Hyatt Amex US Offer: Spend $500, Get $100 at Canadian Hotels

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A new Amex Offer has appeared connected US-issued American Express cards that allows you to gain a $100 (USD) connection recognition upon spending $500 (USD) by utilizing your American Express cards astatine Hyatt hotels successful Canada. The connection is valid for stays done to May 15, 2023.

For anyone who dabbles successful US recognition cards, this is simply a large mode to people a meaningful discount astatine a Canadian Hyatt edifice implicit the outpouring months. Depending connected wherever you stay, it tin besides assistance you suffice for oregon clasp top-tier Hyatt Globalist status.

Canadian Hyatt Hotels: Spend $500, Get $100

With this Amex Offer, you’ll gain a one-time $100 (USD) connection recognition upon spending $500 (USD) aft taxes astatine participating Hyatt hotels. The promotion is constricted to Canadian properties, and your enactment indispensable beryllium booked straight with Hyatt successful bid to qualify.

Hyatt has a decent enactment nationwide, with 19 properties successful full that are mostly concentrated successful large metropolitan centres, on with a fewer properties successful British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley.

The connection besides works connected cumulative purchases that full $500 (USD) oregon more, truthful there’s nary request to conscionable the minimum spending request successful a azygous purchase.

The connection ends on May 15, 2023, and has a registration cap, truthful it’s champion to registry arsenic soon arsenic imaginable to unafraid your eligibility. 

We’ve seen this connection popular up crossed a wide scope of American Express US cards, including the Platinum Card and the Gold Card. If you’re playing the crippled successful two-player mode oregon more, beryllium definite to cheque each individual’s cards to spot whether the connection is disposable and registry accordingly.

Save 20% connected Hyatt Hotel Stays This Spring

This connection tin beryllium an casual mode to prevention wealth if you person immoderate Hyatt edifice stays planned betwixt present and May, particularly if you’re utilizing your outpouring travels to renew your Globalist status for adjacent year.

By making a acquisition of precisely $500 (USD), you’d efficaciously unlock a 20% discount connected your acquisition via the $100 (USD) connection credit.

Since the connection recognition volition beryllium applied connected the Amex side, you tin harvester it with different ongoing property-specific deals oregon money-saving tactics. 

For example, to enactment aggregate Amex Offers from some sides of the borderline towards bully usage connected the aforesaid Hyatt stay, support successful caput that you tin redeem discounted Oxford Properties acquisition cards at the Park Hyatt Toronto.

Get up to 20% disconnected astatine the Park Hyatt Toronto with this offer

However, enactment that you tin wage for your enactment utilizing an existing acquisition paper and your recognition paper with the Hyatt Amex US Offer connected it – but not simultaneously.

Therefore, it’s champion to usage the Hyatt Amex US Offer to wage for a $500 (USD) chunk of the edifice measure first, since it’s a limited-time deal, earlier utilizing up your Oxford Properties acquisition card, which has nary expiry date.

Oxford Properties Amex Offer: Spend $400, Get $40

Enhance Your Stay with Hyatt Privé

If you don’t hap to person Hyatt Globalist status, oregon adjacent if you bash but you’d similar to further elevate your stay, beryllium definite to get successful interaction with america to publication your enactment done Hyatt Privé, a preferred spouse program. By doing so, you’ll person a suite of further benefits during your enactment astatine nary further cost.

In Canada, your options are comparatively limited, and Privé rates are lone disposable astatine the Park Hyatt Toronto, the Andaz Ottawa ByWard Market, and the Hyatt Regency Calgary. However, if you person an upcoming enactment astatine 1 of these properties, beryllium definite to get successful interaction for a quote.

The Hyatt Privé complaint is the aforesaid arsenic the champion disposable flexible rate, which tin beryllium higher than prepaid rates, subordinate rates, firm rates, oregon different rates that you whitethorn person exclusive entree to. 

You’ll privation to measurement up the savings you against what you basal to summation done Hyatt Privé to marque definite you’re getting the champion deal. In either event, beryllium definite to instrumentality vantage of this Amex US Offer to people up to 20% disconnected of your stay.


The latest Amex US Offer allows eligible cardholders to gain a $100 (USD) connection recognition upon spending a minimum of $500 (USD) connected cumulative purchases astatine Hyatt properties successful Canada this wintertime and spring.

Not each American Express paper is targeted for this offer, truthful beryllium definite to cheque each of your cards to spot if the promotion shows up.

Keep successful caput that determination is simply a registration cap, truthful it’s champion to registry arsenic soon arsenic possible, and past program your Hyatt stays this outpouring through May 15, 2023.

The station Hyatt Amex US Offer: Spend $500, Get $100 astatine Canadian Hotels appeared archetypal connected Prince of Travel by Ricky Zhang.

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