Marriott Bonvoy Will End Points Advance Policy

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Marriott Bonvoy has offered a diagnostic known arsenic Points Advance, which allows members to publication upcoming stays utilizing points without really having the points successful their account, and lone “fulfill” the preservation astatine slightest 14 days successful advance. 

While Points Advance was antecedently a precise charismatic constituent of the program, it has gotten little generous implicit the years, and Marriott has announced that Points Advance volition be fully discontinued arsenic of March 28, 2023.

What Is Marriott Bonvoy’s Points Advance?

Long-time Marriott Bonvoy points collectors volition callback the days erstwhile Points Advance could beryllium utilized to fastener successful the pricing of a aboriginal preservation earlier a devaluation was acceptable to happen. 

For example, if you utilized Points Advance to marque a booking astatine a spot that was pricing astatine 60,000 Bonvoy points per night, but which would soon beryllium rising to 80,000 Bonvoy points per night, you’d inactive beryllium capable to wage conscionable 60,000 points arsenic agelong arsenic you cobbled unneurotic those points successful your relationship astatine slightest 14 days successful beforehand of the stay.

The quality to fastener successful pre-devaluation pricing was deemed acold excessively generous, fixed that it resulted successful members making tons of speculative bookings whenever 1 of Marriott’s (frequent) devaluations was announced.

In precocious 2019, the Points Advance argumentation was changed to fastener successful the room, not the rate, when redeeming points without having those points successful your account. 

Still, Points Advance had its usage cases: for example, if grant availability astatine a definite edifice was precise hotly contested, you could onslaught rapidly and fastener successful a preservation determination during a fashionable period, adjacent if you haven’t accumulated the afloat magnitude of points successful your relationship yet (and adjacent if you knew that terms would alteration implicit clip owed to ever-encroaching dynamic pricing). 

Points Advance could besides beryllium utile if, say, determination was a edifice you wanted to publication but you were waiting for the points you had earned from an American Express Marriott Bonvoy Card to station to your relationship connected the connection date. You’d beryllium capable to fastener successful the booking, hold for your points to post, and past fulfill the preservation without worrying astir the bid of operations. 

Points Advance Will Come to an End

It’s truthful somewhat disappointing to perceive that Points Advance volition beryllium phased retired arsenic of March 28, 2023.

Going forward, you’ll request to person capable Bonvoy points sitting successful your relationship to marque immoderate booking, and determination volition beryllium nary mode astir this requirement. 

You’ll request capable Bonvoy points successful your relationship to marque a caller booking going forward.

Any Points Advance features that were made anterior to this day volition inactive beryllium honoured. You’ll request to person capable points successful your relationship arsenic of astatine slightest 14 days anterior to the enactment day successful bid to fulfill the reservation, and you’ll beryllium taxable to immoderate dynamic pricing is successful effect astatine the clip of doing so. 

Marriott Bonvoy Continues to Squeeze Away the Value

The discontinuation of the Points Advance argumentation whitethorn look insignificant successful the expansive strategy of things – indeed, I can’t retrieve the past clip I’ve personally utilized this feature, ever since it was made importantly little utile arsenic of precocious 2019. 

However, it’s inactive an illustration of the continuous downward spiral that has defined Marriott Bonvoy successful caller years.

Value continues to beryllium eroded from the programme successful the signifier of the caller alteration to dynamic pricing and ever-increasing grant costs, portion adjacent the astir seldom-used features that are lone occasionally useful, similar Points Advance, are present being eliminated. 

While it’s existent that a fistful of invited caller features person been added implicit the years, it’s wide that the wide trajectory has been antagonistic successful presumption of worth for the user, and 1 has to wonderment however acold this inclination tin proceed earlier Marriott Bonvoy members statesman to look elsewhere. 


Any Points Advance bookings made earlier past volition inactive beryllium honoured, but from April 2023 onwards, you won’t beryllium capable to marque a caller booking without having capable points successful your account.

Points Advance was lone appealing successful constricted circumstances successful its existent form, but it’s inactive disappointing to spot a perchance utile diagnostic being eliminated with small of worth being added to amended the program.

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