New 2023 Dacia Jogger hybrid primed for Paris debut

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Dacia Jogger beforehand   driving The Jogger hybrid volition get successful the UK adjacent spring Seven-seater to get aforesaid powertrain arsenic Renault Clio E-Tech – apt priced astatine little than £20,000

The Dacia Jogger hybrid volition get adjacent twelvemonth arsenic the Romanian firm’s archetypal electrified UK exemplary - and it's apt to beryllium the cheapest hybrid MPV connected the market.

Due connected merchantability successful aboriginal 2023, it will beryllium powered by the aforesaid electrically assisted 1.6-litre petrol motor utilized by the Renault Clio E-Tech and Renault Captur E-Tech, and volition beryllium showcased for the archetypal clip astatine the Paris centrifugal show aboriginal this month.

This means the Jogger hybrid is apt to bring total outputs of 138bhp and 184lb ft, supplementing the petrol unit's output with 2 electrical motors – 1 a tiny e-motor utilized arsenic a starter-generator and the different effectively a beefed-up alternator. 

Both electrical motors are charged via recaptured vigor stored successful a small, 1.2kWh artillery that tin besides beryllium utilized to marque electric-only moving imaginable for abbreviated distances.

In the Clio, this powertrain pushes the car from 0-62mph successful 9.9sec and to a apical velocity of 112mph. The heavier, seven-seat Jogger is improbable to lucifer those figures, but it should beryllium quicker disconnected the people than the existing Jogger, which uses a 1.0-litre three-cylinder motor bully for 108bhp and 148lb ft.  

The Jogger is presently priced from £16,645 successful Essential trim, making it the UK's cheapest seven-seater. The electrified exemplary is expected to beryllium astatine astir £19,000, based connected the premium the Clio E-Tech (£21,695) has implicit the modular exemplary (£18,895). 

Dacia has antecedently confirmed to Autocar that determination are nary plans for a plug-in hybrid mentation of the Jogger astatine this stage, though the flexibility of the level means that 1 could beryllium offered successful the future. 

The Jogger volition be the archetypal electrically assisted Dacia exemplary to deed the UK, but the steadfast already sells the fashionable electrical Dacia Spring successful mainland Europe. As exclusively reported by Autocar, the electrical metropolis car – 1 of Europe's cheapest EVs, priced astatine the equivalent of £10,630 – is inactive connected the cards for a UK release, but not earlier 2024. The steadfast volition spell all-electric successful Europe from 2030.

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