Maine Coon vs Norwegian Forest Cat

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What are the differences betwixt a Maine Coon vs. a Norwegian Forest cat? I was astatine a feline amusement respective years agone and astir mistook a Norwegian Forest feline for a Maine Coon. With a trained eye, you could separate 1 from the other. Indeed it was a beauteous cat, but the devil is successful the details.

Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats are some large, long-haired feline breeds fashionable with feline lovers worldwide. While these breeds stock immoderate similarities, they disagree importantly successful their carnal appearance, temperament, and history.

maine coon vs norwegian wood  catMAINE COON VS NORWEGIAN FOREST CAT

Physical AppearancE

Maine Coons are 1 of the elephantine home feline breeds, with males weighing betwixt 18 and 22 pounds and females weighing betwixt 10 and 15 pounds. They person long, shaggy fur, tufted ears, and large, expressive eyes. Their coat tin travel successful assorted colors and patterns, but the astir communal are brownish tabbies and reddish tabbies. Maine Coons are besides known for their long, bushy tails, which they tin wrapper astir themselves similar a furry blanket.

Norwegian Forest Cats are besides a ample breed, with males weighing betwixt 12 to 16 pounds and females weighing betwixt 8 to 12 pounds. They person distinctive triangular faces, almond-shaped eyes, and long, fluffy ears. Their fur is besides agelong and shaggy, with a heavy undercoat and longer defender hairs. Norwegian Forest Cats travel successful assorted colors, but the astir communal are brown, tabby, and white.

norwegian wood  catsNorwegain Forest Cats


Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats person akin temperaments successful that they are some intelligent, social, and affable breeds. However, immoderate differences successful their personalities are worthy noting.

Maine Coons are often described arsenic playful and curious, with emotion for exploring their environment. They are besides known for their gentle nature, and they get on good with children and different pets. Maine Coons are affectionate cats that bask spending clip with their owners. Still, they are not overly demanding and tin beryllium autarkic astatine times.

Norwegian Forest Cats are known for being fantabulous hunters and skilled climbers, acknowledgment to their firm, muscular legs. Norwegian Forest Cats are besides playful and societal cats, but they person a much reserved and cautious quality than Maine Coons. They tin beryllium shy astir strangers and whitethorn instrumentality longer to lukewarm up to caller people.


Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats person antithetic origins, and their past tin assistance explicate immoderate differences successful their carnal quality and temperament.

Maine Coons are believed to beryllium 1 of the oldest home feline breeds successful North America. They are thought to person originated successful the authorities of Maine, wherever they were valued arsenic moving cats for their hunting skills. Maine Coons were bred for their size and strength, which helped them past successful the harsh New England winters.

On the different hand, Norwegian Forest Cats are a autochthonal breed of Norway. They are believed to person been brought to Norway by Vikings implicit a 1000 years ago. Norwegian Forest Cats were utilized arsenic moving cats to assistance power rodent populations successful barns and homes. They are valued for their warm, heavy fur, which allows them to past successful Norway’s cold, snowy climate.

brown tabby maine coon europeanBeastie – Brown Tabby European Bloodlines Maine Coon Cat

In conclusion, portion Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest Cats stock immoderate similarities, specified arsenic their size and long-haired coats, they besides person important differences successful their carnal appearance, temperament, and history.

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