How to Sail with a Cat (The Ultimate Guide)

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If you’ve ever wondered however to sail with a cat, oregon if it’s adjacent possible, past you’re successful the close place. Because contiguous we’re going to reply the how, what and wherefore of sailing with your kitty!

We emotion taking Yoda retired connected each sorts of adventures.

We tin amusement him the satellite and springiness him a “once successful a 9 lives” experience, helping to build his assurance and curiosity, arsenic good arsenic getting to walk much time unneurotic arsenic a family

While cats aren’t typically known for their emotion of water, a travel implicit the waves from the comfortableness and information of a sailboat tin beryllium a brilliant bonding experience for feline and favored genitor alike.

Whether you are a seasoned sailor, intermediate level oregon thing of a beginner, if you’re looking to instrumentality your feline person retired connected the h2o this is for you.

We person a fewer useful tips to thatch you how to sail with a cat and to guarantee the safest and astir fulfilling travel for you and your cat.

What tin you expect from this blog? We’re gladsome you asked!

How to Sail with a Cat – Key Takeaways

  • The indispensable need-to-knows astir sailing with a cat. Including: clicker grooming your cat, acclimating your feline to being onboard, researching marina rules and regulations and more.
  • What you’ll request to instrumentality with you to support your feline calm and comfy onboard. Such as: nutrient and water, toys, treats, feline crates oregon carriers, a closed litter tray, feline beingness overgarment and harness, a favored passport and more.
  • How to support your feline harmless whilst astatine sea — similar investing successful a net, hook oregon installing a ladder connected the broadside of your boat. And what to bash during cooler oregon hotter temperatures.
  • Ensure your feline is not distressed, upset or astatine risk. Adjust oregon shorten your travel if they are presenting with accent behaviors. 
How to sail with a cat

Sailing With a Cat – The Essentials

Training your feline for vessel travel

Before taking your feline onboard a boat, it’s important that they’ve reached a good level of training

They should beryllium capable to recognise your dependable and their ain name, meaning you tin call them back to information should you tally into danger.

To summation the effectiveness of your kitty’s training, you could instrumentality clicker training for your cat. This volition assistance to physique connected their skills and bully behaviors, done the usage of a tiny clicker instrumentality and affirmative reinforcement.

By rewarding bully behaviors, your feline volition larn to subordinate the required behaviour with a affirmative outcome. The extremity is that they volition past beryllium much inclined to maintain these bully behaviors.

🐾 Check retired this clicker grooming kit to get you started.

Keeping your feline harmless connected unfastened waters

Your cat’s safety is the fig 1 priority whilst onboard and particularly erstwhile retired connected unfastened water

We’ll screen the basal information measures aboriginal successful this article, but a bully spot to commencement is to acquisition an appropriate harness and beingness jacket for your cat. As good arsenic getting clasp of a long nett and hook that you tin usage to scoop your feline up, should they autumn into the water.

It’s besides important to ensure that your feline tin swim

Cats don’t peculiarly similar oregon bask being successful the water, but swimming is simply a indispensable accomplishment they indispensable person successful bid to keep themselves harmless if they find themselves overboard.

Here’s however to teach your feline to swim.

Don’t dive successful excessively quickly 

It’s captious to gradually acclimate your feline to onboard life.

Allow them to get utilized to the vessel portion it’s stationary. Give them the accidental to larn the smells and sounds and caller sensations that travel with being successful a caller environment. 

You privation your feline to associate the vessel with safety, truthful gathering up their assurance and comfortableness successful this abstraction is the archetypal measurement to sailing with your cat.

Once you consciousness your feline is utilized to the vessel environment, you mightiness effort short trips out. This volition springiness you the accidental to gauge however your kitty reacts and set accordingly. 

Should this process spell swimmingly (pardon the pun) you tin start to lengthen journeys. Regularly instrumentality your feline retired truthful that being onboard begins to consciousness similar 2nd quality to them.

In nary clip astatine all, your kitty should beryllium mounting sail with you connected each sorts of chaotic adventures. The champion archetypal mate anyone could inquire for!

Know the rules and regulations

There volition beryllium varying favored policies depending connected the marina you moor in. 

So erstwhile readying your journey, make definite that your halt points let for pets. Also, marque definite to probe facilities for cat litter and discarded disposal and due drinkable h2o sources to refill your supplies if needed.

Sailing with a cat

What You’ll Need to Go Sailing with Your Cat

Food and water

This 1 goes without saying truly – you gotta battalion the close snacks! 

Make definite you person a coagulated proviso of nutrient and h2o for some your feline and yourself. Always pack much than you deliberation you’ll request in lawsuit of emergencies. It’s the fig 1 mode to support a choky and blessed ship. 

Your feline whitethorn person assorted digestive sensitivities, and vessel question is known for causing digestive disruption (hello, oversea sickness!) So take a fewer nutrient options for your cat to screen immoderate authorities their tummy is successful whilst astatine sea.

Consider investing successful a sensitive tummy feline food if you cognize your kitty is simply a small much delicate.

Toys and treats

On calmer days, your feline whitethorn request a small extra stimulation. Bring a tiny enactment of fun toys and tasty treats, to assistance support your feline entertained erstwhile determination isn’t overmuch going on.

Many radical find scratching boards oregon posts to beryllium large feline toys to instrumentality connected board.

These volition support your kitty stimulated and entertained whilst besides having a calming effect.

They can besides assistance to comfortableness your cat, if they’re feeling a small anxious on the journey.


Making definite your feline is comfortable successful this new, and astatine times unpredictable, situation is different apical precedence arsenic a favored parent. 

Some of the best ways to supply comfortableness for your feline whilst sailing include:

  • Setting up a feline crate oregon carrier. This volition enactment arsenic a cozy and acquainted harmless abstraction that your feline tin retreat to if they go anxious oregon overstimulated. Read much for our apical recommendations connected portable feline carriers.
  • Taking immoderate calming feline treats, catnip toys oregon pheromone sprays to assistance make a calmer situation for your feline onboard.
  • Packing due medicine and calming aids. Sailing tin origin sickness and unease for some cats and humans alike. Talk to your vet earlier sailing with your feline to guarantee you are equipped with the indispensable medicine, archetypal aid, vaccinations and treatments truthful that your kitty is successful vessel signifier earlier mounting off.
  • Creating a calm abstraction successful which a feline tin bash their toileting business connected the vessel is ace important. We’d suggest a closed litter tray similar this one to debar unwanted messes oregon discomfort for some you and your feline whilst sharing the onboard space.


Things tin get chilly retired astatine sea. And conscionable due to the fact that astir cats person a furniture of fur — this doesn’t mean that they won’t get cold. 

Be definite to instrumentality plentifulness of blankets and adjacent cat sweaters (if your feline tolerates wearing them, of course!) to support your feline lukewarm and snuggly connected the colder days and nights. 

The oversea aerial tin beryllium peculiarly chilly. And connected the flip side, during hotter days wherever the sun reflects disconnected the water, things tin vigor up beauteous quickly.

Be prepared for a assortment of upwind and temperatures erstwhile retired connected the water.

Harness and beingness jacket

Finding an appropriate harness, leash and beingness jacket for your feline is 1 of the astir important requirements earlier taking your feline retired connected a boat. 

The unfastened h2o poses each sorts of dangers and challenges, truthful take every precaution to support your feline safe. Being over-cautious whitethorn prevention your cat’s life, and arsenic the saying goes — it’s amended to beryllium harmless than sorry. 

Don’t permission your feline unattended astatine immoderate constituent and marque definite to support them wide from the sides of your vessel. 

Pet passports and question documentation

If you are readying a somewhat longer escapade and mean to cross planetary waters, marque definite you person appropriate question documentation for some yourself and your cat. 

There are different rules astir bringing animals into different countries. This means you’ll request to research the rules of entry earlier you acceptable sail, to debar being turned away.

Cat onboard sailing

Cat Sailing Safety Onboard

Water safety

As we’ve antecedently mentioned, it’s important to put in 

  • A due cat beingness jacket (complete with handles to let for your favored to beryllium carried oregon hooked retired of the water)
  • Cat harness (appropriately fitted, truthful it won’t gaffe off, and a agleam colour for greater visibility)
  • Leash (made of durable, bully prime material. Like this one)

These are the champion precautions to instrumentality to guarantee the information and information of your feline erstwhile onboard.

Cat beingness jackets are somewhat little fashionable than canine beingness jackets, but we would urge checking retired the pursuing brands successful XS sizes for your kitty:

For harness recommendations, instrumentality a look astatine our nonfiction connected The 5 Best Cat Harnesses For Adventurous Felines here.

Nets, hooks and ladders

Should your feline accidentally autumn overboard, you’ll request thing to retrieve them. 

Cats can’t clasp onto rescue hoops oregon inflatables, and truthful we’d urge purchasing a long nett strong capable to scoop up your feline and bring them to safety. Something similar this animal seizure net.

A pole hook is besides an fantabulous option, arsenic you tin hook onto the handles of your cat’s beingness overgarment and harness to propulsion them backmost onboard. Make definite the rod hook is extendable and tin clasp a dense weight, similar this one.

It’s besides a bully thought to attach a ladder implicit the broadside of your boat. This gives your feline the enactment to drawback connected and ascent backmost onboard if they are able.

Secure objects that could autumn connected your cat 

Boats are known for rocking with the waves, and with this comes the risk of objects falling on your cat, trapping them oregon causing wounded and distress

Correctly unafraid each pieces of furnishings and objects successful place, to debar at-sea accidents. 

Health and hygiene

Keeping up with the hygiene of your boat, peculiarly erstwhile surviving with an animal, is paramount. 

Regularly clean the space and remove hair, sanitize surfaces and correctly dispose of litter and waste. This volition assistance to guarantee some you and your fur babe stay successful highest wellness for your journey.

Ventilation and onboard somesthesia control 

As we’ve mentioned above, things tin tally precise blistery and acold erstwhile retired astatine sea. Strong winds and rainstorms tin marque temperatures plummet, portion the day sun tin bespeak disconnected the water and get everyone beauteous blistery nether the collar. 

Ensure your vessel has appropriate ventilation for the hotter temperatures to support your feline comfy and reduce the wellness risks posed by utmost heat.

Likewise, a bully proviso of blankets and plentifulness of kitty snuggles volition support some you and your feline lukewarm and cozy during those cooler temps.

Health warnings to look retired for 

It’s important to support an oculus connected your feline passim the travel and to adjust the way and magnitude of the travel accordingly. Especially if it becomes evident that your feline is successful distress

If they look retired of character, contiguous with stress responses and behaviors, become ill oregon commencement presenting with physical symptoms that summation successful severity, find the nearest halt constituent and seek aesculapian attention.

Sailing with a cat

How to Sail With a Cat – The Conclusion

To summarize, with the due mentation and planning, it’s imaginable to sail with a cat… and person amusive doing so! 

Here’s the cardinal points to takeaway from this article:

  • Train your cat verbally oregon with clicker training. This means your feline is more apt to perceive to you erstwhile retired traveling successful caller environments.
  • Acclimate your feline to onboard life. Start dilatory and let them to explore the stationary boat. When you’re assured that they’re blessed you tin build up to longer and longer journeys.
  • Pack each the essentials: food, water, toys, treats, location comforts, toilet facilities, medicine and hygiene products…if you deliberation you mightiness request it erstwhile retired connected the water, battalion it!
  • Things tin get precarious retired astatine sea, truthful instrumentality each the appropriate information measures for you and your kitty.
  • Life jackets, harness and leash, nets and rod hooks and ladders are each fantabulous safety precautions to support your fur babe comfy and protected.

The bottommost enactment is this…

As agelong arsenic your feline is harmless and blessed to beryllium onboard, sailing tin beryllium a beauteous bonding acquisition for you and your cat. It tin besides marque for an highly refreshing and restorative adventure.

What ways bash you support your feline blessed and harmless erstwhile sailing? We privation to know! ⛵

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