HW+ Member Spotlight: Vicki Brown

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This week’s HW+ member spotlight features Vicki Brown, enforcement vice president of Client Relations astatine LoanCare.

HW Media: What is your existent favourite HW+ nonfiction and why?

Vicki Brown: I emotion to work astir opportunities to heighten the lawsuit acquisition due to the fact that that’s truly what our concern is about, supporting customers passim their location ownership journey.  From originations to servicing, we are determination to enactment our customers and that is what makes the owe manufacture special. 

HW Media: What is the champion portion of proposal you’ve ever received?

Vicki Brown:  When I archetypal started successful the owe business, I was precise young and was learning the business.  At the time, I would often get stressed retired erstwhile I did thing wrong. I had the astir astonishing mentor astatine the clip who told maine to inquire myself, “Will this substance tomorrow, adjacent week, oregon successful a month?” In elemental terms, bash your best, ain it, larn from your mistakes, and determination forward.  And ever dainty everyone with respect on the way.

HW Media: If you could prime a antithetic vocation path, what would it be?

Vicki Brown:  I would take a vocation successful carnal welfare. I would possibly go a veterinarian oregon ain and tally an carnal shelter. I presently person 2 structure dogs that I adopted: Trey – a 3-legged Pitbull who is 15 years old; and Rosie – a 5-year-old Foxhound premix who had ne'er lived successful a location before. Rosie ever lived extracurricular and was connected the euthanasia list. I someway thought to myself she would beryllium truthful grateful, that she would beryllium good. Jokes connected me!

HW Media: When bash you consciousness palmy successful your job? 

Vicki Brown: The aha infinitesimal happens erstwhile a caller approach, merchandise thought oregon work enhancement results from a operation of insight, expertise, and experiences that lone a existent collaboration betwixt concern partners and squad members tin achieve. Connecting with radical is the astir important portion of immoderate narration — particularly successful our business.

HW Media: What bash you deliberation volition beryllium the large themes for the lodging marketplace successful 2022?

Vicki Brown: The alteration successful the marketplace aft the pandemic has been challenging for lenders. With involvement rates and the outgo of servicing going up, radical crossed the manufacture are truly trying to go much businesslike by utilizing exertion and analytics to thrust their business, optimize services and make enhanced solutions for customers and lenders.

For us, this means continuing to absorption connected our proprietary information analytics level which offers the astir transparency disposable connected servicing operations and metrics to assistance concern partners foretell accidental and hazard crossed their portfolio utilizing data-driven insight. It besides means providing the work and exertion that supports the pivot successful merchandise needs for our clients and giving their customers the work they expect today.

We’ve been servicing HELOCs, including open-ended, 2nd liens, operation loans and nonaccomplishment mitigation solutions for years. We’re present to assistance enactment those capabilities arsenic good arsenic caller programs efficaciously and efficiently.

HW Media: What keeps you up astatine nighttime and why?

Vicki Brown:  As the person of our subservicing relationships, I americium ever focused connected our partnerships. There are galore options for lenders contiguous and providing a transparent solution is captious to immoderate palmy relationship. 

Keeping our clients abreast of the ever-changing regulatory situation and offering large service, originative lawsuit support, and exertion solutions to guarantee their occurrence is what I continually deliberation about. It is the astir important facet of our business.   

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