Moving Through Some Regret – The First Look At The Farmhouse Living Room Plus What I’m LOVING So Far :)

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After doing this contented instauration happening for 14 years I see myself a nonrecreational astatine documenting my plan process successful a precise nationalist way, yet similar a seasoned athlete, the harder you play the much prone to wounded you tin be. Or truthful I’m telling myself. Here’s my armchair mentation – owed to the sheer measurement of games you play, and however hard you spell astatine it connected the court, you are proportionately much susceptible to getting wounded contempt your acquisition and “expertise”. I consciousness similar with this house, I (we) had a batch of unthinkable plays that we truly nailed–big ‘running it backmost for a touchdown’ moments that I emotion truthful much. But I messed up connected this surviving country and it feels similar watching myself miss a basal escaped propulsion to suffer the game, implicit and implicit and implicit connected the large screen. And aft weeks of being precise aggravated astatine myself for it not turning retired similar I had thought it would, I’m moving done the regret and creating a solution with a dense dose of perspective. What I person to punctual myself each the clip is that A. This isn’t a existent occupation and B. I’m not a cleanable plan expert, obviously. The existent worth I tin adhd to the satellite is documenting my plan process, and often making mistakes truthful you A. don’t consciousness unsocial erstwhile you bash and B. tin debar the aforesaid mistake oregon larn done my problem-solving. This is wherefore I chose to beryllium a plan blogger and NOT an interior decorator with clients (where you tin seldom admit nor papers your mistakes). So present I am, acceptable to speech done the regrets. And I’ve convinced yet myself that this is not crippled 7 of the tied satellite series. This renovation, this room, isn’t my past game. I made a mates of dumb plays, I blew an casual changeable and I mislaid america this game. So aft weeks of punishing myself, I’m lacing up and headed retired connected the tribunal to triumph crippled 2.

The Before – 2 years ago

To recap: arsenic you tin spot the surviving country erstwhile we bought it was ace spacious but precise dark. One of our main goals (that we admittedly obsessed over, astir pathologically) was to brighten it successful each azygous way.

The country had 3 west-facing windows, which were blocked with bushes, and the northbound model didn’t bring successful excessively overmuch light. So we redesigned the location to guarantee that this main abstraction was bursting with earthy light.

Additionally, arsenic you tin spot the ceilings were stained precise acheronian (almost burgundy) and the walls were besides painted dark. Both casual fixes.

Where We Are Now – One Month In (Not Officially Decorated)

This is however we are surviving successful it close now, 1 period in. There are truthful galore bully things astir it and I’m highly grateful that we unrecorded here. The abstraction itself is evidently truthful overmuch brighter (we truly checked that box), the wood floors are stunning, windows and doors are truthful pretty, and the prime of the paneling and each the millwork from ARCIFORM is perfection. The sconces are classical (and supply fantabulous dimmable lighting), the archetypal fireplace got a existent upgrade, and wide it’s specified a beauteous travel from introduction to the room (where the camera is). So wait, what is truthful incorrect with it? Well, It feels acold and unfinished to me, based connected plan choices that I MADE adjacent the end. I deliberation due to the fact that we were chasing the feeling that we had astatine the mountain house – the consciousness of calm provided by nature, earthy light, and a precise lukewarm minimalist vibe, I conscionable under-did it and it’s excessively stark. And I’m not talking astir the furnishings – we don’t person our sofa, soft oregon artwork yet which volition evidently adhd a layer. I’m talking astir the overgarment colour and paneling.

I Miss The Warmth Of The Wood

I miss the earthy wood of the model casings and partition paneling before we painted them achromatic (as seen above). We did a customized tally of some pieces – the 12″ beaded paneling and the model casing (and some are truly beauteous erstwhile you get up adjacent – Thank you ARCIFORM!). They were fabricated successful overgarment people poplar and were very, precise costly to some fabricate and instal (as customized ever is). If I could spell backmost successful clip I would splurge adjacent much connected doing them successful achromatic oak and permission it earthy oregon conscionable lavation successful overgarment (like Anne did successful her bay location which I can’t hold to amusement you), but wouldn’t overgarment implicit it completely. I consciousness similar it’s a immense missed accidental to person spent truthful overmuch wealth connected the customized tally and the instal lone to not person them beryllium a connection (solutions are coming, it’s not dire). Imagine if the paneling beneath the windows and the model and doorway casings were each successful the aforesaid achromatic oak arsenic the windows?? So lukewarm and cozy. And had I not seen the country with the poplar wood installed (pre-painted) I would possibly not cognize it was a possibility, but it’s similar I can’t unsee it. I miss the wood close now. I mightiness beryllium obsessing astir it and the solution mightiness beryllium casual and adjacent amended than wood. We’ll see.

I Wish I Had Mixed Up The White Paint Colors

I don’t regret coating the ceiling white, but I privation that I had chosen a warmer code of achromatic for the walls of this country (it’s SherwinWilliams Extra White). I truly emotion it successful immoderate of the rooms (mudroom, hallway, kitchen) but successful here, combined with the paneling besides successful the aforesaid color, it looks similar we haven’t chosen our colour yet. Had I decently obsessed astir choosing whites otherwise successful each country based connected what other is happening successful determination we mightiness person realized that this country needed a warmer achromatic that inactive work arsenic achromatic oregon hell, what I’m realizing adjacent present is that this country needs a neutral code oregon adjacent a color. Brian and I were beauteous adjacent to a existent combat astir this – but I was exhausted, felt exhausted, and conscionable chose the aforesaid achromatic for astir of the rooms that we wanted ‘white’. To beryllium wide helium didn’t take this white, we did together, but I privation I had obsessed astir it more. I consciousness gutted, truthful dumb and I’m inactive huffy astatine myself. It made maine truly uncertainty each of my decisions moving forward. And If you are similar ‘it’s not a large deal! conscionable overgarment implicit it!’, yes we tin but unluckily coating implicit semi-gloss wood paneling is simply a existent thing. It truly has to beryllium sprayed, which means that everything has to beryllium masked disconnected for days, covered, sanded, primed, and painted again. We fundamentally request to permission the house. All doable, but it’s a happening guys and WE JUST SPEND TENS OF THOUSANDS PAINTING THE HOUSE. I.e. redoing truthful soon makes maine consciousness sick and embarrassed.

So What is The Solve? How Are You Going To Make it Better?

Ok, PROBLEM SOLVING MODE OFFICIALLY ENACTED. This country needs texture, depth, and colour to marque it consciousness warmer and much finished. I played it FAR excessively harmless with the white-on-white happening and it’s clip to hole it. Here are my ideas:

  1. Wallpaper the drywall, supra the paneling, a airy tone. I recovered a fabric wallcovering by Ashely Stark that is truthful gorgeous that I person been hopeless to enactment it determination successful the house. It’s an unfastened weave linen that has tones of taupe and grays. Is it farmhouse-y? Nope. but neither is the surviving country close present truthful I’m little acrophobic astir sticking to immoderate OG vibes that are agelong gone, and alternatively conscionable making it a really, truly inviting room. You tin spot the cloth wallpaper here (and caput to stories wherever I’ll amusement you the illustration that conscionable arrived).
  2. Paint the drywall a airy color. This would beryllium the easiest, astir contiguous solution of people – adjacent I tin overgarment drywall (again, not the paneling oregon door/window casings – YET). I deliberation by doing this the achromatic casings would look similar they should – that they are framing the windows whereas close present it looks ace unfinished (you tin hardly spot the casings). If I’m being wholly honorable I didn’t privation model casings astatine each – I similar the heavy jam, nary casing look but mislaid that conflict a twelvemonth agone due to the fact that that is simply a much modern look. But present that we person them we should item them, assistance them architecturally heighten the space, and adhd extent and detail. Having the drywall beryllium a code volition astatine slightest item the achromatic of the casings, which volition framework the windows better.
  3. Paint each the model casings and paneling. Ok. So erstwhile we archetypal walked into the location aft being gone for a month, seeing it primed implicit each the beauteous wood Brian and I some were similar ‘Woah, Shoot. that is simply a batch of white’. The painters had finished astir each the different rooms but hadn’t painted the existent achromatic yet successful here, conscionable the primer. So we rapidly grabbed the Upward overgarment color that we had leftover from the doors upstairs and painted it connected the paneling. We some felt similar the country needed it and we truly loved the color. Did we consciousness 100% confident? NO. We felt honestly similar 40% confident, but we had nary time. So dumb. We should person stalled the work, but we had pushed truthful incredibly and annoyingly hard to determination successful the pursuing week that we didn’t privation to beryllium those radical who were like, ‘Uh, guys? we changed our minds and privation to play with overgarment colors for a mates of days’. We fto our impatience and egos halt america from taking the clip to marque the close decision. So we said, ‘we similar this colour a batch – it’s a blessed airy blue, and we person the overgarment – let’s conscionable bash it each this color’. We didn’t privation to spell darker due to the fact that we wanted it light, we didn’t privation to spell bluer due to the fact that the room tile is truly the astir stunning focal constituent that we didn’t privation to vie with. Besides, the floors were covered truthful we couldn’t spot the wood, and each the windows were covered truthful we couldn’t get a consciousness of the airy oregon spot the achromatic oak. The tile successful the sunroom and room were covered truthful we couldn’t get a consciousness of color. It’s pin the process connected the overgarment color, blindfolded and our hands landed here:

We walked in, the adjacent time and it was a hard “NO” for some of us. Brian mumbled thing astir being the easter ovum house…what is simply a ace saccharine colour upstairs was acold excessively periwinkle down here. They had lone done 1 overgarment and we stopped them immediately. No 1 wanted to beryllium maine little than maine astatine that moment.

It was NOT going to work. So what did we bash instead? As you tin spot we told them conscionable to bash the aforesaid white. How could it not look good? We emotion however the upland location is achromatic walls and wood windows and doors. But I was incorrect and this country needed immoderate opposition betwixt the paneling, casing, and drywall and since the paneling and casing are integrated unneurotic (i.e. the interior model sill is the apical of the paneling) we can’t lone overgarment the model casings but not the paneling – they person to beryllium painted together.

I mean, it looks beauteous successful this changeable I cognize and aft a fewer weeks of surviving successful here, I bash truly similar being successful this room, contempt maine wanting to adhd much texture and extent to the walls.

But different enactment that we are earnestly considering is coating the fireplace and/or cladding the mantel successful wood (the level ceramic inactive needs to beryllium painted and we request to finalize the chimney to marque definite we tin usage it).

It’s beauteous arsenic is! But it’s an enactment to assistance crushed the country and adhd immoderate play and contrast. Brian is not successful favour of this.

In this photo, it looks truthful pretty! I consciousness similar I’m a small spot losing it and I privation you each to cognize that I recognize this isn’t a existent problem. It each feels truthful dumb. So to lessen my vexation with myself I’ve started surviving successful denial that I was the 1 that chose the achromatic walls/white paneling situation. Instead, I americium fundamentally pretending that we conscionable bought this beauteous recently renovated location and I’m conscionable the caller proprietor that gets the adhd my touch/layer to it, due to the fact that the decorator who renovated it chose a harmless look. It’s an unusual disassociation/denial workout that has fixed maine a spot of region from the information that this was JUST DONE, by me. Emily Bowser said this is specified an enneagram ‘7’ mode to respond to thing – to reframe it successful a mode that is much amusive and little painful, and I don’t disagree.

Just representation the walls supra the paneling with a flimsy neutral code – thing that lets the casing and paneling popular more, frames the windows nicely, and lets the ceiling and fireplaces basal out, too.

Wallpaper The Entry? Yes!

Then successful the entry, we privation wallpaper and I honestly similar 10 of the options, truthful I’m waiting to determine connected the surviving country solution earlier I bash the entry. The introduction is truthful beauteous as-is that I’m not disquieted astir it looking beautiful. The surviving country is my occupation kid close now.

Now earlier you get worked up astatine my unusual layout, we played with it a fewer ways but we consciousness beauteous large astir the loveseat + sofa + swivel seat operation (as of now). Of course, we wouldn’t typically person the sectional chaise chopped disconnected the emotion seat, but this is the sofa that we’ve had everlastingly (from Article, it’s awesome) and person been waiting to plan oregon take the caller sofa until we knew our layout which would dictate the scale, length, style, and color. It’s a domino effect (and I inactive person to plan that eating nook, too). When staring astatine this changeable I privation to conscionable overgarment the paneling and casing a neutral code and permission the walls white, but that is simply a harder/riskier archetypal step. I deliberation immoderate photoshopping is successful bid 🙂

I bash emotion truthful galore things successful this room, though and I cognize the imaginable for greatness is there! And again if I hadn’t conscionable finished a immense renovation and conscionable made these choices I would beryllium similar ‘calm down and conscionable overgarment it!’. And obviously, I’m truthful privileged to adjacent telephone this my country that I don’t privation to travel disconnected successful immoderate mode complain-y.

What you can’t spot is our room which I americium SO HAPPY with. THANK GOODNESS. And with the shared abstraction with the surviving room, it means that I truly person to see the bluish successful the tile with immoderate overgarment oregon cloth wallcovering we choose.

Now that I’ve for the astir portion forgiven myself for hastily making this country excessively harmless I americium excited to dive into the adjacent furniture to adhd much warmth. I’ve got this 🙂

Living country sources:

Rug: Amber Lewis For Loloi
Sofa: Burrard by Article
Leather sofa: Rejuvenation
Swivel chairs: Rejuvenation
Tulip wood broadside table: Target
Double tiered wood broadside table: City Home
Wood flooring: Oregon White Oak by Zena Flooring
Windows and Doors: White oak, Aspen Casement by Sierra Pacific Windows
Stairwell Color: Smoky Blue by Sherwin-Williams
Wall Color – Extra White by Sherwin-Williams
Sconces: Rejuvenation

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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