Locals Share Their Favorite Hidden Gems in Columbus, Ohio

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For those living successful Columbus, determination is nary denying however vibrant this authorities superior is. From having 1 of the country’s largest colleges to a top-rated zoo and aquarium, this metropolis has tons to offer. Take a stroll done unsocial suburbs similar the German Village oregon cheer connected The Ohio State Buckeyes; determination are activities for anyone who resides here. So if you’re caller to the metropolis and privation to research similar a local, present are 5 hidden gems successful Columbus, Ohio to get you started.

Columbus Ohio skyline

1. Catch an accumulation astatine the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio

The Decorative Arts Center of Ohio located successful Lancaster is the cleanable destination to drawback a world-class accumulation oregon motion up for an creation people that volition hone your skills. This halfway is simply a thriving assemblage staple successful Lancaster. The onsite Wendel Center for Art Education offers students of each ages and skills a divers postulation of creation classes held year-round; from coating and drafting to sewing and bookmaking, there’s a unsocial people for immoderate imagination.

2. Plan a staycation and research caller towns

If you’re seeking a fun-filled staycation for you and your family, Splash Harbor successful Bellville has got you covered. This indoor h2o parkland and edifice were designed with families successful caput which supply amusement for everyone to enjoy. After taking a dip, airy it up successful the arcade, filled with assorted games.

Indoor waterpark

Photo courtesy of Splash Harbor

3. Try Whit’s Frozen Custard

There are galore saccharine treats astir Columbus, but Whit’s Frozen Custard remains a section favorite. With shops present everyplace successful Ohio, determination mightiness beryllium 1 successful your vicinity to try. 

“Although the cardinal Ohio concatenation has gone national, it inactive feels similar a hidden gem,” says Nita Sweeney, an award-winning section author. “The Clintonville store is my favorite, with Hilliard a adjacent second. Less sugar, a higher abdominous content, and a little melting somesthesia marque their saccharine treats a peculiar delight. My favourite flavors are Almond Joy, Black Raspberry Chip, and Twisted Coffee.”

Columbus downtown

4. Hone successful your tennis and pickleball skills astatine Scarborough East

Columbus is large for sports arsenic well. Whether you are looking for a backstage oregon radical tennis acquisition oregon a league to articulation successful Columbus, Scarborough East is your perfect tennis and pickleball destination. No substance your accomplishment level, Scarborough has an experienced unit of pros and coaches that volition instrumentality your crippled to the adjacent level. So drawback your h2o vessel and larn however to maestro a game. 

5. See a movie astatine Columbus, Ohio’s Gateway Film Center

Ayanda Mkhize, a section manner blogger of YFTBA, recommends going to Columbus Ohio’s Gateway Film Center located successful the University District. “It’s dissimilar immoderate different movie theatre successful the large authorities of Ohio. The non-profit theater’s themed events animate cheer amongst the Columbus community. From their Saturday greeting Cartoons, Hitchcocktober, and the celebrated 24-hour marathon of the 1993 movie Groundhog day, determination is simply a peculiar enactment for moviegoers of each tastes. I urge spending your Saturday greeting with a carton of beverage and a container of cereal and enjoying the ambiance of a theatre that has captured the hearts of locals.”

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