scope of up to 431 miles. Expect a GTX show version, too.

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