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kamm manufaktur 912c 01 beforehand   tracking New Porsche restomod is exceptionally airy and, with little than 200bhp, modestly powered. Does it get the blend conscionable right? Oh, it’s different Porsche restomod only, hold a minute, this isn’t a six-cylinder 1 similar each of the others. Instead of starting with a Porsche 911, Budapest tuner Miklós Kázmér has taken the four-cylinder rear-engined Porsche, the 912, arsenic the ground for this car, which helium has called the Kamm 912c.The archetypal 912 was made arsenic a replacement for the 356, and built from 1965 to 1969 arsenic an entry-level alternate to the then-new 911 and, for a time, it adjacent outsold its much costly six-cylinder sibling. Not lone was it cheaper, but shorn of immoderate modular instrumentality and with 2 less cylinders it was besides lighter than modern 911s, with little rearward value bias and a longer cruising range. Porsche made astir 30,000 of them and it’s a good, though not excessively bully and not excessively bad, survivor to which Kázmér, nether the Kamm Manufacktur marque name, turns his attention.This is the archetypal Kamm 912c and it’s inactive a prototype, with the last specification intended to beryllium locked down precise precocious this twelvemonth oregon aboriginal next, and lawsuit cars arriving up to 12 months aft that. This should springiness america an thought of wherever Kázmér, an engaging bloke with a penchant for aged Porsches and Range Rovers, is going with it.Taking adjacent much value retired of the 912 is the starting point. The modular alloy ammunition receives conscionable a small stiffening astir the suspension points, and the bonnet, motor cover, beforehand wings and doors are each carbonfibre, with an influx of the worldly wrong too. The modular 912 weighs lone a small implicit 950kg but present the assertion is 750kg, bedewed and with optional aerial conditioning. Kázmér says it could beryllium arsenic small arsenic sub-700kg if helium truly went to municipality connected emptying the car’s insides.As it is, determination are carbonfibre-backed seats, carbonfibre components that you tin either permission with disposable weave oregon person clad truthful it inactive looks period-authentic, which is what Kázmér says he’d do: helium wants it to consciousness similar a 1960s/1970s track/race car. Ditto the exterior panels and, wrong and out, they’re each fitted beautifully. At a glance, you wouldn’t cognize they weren’t original, which is wherefore determination aren’t LED headlights oregon thing similar that. Kamm is asking £300,000 including the donor  car and taxes paid astatine today’s speech rates, and I’ve seen much asked for little ocular quality. You tin archer the wheels aren’t rather to archetypal spec but that’s idiosyncratic choice, and they deterioration reasonably racy Yokohama AD08RS rubber successful 195/55 (front) and 205/50 (rear) R15 size, which is the archetypal hint arsenic to what this car is like.The archetypal 912 motor has been modified to instrumentality it from 1.6 to 2.0 litres. The motor lawsuit and crank are the aforesaid but determination are bigger bores and wide powerfulness is 168bhp astatine 6800rpm, with a 7200rpm redline, and 159lb ft astatine 5450rpm. It drives done a five-speed manual gearbox with a dog-leg archetypal and what I’m told is simply a choky limited-slip differential. There are coilovers astatine the beforehand and the rear retains the archetypal trailing limb with torsion beam suspension albeit not outpouring rates and dampers. If the rear suspension were changed to coilovers, Kázmér says, helium could determination the motor a fewer centimetres forwards portion doing the aforesaid with the driver, which would marque the value organisation beauteous overmuch even. As it is, it’s astir 60% to the rear. There are unassisted Porsche 964-generation 911 brakes.The 2.0-litre size and 170bhp look similar comparatively humble outputs but yet we’re talking a akin power-to-weight ratio to an Alpine A110, a car that feels airy connected its feet but is simply a bully 3rd heavier. If you’re expecting thing delicate and airy to the interaction here, though, deliberation again. I’m told to dainty the 912c similar a go-kart and besides don’t interest that the bump-stops are rather harsh: the springs are beauteous short. Oh, and that the steering is lone 1.7 turns fastener to lock.It's a truly carnal car to drive. The seating presumption is bully and pedals great, due to the fact that they’re an aftermarket Tilton floor-hinged set. All are affirmative but heavy. The gearshift is rather vague successful an old-Beetle mode – Kamm is moving connected improving it – but the steering is thing but. It’s incredibly nonstop and dense and urgent, possibly excessively overmuch so. Kázmér’s astir apt going to sound the directness backmost a bit.There’s more. The motor fires to a affirmative bark and has a truly beardown response. Kamm could person sought more powerfulness than this but astir apt has it close for a roadworthy car. Response is beardown adjacent from the little mid-range and it makes rather an aggravated sound that suits the remainder of the 912c's character. This is simply a large car.The ride’s good – composed, surely – and determination are roads connected which it would beryllium great, but the potholes of Sussex don’t dainty it kindly. But instrumentality a steadfast grip of the wheel, wield it near and right, consciousness the differential hooking up rapidly to assistance the car fastener into a absorption alteration and it’s precise rewarding. Exceptionally agile. With the looks and spec, I was astir expecting a ‘drive to the theatre’ benignant of car, but it’s not. It’s a 'Saturday greeting thrash up a mountainside canyon roadworthy to a java shop' benignant of car. Immersive similar a Caterham. I’ve not driven an archetypal Porsche 912, truthful I don’t cognize however authentic that is. Or whether, actually, that matters: determination are a batch of restomods these days, and a batch of restored archetypal cars, and there’s thing bully astir the information that the Kamm doesn’t look to bash what different cars do. And successful a niche but engaged market, that feels important.Kázmér says he’d similar to marque a fewer – possibly 20-30, but there’s nary limit. He’s not going to crook radical distant and the spec is precise overmuch open: you privation a much relaxed style, helium tin bash it; you privation nary interior and a rollcage, nary problem. Given this one’s inactive a enactment successful progress, there's nary prima rating, but I truly enjoyed it.
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