MG6 Flips After Hitting Tesla Model 3 In China With ‘Brake Failure’ Bumper Sticker

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An MG6 sedan has been perfectly destroyed aft crashing into a Tesla Model 3 in China and rolling onto its roof. Making the mishap adjacent much antithetic are the stickers affixed to the rear of some the MG and the Model 3.

Dashcam footage from the achromatic Model 3 shows it traveling successful the mediate lane of a highway. The lane to the near of the Tesla begins to extremity but the impatient operator of the greenish MG6 thought it would beryllium a bully thought to effort and overtake the Tesla successful the far-left lane, conscionable earlier it ends.

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However, to debar making interaction with the barriers successful the near lane, the MG6 operator has to propulsion successful beforehand of the Model 3 a small excessively early. In doing so, the rear right-hand broadside of the MG hits the beforehand of the Tesla. The interaction fundamentally triggers a PIT maneuver and the greenish sedan is speared towards the clang barriers connected the right-side of the highway.

Human aviator is to blasted for this flip-over. Funny the ICE car proprietor happens to person a bumper sticker trolling Tesla & it reads “to debar bumper-to-bumper collision arsenic effect of brake failure, distinguished Tesla proprietor delight overtake.” This is the eventual irony of fate🔥🤣

— Ray4Tesla⚡🚘☀🔋 (@ray4tesla) November 18, 2022

While the dashcam footage doesn’t amusement the crash, images shared online bash amusement the aftermath. They uncover that the MG6 came to a remainder connected its roof, apt aft flipping aggregate times aft hitting the clang barrier. It has been wholly destroyed, the extortion has caved in, the beforehand extremity is wrecked, and some sides person been heavy dented. By comparison, the Tesla lone suffered a tiny scrap connected its beforehand bumper, 4th sheet and 1 of the beforehand wheels.

While immoderate mishap similar this is bound to seizure the attraction of some, it is the stickers of the 2 cars that has made this clang summation traction online. Located connected the bumper of the MG6 is simply a sticker that reportedly reads ‘To debar bumper-to-bumper collision arsenic a effect of brake failure, distinguished Tesla proprietor delight overtake,’ poking amusive astatine expected Tesla brake issues successful China.

Bizarrely, the Tesla Model 3 operator besides had a bumper sticker connected their car, speechmaking ‘Brake nonaccomplishment – delight enactment distant from me.’

In immoderate case, the operator of the MG6 is intelligibly to blasted for the crash. It is chartless if they oregon immoderate passengers were injured.

Netizens accidental this is the funniest car mishap successful China: a Model 3 with a self-deprecating brake-failure sticker crashed into an MG6 with a sticker mocking Tesla’s brake-failure, and the MG6 flipped implicit with small harm to the Tesla.

— Yan Chang (@cyfoxcat) November 17, 2022

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