If You Always Wanted A Giant Ford Bronco Then This Is As Close As It Gets

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Remember the insane MegaBronc unveiled by MegaRexx successful precocious 2021? Well, 1 of these behemoths has conscionable appeared for merchantability connected eBay with a Buy It Now terms of $169,950.

Despite what the sanction of the motortruck whitethorn suggest, it is not based connected a Ford Bronco. Instead, it started retired beingness arsenic a 2021 F-250 Super Duty Crew Cab Lariat and has a beforehand fascia inspired by that of the Bronco – though the proportions are a small out-of-wack.

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Adorning the exterior of the motortruck is simply a peculiar shadiness dubbed Lithium Gray and it sits connected a acceptable of achromatic 20-inch wheels wrapped successful 40-inch off-road tires. MegaRexx has besides fitted it with 4.5-inch Icon progressive beforehand coil springs and 5-inch multi-leaf rear springs to jack up the thrust height. It besides features caller rear outpouring bump spots, stronger and longer radius arms, King reservoir shocks, Icon dual steering stabilizers, and Icon adjustable way bars. It is besides rocking Dana 60 axles.

Other changes made to the exterior of the truck see the fitment of a 20-inch LED airy bar, flared fenders, and a removable fiberglass canopy.

MegaRexx’s changes proceed into the compartment of the motortruck and see Ebony Black micro-perforated leather, adding to the modular heated and cooled seats, powerfulness panoramic sunroof, heated steering wheel, keyless introduction with distant start, and rearview camera. Found successful the 2nd enactment are leather bucket seats portion the third-row seats person been lifted from the Ford Expedition.

The seller notes that the insane motortruck has lone been driven 448 miles (721 km) and is equipped with the modular 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8, pumping retired 475 hp and 1,050 lb-ft (1,424 Nm) of torque. This motor is coupled to a ten-speed automatic transmission powering each 4 wheels.

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