Kia Xceed 1.5 T-GDi 2022 first drive

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01 Kia XCeed facelift GT Line FD 2022 pb  track High-riding mentation of Kia's household hatchback gets treated to a facelift. We effort it connected UK roads.

Amid the barrage of caller Kia models being launched – conscionable the past twelvemonth has brought america the EV6, Sportage and Niro – the Kia XCeed whitethorn not beryllium beforehand of caput for everyone. It is simply a spot of an antithetic concept; it’s a taller Ceed hatchback, but the lone assemblage panels it really shares with its sibling are the doors. Even so, it’s overmuch little of a SUV than the Niro, fto unsocial the Sportage.

Despite its somewhat confusing positioning, UK buyers person taken to it and made the XCeed Kia’s 3rd astir fashionable model.

And present Kia has fixed it a facelift – look retired for the new, much ‘technical’ LED lights astatine the beforehand and rear, the revised grille and bumpers and the caller mock diffuser. At the aforesaid time, Kia UK has taken the accidental to rationalise the range. The diesel, the 1.0-litre petrol and the 1.6-litre petrol stay disposable elsewhere, but implicit here, the scope is constricted to conscionable 2 options.

The measurement seller is the 1.5-litre mild-hybrid four-cylinder that replaced the aged 1.4 past year. Its hybridisation is rather mild indeed, due to the fact that it’s determination conscionable to creaseless retired the stop-start strategy and tally the ancillaries portion the motor is off. For the clip being, it comes exclusively with a six-speed manual gearbox, but a seven-speed dual-clutch car is connected the way.

Company car drivers volition beryllium amended served with the plug-in hybrid XCeed, which is unchanged and inactive combines a 1.6-litre motor with an electrical centrifugal and a six-speed dual-clutch gearbox. Its 8.9kWh artillery is bully for 29.8 miles of electrical running, and conscionable 12% of BIK tax. Unusually for a plug-in hybrid, it’s little almighty than the plain petrol model, putting retired conscionable 139bhp – 19bhp little than the 1.5.

The trim levels person had a revamp, too. The hybrid ever comes arsenic a well-equipped ‘3’, portion the petrol retains the accustomed ‘2’ and ‘3’ trim structure, but gains a sportier-looking GT-Line S trim that’s marked retired by immoderate achromatic exterior detailing, much pronounced vents, a chunkier steering instrumentality and a brace of athletics seats.

We reviewed the plug-in hybrid astatine the European motorboat a fewer weeks back, truthful let’s instrumentality a person look astatine the petrol XCeed this time. It astir feels unusual to beryllium driving a brand-new car with a manual gearbox, but the displacement proved an unexpected delight, feeling airy but well-defined, abbreviated and snappy.

That’s a bully thing, due to the fact that you request to enactment it to support the 1.5 connected the boil. It’s amazingly boosty and needs immoderate revs to consciousness its 158bhp. Below 3000rpm it tin consciousness a small spot dead, which besides makes elevation starts harder than they ought to be. Nevertheless, adjacent erstwhile utilizing plentifulness of revs, system successful the debased 40s seemed easy achievable; a decent but unremarkable result.

Aside from that, the updated XCeed feels similar a Kia from a fewer years ago, some successful affirmative and antagonistic ways.

The interior looks a spot plain adjacent to the caller Sportage and Niro, but it’s well-made with soft-touch materials successful the close places, and you can’t reason with the ergonomics: It has each the buttons you could privation for, tons of accommodation successful the driving position, and the sports seats successful the GT-Line S are precise comfortable. The modular items aren’t bad, but the apical trim mightiness good beryllium worthy the upgrade for high-mileage drivers for the seats alone.

As ever with Kia and Hyundai, the infotainment strategy is fantabulous contempt its deficiency of wireless functionality for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. On the practicality side, the XCeed has a large footwear with a moveable floor, and abstraction successful the backmost is reasonably generous for a household hatchback.

Unfortunately, the XCeed doesn’t rather grounds the dynamic polish of Kia’s champion efforts. It rides rather firmly and crashes done potholes. Sticking with the 16in wheels of the little trim levels takes borderline disconnected but isn’t a cure and they marque the car look alternatively under-wheeled. And anyway, astir radical volition privation the other instrumentality of the higher grades.

The XCeed is nary blistery hatch successful the corners either. It steers pleasingly enough, but you don’t get overmuch of a consciousness wherever the grip ends, and it feels a interaction unstable, with the rear extremity feeling softer than the front. When pushed, it tin sloppily lurch sideways connected a trailing throttle earlier the stableness power catches it.

Thankfully, the chassis mostly settles down connected the motorway, and Kia’s assisted driving features consciousness reasonably mature. Annoyingly, unsighted spot monitoring is reserved for the apical trim level, and you can’t person adaptive cruise power connected XCeeds with a manual gearbox.

The refreshed XCeed starts from £23,345 for a 1.5 successful 2 grade. That rises £30,345 for a fully-loaded GT-Line S. The plug-in hybrid is lone disposable successful 1 spec, which costs £32,945. Kia doesn’t bash abstracted options successful the UK, but for a fistful of premium colours similar the alternatively fetching Spirit Green seen successful the photos.

Only a fistful of manufacturers marque a car similar the XCeed, a style-forward crossover that sits betwixt tiny SUVs similar the Skoda Kamiq and mean ones similar the Skoda Karoq. Direct rivals see the Volkswagen T-Roc, Citroen C4, Toyota C-HR and the Cupra Formentor. The second feels similar the much implicit package, but besides a much costly one. Even if you see tiny SUVs, the XCeed offers a batch of worth for money.

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