Mercedes-Benz Malaysia and Minsoon Star launch new RM20 million Autohaus in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

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Minsoon Star (formerly known arsenic Minsoon Credit), unneurotic with Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, has launched its recently relocated Mercedes-Benz Autohaus successful Seremban 2.

Featuring the brand’s latest retail acquisition concept, the facility, which was built with an concern of implicit RM20 million, is located connected crippled of onshore measuring 136,070 quadrate feet. Manned by a squad of 50 personnel, the installation has a showroom level spanning implicit 13,149 quadrate feet with capable abstraction for 10 cars, portion besides incorporating amenities similar the Star Lounge and a conception dedicated to authoritative accessories, covering and merchandise.

Meanwhile, the work country makes up astir 1 3rd of the full built-up country astatine 17,431 quadrate feet with the capableness to grip up to 700 cars a month. In summation to regular work maintenance, determination are besides instrumentality alignment and balancing, electrical diagnosis and repairs, overgarment coating, solid tinting, security and warranty services.

For added convenience, customers tin besides bask explicit servicing, door-to-door and driblet and spell work booking. Visitors volition besides beryllium capable to trial thrust a wide scope of Mercedes-Benz vehicles similar the latest C-Class and Mercedes-EQ EVs. On that mention, EV accelerated chargers are besides disposable astatine the caller Autohaus.

“We would similar to congratulate Minsoon Star connected their caller Autohaus and convey them for their associated committedness to redefine the luxurious marque acquisition that is synonymous with Mercedes-Benz. We are continuously moving with our trader partners to turn the brand’s luxury retail conception beingness portion ensuring our customers expectation, needs and demands are met and exceeded,” said Sagree Sardien, president and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia & caput of region, South East Asia II.

“Seremban has a increasing colonisation and township that is booming with affluent communities, and we judge that this is the close determination for america to further cater to our customers successful this region. We are the lone authorised Mercedes-Benz income and work trader successful Negeri Sembilan since 1968 and we are arrogant to showcase our caller Autohaus showcases the brand’s latest luxury retail beingness for our customers,” commented Jim Tan, trader main of Minsoon Star.

The Minsoon Star Seremban Autohaus is located astatine No. 336, Jalan Haruan 2, Oakland Industrial Park, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

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