Is This Lamborghini Sian Really Worth Ten Times More Than An Aventador?

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Few carmakers are arsenic bully arsenic Lamborghini erstwhile it comes to launching limited-run and one-off versions of existing models. Take the Sian FKP 37, for example.

The Sian FKP 37 is based astir the Aventador SVJ, an fantabulous starting point. It benefits from distinctive bodywork and its interior has besides been tweaked. Lamborghini past equipped the 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 with a hybrid strategy consisting of an electrical centrifugal and a tiny supercapacitor, resulting successful a combined 808 hp.

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When it launched, the Sian had a starting terms of astir $3.7 million. We precocious came crossed this lightly-used illustration being offered for merchantability done Lamborghini Palm Beach with an asking terms of $3,279,951. To enactment that into perspective, it is astir 10 times the terms of a utilized Aventador from 2015 oregon 2016. Is it worthy it?

 Is This Lamborghini Sian Really Worth Ten Times More Than An Aventador?

The archetypal proprietor of the car ordered it successful a comparatively elemental shadiness of orangish that’s not rather arsenic analyzable arsenic immoderate of the overgarment jobs we’ve seen adorning different Sian models. Contrasting the orangish overgarment is c fibre crossed the motor screen and rear decklid. Carbon fibre tin besides beryllium recovered successful the beforehand fascia, broadside skirts, the broadside aerial intakes, and the rear diffuser.

Found successful the compartment of the peculiar variation supercar are plentifulness of achromatic and orangish leather components.

The listing reveals that the car has been driven conscionable 478 miles (769 km), meaning it is arsenic bully arsenic marque new, yet comes astatine a $500,000 discount from erstwhile it was new. Even still, we’d astir apt instrumentality 10 Aventadors implicit it.

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