Moon Silver Koenigsegg Regera Will Make You Feel Like An Astronaut

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If you missed retired connected getting an allocation for a marque caller Koenigsegg, uncovering a utilized 1 is the adjacent champion alternate and astatine RM Sotheby’s upcoming Paris auction, a beauteous 2021 Regera volition beryllium available.

The Swedish steadfast archetypal unveiled the Regera successful 2015 earlier showcasing the accumulation variant 12 months later. It is simply a somewhat little track-focused exemplary than the Agera that was sold astatine the aforesaid clip and was constricted to conscionable 80 examples worldwide. The auction location predicts this illustration volition merchantability for betwixt €2 cardinal ($2.1 million) and €2.6 cardinal ($2.8 million).

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So, what bash you get for your money? Well, isolated from having the accidental to ain 1 of conscionable 80 units produced, the winning bidder volition person the keys to a marvel of modern engineering. Found astatine the bosom of the Regera is simply a twin-turbocharged 5.0-liter V8 that produces 1,084 hp and portion that’s much than capable power, the marque has supplemented the V8 with 3 electrical motors to effect successful a combined 1,479 hp.


Making the Regera each the much intriguing is the information that it does not person a accepted transmission and alternatively uses a single-speed direct-drive strategy to transmit powerfulness to the ground. The car is truthful speedy that past twelvemonth it set a 0-400-0 km/h record of 28.81 seconds, beating the grounds that was concisely held by the Rimac Nevera astatine 29.94 seconds.

This example is painted successful Moon Silver and has a enactment of agleam bluish accents, including crossed the hood and the brake calipers. It has had conscionable 1 erstwhile proprietor and has been driven conscionable 522 km (324 miles). meaning the ferocious V8 is conscionable waiting to beryllium unleashed.

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