Instant IHG One Rewards Top-Tier Diamond Elite Status!

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IHG precocious relaunched their loyalty program successful the signifier of IHG One Rewards, and IHG has been looking to summation involvement successful the program. As a archetypal measurement earlier this year, IHG offered a status challenge to their 2 highest elite tiers.

There is present an accidental to instantly registry for top-tier IHG Diamond Elite status for free, with nary challenges oregon different strings attached.

Register for IHG Diamond Elite Status

On 1 circumstantial IHG One Rewards Club Offer Registration page, you tin capable successful either the email code oregon subordinate fig attached to your IHG relationship and instantly gain Diamond Elite status. The wording attached to this connection is “the breathtaking IHG One Rewards Club Promotion”, suggesting that this is simply a impermanent connection by IHG.

There’s nary request for immoderate stays, oregon to beryllium an elite subordinate with immoderate different loyalty program. Rather, it’s a elemental upgrade to Diamond Elite, and not a presumption lucifer oregon presumption situation by immoderate means.

Personally, I was capable to participate my subordinate fig and received an email a infinitesimal aboriginal confirming my caller Diamond Elite status. Upon clicking into my account, Diamond Elite presumption is already reflected.

The Diamond Elite presumption is acceptable to expire December 31, 2022. If you implicit 10 paid stays with IHG properties earlier the extremity of the year, your Diamond presumption volition beryllium extended done to December 31, 2023.

A Potential Caveat

This promotion comes with the pursuing circumstantial language:

Many offers are lone disposable to IHG One Rewards Club members who person a specific, targeted connection from IHG.

While the connection specifies that many offers are targeted to circumstantial IHG One Rewards members, it doesn’t accidental that this peculiar connection is.

Having said that, it’s ever imaginable that IHG could renege connected a precise generous connection for instant Diamond Elite status, and we’ve seen loyalty programs behave this mode successful the past. Take this anticipation into relationship if you’re readying upcoming IHG stays based connected your IHG Diamond presumption earned done this promotion.

Perks of IHG Diamond Status

IHG One Rewards Diamond presumption typically requires staying 70 nights per year, and comes with a decent acceptable of perks, including:

  • Complimentary regular blistery meal for up to 2 guests
  • Suite upgrades to a modular oregon premium suite connected a space-available basis
  • Early check-in and precocious check-out, taxable to availability

Suite upgrades and meal are the astir notable benefits, but it is disappointing that precocious check-out is taxable to availability astatine the hotel’s discretion. 

It’s wide that the IHG One Rewards programme is much in-line with Hilton Honors than Marriott Bonvoy oregon World of Hyatt, which means determination is inactive a ways to spell successful presumption of offering competitory benefits.

That being said, Diamond presumption is presently being fixed to each members instantly and free, and there’s nary crushed to walk connected the opportunity. If you clasp a Chase IHG Rewards Premier Card, you’ll adjacent person entree to an Anniversary Free Night every year, and your newly-minted Diamond presumption could spell rather a ways successful making your enactment much memorable.

InterContinental Hanoi Westlake


IHG One Rewards has a landing page wherever anyone tin participate their subordinate fig and person instant top-tier Diamond Elite presumption until the extremity of the year. This benignant of accidental is virtually unheard of among edifice loyalty programs.

Diamond presumption comes with suite upgrades and escaped breakfast, arsenic good arsenic aboriginal check-in and late-checkout (subject to availability). This is simply a decent acceptable of perks for a fewer minutes of your clip to motion up for an IHG fig and registry for this promotion.

Given the easiness of registering for the offer, everyone should instrumentality vantage of it, adjacent if you don’t person IHG stays coming up. After all, you ne'er cognize if you mightiness find yourself heading to a destination with a beardown IHG footprint and an accidental to leverage your newfound top-tier presumption perks.

The station Instant IHG One Rewards Top-Tier Diamond Elite Status! appeared archetypal connected Prince of Travel by Ricky Zhang.

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