How To Start A Meaningful Art Collection (Told To Us By A Pro)

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One of the best, astir undisputed facts astir creation is that it is highly personal. What you like, dislike, and find emotionally oregon spiritually stimulating is wholly up to you. Even erstwhile monetary worth is placed connected art, it is inactive up to the idiosyncratic to determine whether they admit it oregon not. A portion could beryllium worthy 1 cardinal dollars but that doesn’t mean I oregon you person to similar it. Perhaps this is wherefore the creation satellite tin consciousness polarizing, overwhelming, and adjacent intimidating. There are nary acceptable rules for buying creation that is meaningful truthful it tin consciousness debilitating to start. So however does 1 navigate specified unfamiliar territory??

Enter Liz Lidgett, an creation advisor and assemblage proprietor who represents 50+ artists from astir the world. With 10+ years nether her belt, she has a refreshing cognition toward creation and emphasizes an approachable, non-pretentious acquisition for clients. After being introduced to her work, I was pleased she was consenting to reply the rudimentary questions I person astir buying art. Of course, she shared sage penetration with maine that I could not, successful bully conscience, support to myself. If you person ever wondered however to commencement gathering your ain creation postulation that is meaningful and personal, this station is for you. Let’s get into it.

design by scott horne | styled by emily henderson, velinda hellen, & erik kenneth staalberg | photograph by sara ligorria-tramp

Can you springiness america a little inheritance connected however you became an creation advisor/gallery owner?

For arsenic agelong arsenic I tin remember, I person loved creation and being astir art. As years went on, I realized I could crook my passionateness into a career. After surviving successful Los Angeles for a fewer years and receiving my Masters from USC, I moved backmost to Des Moines, Iowa, wherever I grew up. The Midwest creation country was and inactive is changing truthful overmuch and I wanted to beryllium a portion of that shift. I worked arsenic an in-house firm curator for an astonishing collection, but genuinely loved helping radical commencement their collections. That’s erstwhile I started my ain creation advisory institution and aft 7 years of that, I opened Liz Lidgett Gallery 3 years ago. Each measurement has been an important portion of the travel to get maine person to my “why”. I judge creation is for everyone and owning a assemblage that helps clients find their cleanable portion of creation for their style, space, oregon fund is simply a imagination travel true.

What proposal would you springiness idiosyncratic who feels intimidated by art?

The creation satellite tin consciousness truthful intimidating but I impulse you to support looking for what feels close for you. Find a assemblage that makes creation accessible oregon find an creator whose enactment truly speaks to you. The creation satellite is for you— you conscionable person to support looking for the close unfastened doors to measurement successful and research each determination is to offer. When idiosyncratic is opening a collection, my archetypal portion of proposal is to beryllium intentional astir looking astatine a batch of art. I emotion to urge a amusive day nighttime with your spouse oregon person and ideate that you person an unlimited budget. Pretend you person to prime 1 oregon 2 pieces successful the depository to spell location with that nighttime — what would you take and why? If you tin articulate what you similar astir those pieces, that volition get you a measurement person to knowing your benignant and what your archetypal acquisition should be. 

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: living country update

Are determination immoderate Dos and Don’ts erstwhile it comes to collecting art?

The DO that matters astir is: Buy what you love. Don’t interest astir whether the artwork volition “go” with your decor oregon if anyone different than you likes it too. You privation to unrecorded astir pieces that you privation to walk clip with and that marque you consciousness good. With that successful mind, present are immoderate different dos and don’ts:

DO Get to cognize the creator and their method for a amended understanding.

DO Know your fund and wherever you’d similar the portion to go. Have a photograph and dimensions of the partition portion you’re shopping.

DO Confirm and see the shipping terms arsenic a portion of your budget. Shipping for artwork tin beryllium costly truthful beryllium definite to inquire for that earlier you acquisition if you are going to ship.

DO Keep a record with accusation connected the creator oregon assemblage and a receipt. 

DON’T ask for a ample discount oregon effort to chopped retired the gallery. All creatives merit to beryllium paid for their enactment and pricing wrong smaller galleries doesn’t person overmuch country to negotiate. 

DON’T hide to adhd your caller artwork acquisition to your location insurance. You tin nonstop the invoice consecutive to your security supplier to person it added.

photo by tessa neustadt | from: my location circuit from bully housekeeping

What are immoderate ways people can spot worthwhile investments?

At the hazard of sounding similar a breached record, bargain creation you love, not due to the fact that you deliberation you’ll beryllium capable to marque wealth connected it aboriginal on. However, I do, of course, privation you to bargain artwork that volition astatine the precise slightest clasp its value. With that successful mind, inquire the assemblage you’re moving with astir the artist’s career. Have their prices gone up consistently twelvemonth implicit year? How prolific are they? If the creator is further on successful their career, you tin besides inquire astir immoderate imaginable collaborations with brands oregon upcoming shows that whitethorn rise their notoriety.  

Do you have any tips for mixing and matching antithetic styles of art?

I deliberation 1 of the champion ways to premix and lucifer antithetic styles is by being cohesive with the framing. If, for example, you are creating a ample assemblage partition with aggregate styles oregon artists represented, past keeping the framing wrong 3 types of akin framing helps to support things cohesive. Additionally, I often similar to enactment respective antithetic styles successful 1 room, but I effort to support it wrong 1 colour communicative for example. My regularisation is that they should person thing successful communal whether that’s colour story, framing, style, oregon subject. 

design by jess bunge for ehd | styling by emily bowser | photograph by sara ligorria-tramp | from: jess’ surviving country reveal

What is your proposal connected however to physique an creation postulation that is idiosyncratic and meaningful?

Oh no, I americium going to accidental it again — bargain what you love! But also, deliberation astir buying creation to people definite occasions similar a wedding, a caller job, oregon a commencement of a child. Think of bringing backmost artwork from an astonishing travel you ne'er privation to hide oregon from an creator you had a peculiar transportation with. Buy creation that makes you deliberation of fantastic things and that you emotion being around. 

design by velinda hellen design | styled by emily bowser | photograph by sara ligorria-tramp | from: velinda’s archetypal lawsuit reveal

Do you person a #1 extremity for gathering a lasting creation collection?

I won’t accidental it again but here’s different tip: Don’t beryllium acrophobic to inquire questions and person conversations. Everyone deserves to beryllium treated with respect and welcomed into the creation world. If you are moving with a assemblage oregon an creator that doesn’t dainty you with the respect you merit – determination on. There are truthful galore galleries that would emotion the accidental to enactment with you and are fantastic to enactment with. I opened my assemblage 3 years agone due to the fact that I believed (and inactive believe) that some artists and clients merit the best. The creation satellite is simply a joyful, beauteous spot to beryllium a portion of and I judge everyone deserves to acquisition that!

Big acknowledgment to Liz for imparting her contented and expertise to us. Be definite to follow her and cheque retired her store here.

Opener Image Credit: Art Direction by Emily Henderson | Design and styling assistance by Emily Bowser and Julie Rose | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

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