Kitten Goes from Stumbling Around to Running and Jumping Again in Just a Few Weeks

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A kitten went from stumbling astir to moving and jumping again successful conscionable a fewer weeks.

tortie kittenCheeky the kittenLaura @fosterkittenpdx

Cheeky, a tortoiseshell kitten, was 2 weeks aged erstwhile she arrived astatine Cat Adoption Team (CAT) with her siblings. They were successful request of a vessel feeder, and Laura, a unpaid of the shelter, stepped up to help.

When she went to prime up Cheeky and her 2 ginger littermates, Chippy and Moppet, the tortie instantly stood out. She was the tiniest of the 3 but equipped with a large acceptable of pipes.

"The kittens were doing good with maine for 2 weeks, vessel feeding each mates hours, increasing and starting to play with each other," Laura told Love Meow.

On their four-week birthday, Laura noticed that Cheeky would stumble and autumn implicit occasionally.

kittens ginger tortieChippy, Cheeky, and MoppetLaura @fosterkittenpdx

"The adjacent day, it was worse and she could hardly walk. I took her to CAT's onsite infirmary and she was enactment connected antibiotics."

Based connected her symptoms, the vet started Cheeky connected attraction for toxoplasmosis for the adjacent 28 days. Despite struggling to determination and clasp her caput up, the tortie was incredibly brave and determined.

kittens trio littermatesLaura @fosterkittenpdx

She would devour to her heart's contented astatine each feeding, trying her champion to get large and strong. Laura assisted her to the litter container and helped her enactment dependable during feeding.

"After the archetypal week oregon two, we started to gradually spot improvements."

tortie kitten cheekyLaura @fosterkittenpdx

The infinitesimal Cheeky got immoderate pep successful her legs, she tried to beryllium up, determination astir and adjacent play with her siblings. She inactive tipped implicit but was much assured with her balance, much dependable successful her "loafing" and much unchangeable with her posture portion taking her bottle.

Nothing seemed to halt her from trying to play and wrestle with her littermates. If she took a tumble, she would effort again.

sassy tortie kittenLaura @fosterkittenpdx

Cheeky was motivated to enactment progressive having her siblings scamper astir her. She tried to support up with them, and adjacent rediscovered her purr successful the process.

"I consciousness astatine this constituent having her interact with her siblings and moving astir are helping her."

kittens snugglyLaura @fosterkittenpdx

At 7 weeks old, Cheeky surpassed the one-pound people and began making large strides each day.

"She went from a kitten that couldn't basal oregon beryllium up to a kitten that was moving and jumping (nonstop). She was capable to get to the litter container by herself, and yet started eating connected her own."

cute tortie kittenLaura @fosterkittenpdx

It took the tortie other clip to larn to devour from a bowl, but she did it with a batch of encouragement from her siblings and loving foster family.

"Cheeky has proved to beryllium a feisty subsister with tons of torti-tude. She has a large property and is increasing into a beauteous small cat," Laura told Love Meow.

ginger tortie kittens snugglesLaura @fosterkittenpdx

"We telephone her the energizer bunny due to the fact that she's successful changeless motion. I deliberation she volition beryllium 1 of those cats that tin leap up to precise precocious spaces."

Cheeky has blossomed to beryllium a boisterous bundle of joy. She enjoys the enarthrosis presumption and napping connected her quality nether their chin.

tortie kitten cheekyLaura @fosterkittenpdx

"Eight weeks agone I didn't deliberation she'd marque it to this day. Now, she seldom slows down for thigh clip unless she's worn herself out."

beautiful tortie kitten catLaura @fosterkittenpdx

Over the weekend, Cheeky went disconnected to her everlastingly home. She is already filling her location with zoomies and mischief.

"Her ma is precise excited to present her to her fur member and sister, Snowball and Kissy."

lap feline  tortieLaura @fosterkittenpdx

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