How To Find Great Vintage Lamps (7 Hot Tips and 9 EHD-Approved Online Shops)

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A fewer weeks ago, a remark from Elizabeth, a reader, caught my eye: “I cognize that the lamp is vintage but tin you delight station places I tin find lamps similar this oregon amusive vintage lamps? Thanks.” She was referring to the saccharine vintage lamp successful Em’s laundry room, but it got my wheels turning due to the fact that Y’ALL. YOUR GIRL LOVES VINTAGE LAMPS. I adore the property and quirk they adhd to a space, and person recovered them to beryllium a truly effectual and affordable mode to majorly alteration the look and consciousness of a country connected a budget. I’d hereby similar to contiguous my existent 5 favourite vintage lamps – 2 that you’ve seen earlier successful reveals, and 3 caller (to the EHD world, astatine least) pieces…

To that end, contiguous I wanted to item a fewer of my favourite sourcing tips successful summation to 9 Etsy shops that I emotion (and tin vouch for, too). My sensation successful lamps whitethorn beryllium a spot antithetic than yours (understandable), but I anticipation that this small postulation of tips and of a fewer shops to cheque retired tin airy the mode for you (see what I did there?!). Let’s commencement with the tips, yeah?

photo by kaitlin green | from: the essentials we needed from the farmhouse – each from people (+ an breathtaking announcement!)

Learn What You Like

Ah, yes – it’s your nonmigratory breached grounds here, reporting for duty! Spend an hr oregon 2 cruising the listings connected Chairish oregon 1stDibs and favourite immoderate lamps that onslaught your fancy. Take announcement of the connection utilized to picture them – are you drawn to a definite designer? An era? A shape? A finish? (Weird lamps shaped similar animals, maybe?) Use that accusation to pass the remainder of your hunt. Google Lens is simply a large instrumentality for Chrome users, excessively – effort right-clicking an image, hitting “Search Image with Google Lens,” and adjusting the harvest country to exclusively item the lamp successful question. Google Lens volition supply arsenic overmuch accusation arsenic imaginable – akin lamps for sale, representation matches (so you tin spot the portion successful different homes), and more. It’s a large mode to hone successful connected your taste!

Look Past The Photo

There’s nary beating astir the bush: astir listing photos for vintage lamps are off-putting astatine best. And portion it’s casual for maine to look past the lampshade – I cognize that’s an casual swap! – I find that astir folks get caught up connected the aesthetics of the existent lamp socket (you know, the elephantine overbearing metallic portion that is front-and-center connected astir vintage listings). Mentally chop that portion disconnected and conscionable analyse the basal – could you spot that lamp surviving successful immoderate of your Pinned images oregon bookmarked inspiration shots? If so, you whitethorn person recovered a winner.

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: living country update – again

Search By Style Or Era

The atrocious news: determination are astir 150,000 vintage lamp listings connected Etsy. Conversely, the bully news: determination are 150,000 lamps for you to autumn successful emotion with connected Etsy!!! To constrictive things down, effort searching by decennary (I personally instrumentality with the 1950s-1970s – truthful “1970s vintage lamp” is simply a large spot to start) oregon by wide benignant (“Postmodern” oregon “Space Age” were my erstwhile go-to styles, but I’ve precocious go a “Palm Beach Regency” benignant of gal).

design by melanie burstin | photograph by tessa neustadt | from: mel’s moto reveal

Search By Shape Or Motif

Get originative here! Sure, you tin hunt for classical shapes, similar ginger jars, but consciousness escaped to get truly weird and prescriptive with it, too. I recovered my beloved 1950s poodle-shaped lamp by searching “vintage poodle lamp” (I cognize – groundbreaking worldly here, guys), but determination are a ton of truly unsocial options retired there. If you tin ideate a weird lamp, it astir apt exists – spell get it, pal!!!

Velinda S House0886design by velinda hellen | photograph by veronica crawford | from: velinda renovated & furnished her “fixer upper” for nether $55k…here’s how

Search By Finish Or Material

Wicker? Brass? Stone? Ceramic? Plastic? You astir apt already cognize what your abstraction needs – possibly you’re connected the hunt for immoderate wood to lukewarm up your room, oregon a deed of metallic radiance to marque your location consciousness a spot much polished and glam, oregon immoderate luxe onyx to adhd an earthy-meets-elegant finishing touch…I mean, you get it. Feel retired what materials would adhd to your location and usage that accusation to search. EASY PEASY, YEAH?

design by caitlin higgins | styled by emily bowser | photograph by sara ligorria-tramp | from: caitlin’s long, acheronian hallway makeover

Look In-Person

I KNOW. I cognize this is simply a blog and that I’m expected to stock bully resources with you – I decidedly will!!! – but y’all, vintage lamps are conscionable exponentially much affordable and acold much easy source-able if you’re looking successful the flesh. Drag yourself to your section Goodwill oregon flea marketplace (or, like, joyously hop retired of furniture and get acceptable to bask a amusive time – either way) and YOU’LL BE REWARDED. You cognize however overmuch that lil’ triangle lamp connected my dresser supra costs connected the internet? Like, $350, usually. You cognize what it outgo astatine the Rose Bowl? TEN BUCKS. Lamps are plentiful in-person and contention is often REALLY debased (read: non-existent), truthful your dollar stretches farthest erstwhile you really amusement up to hunt (there’s a beingness acquisition there, maybe?).

Velinda S House0697design by velinda hellen | photograph by veronica crawford | from: from “prison cell” to classical & collected: velinda’s fund diy chamber and bath makeover

Wiring Can Be Replaced

Pretty easily, too! While you tin drawback a DIY wiring kit for nether $40, you tin besides person lamps professionally re-wired for a akin price. (I’ve recovered it to beryllium astir $60-80 aft taxation present successful LA, which is simply a large terms to wage for the bid of caput that I haven’t accidentally incorrectly wired a lamp successful a mode that will, you know, pain a gathering down.)

Now that we’ve reviewed each the amusive worldly re: acquisition, let’s speech astir immoderate of my idiosyncratic favourite lamp dealers connected the internet. I cognize determination are tons retired there, but present are 9 shops that I’ve personally patronized (in immoderate capacity, astatine slightest – I don’t person like, 300 lamps successful my house) and that I tin happily vouch for. Hopefully, this tin beryllium a amusive jumping-off constituent for you connected your lighting journey…

1. Vintage 1970s Dark Blue Pencil Pop Art Table Lamp | 2. Vintage 1940s Arts & Crafts Tiered Wooden Handmade Folk Art Wood Shop Lamp | 3. Vintage 1970s Plastic White Cylinder & Chrome Adjustable Desk Lamp

Lackluster Co: I’ve written astir (read: screamed about, basically) Lackluster earlier successful antithetic roundups due to the fact that IT IS THE BEST. If I was being punished and could lone bargain from 1 online vintage store for the remainder of my life, Lackluster would triumph (literally bash not cognize the circumstances that would warrant specified an oddly-specific punishment, but the sentiment remains). I’ve purchased lighting present – the spiral level lamp successful the photograph up apical was a Lackluster find! – but the curated postulation of affordable smalls makes this a must-follow for immoderate vintage lover.

1. Murano Mushroom Lamp | 2. Blue Murano Swirl Lamp | 3. 70s Telescopic Desk Lamp

Vinteye: Wanna bring location a Murano mushroom lamp without the terms tag? (Alternatively phrased: privation to impressment the Gen Z idiosyncratic successful your life?) Vinteye ships from Greece and sources authentic Murano lamps astatine astir fractional the terms that you’d spot from a vintage seller present successful the US. While prices successful LA person been moving astir $550, Vinteye stocks a akin inventory astatine fractional the terms – HIGHLY recommended if you’re connected the hunt for that cleanable tiny finishing piece.

1. Antique French Wall-Mounted Sconces | 2. 1950s Antique Rose Glass French Ceiling Light | 3. 1950s Antique French Ceiling Light

Objets Uniques: OH MY GOSH, their antique French beverage solid pendants virtually MAKE ME WANT TO WEEP. They’re truthful saccharine and peculiar and the worth is unbelievable – each lighting tin beryllium re-wired for US use, you tin customize the cord and socket mechanisms, and hold – it gets amended – YOU CAN DO ALL OF THIS FOR ABOUT $100 PER LIGHT. If you’re connected the hunt for a large room oregon land pendant, look nary further!

1. Midcentury Table Lamp | 2. Vintage Cone Lamps | 3. NB100 Desk Lamp

Cosmic Design: If you’re looking for an unmatched selection…baby, you recovered it!! Cosmic Design is based successful the Netherlands, and the extent and breadth of their inventory is incredible. They transportation hundreds of table, desk, pendant, wall, and level lamps (the full gang’s here!) with a circumstantial absorption connected creation deco and mid-century lighting. While you’re there, beryllium definite to cheque retired the enactment of solid vases and boxes – they’re SO pretty.

1. Tripod Teak Table Lamp | 2. Minimalistic Frandsen Desk Lamp | 3. Danish 1960 Table Lamp

Lubie: Lovers of Danish Modern (clean-lined, punchy, and a liiiiittle space-y – successful the UFO-y way), rejoice! Martinne sources authentic Danish pieces (seeing arsenic she, uh, lives successful Denmark) and I looooove looking astatine her reappraisal photos – it’s truthful amusive seeing however folks person brought her finds to beingness successful their ain spaces. (My favourite is the pendant being utilized arsenic a array lamp. Such a caller and originative idea!!!)

1. Vintage Walking Lamp | 2. Large LITA Wall Lamp | 3. Mid-Century 1940s French Vintage Lamp

Intemporel: This is different 1 of my favourite “little spot of everything” stores, y’all!!! There are pages and pages to peruse and Intemporel’s Etsy really scratches the “I wanna thrift” itch erstwhile going retired is impossible. Pop successful present for a immense assortment – they banal everything from 1970s rattan to 1950s crystal to 1980s novelty lamps. HUGE FAN.

1. Vintage MCM Brass Tripod Small Table Lamp | 2. Vintage French Cottage Ivory & Blue Fruit Table Lamp | 3. Large Vintage Natural Alabaster Stone Table Lamp

The Eclectic Shire: If your cool, worldly, eccentric, brass-loving, (potentially imaginary?) grandma had an Etsy store…this would beryllium that Etsy store. I cognize astir of my lamp store recommendations thin a small funky and modern – that’s conscionable my lighting benignant close present – but The Eclectic Shire has a large enactment for those looking for pieces that are a spot much traditional. You tin ideate these pieces successful a small cozy countryside cottage, you know?

1. Vintage Faux Wood Lamp | 2. Orange Orb Lamp | 3. Vintage Cast Metal Lamp

The Best Things: A perpetually changing inventory (new items are uploaded weekly), negotiable pricing, AND escaped shipping implicit $75? IT’S THE FREAKIN’ ETSY JACKPOT, Y’ALL. Kelly sources everything from earrings to trivets to lighting and if the existent enactment isn’t a acceptable for you, conscionable hold – she’s definite to person a large woody successful your wheelhouse soon!!

1. French Mini Lamps | 2. French Lanterns | 3. Vintage Italian Oil Lamp

Bordeaux Brocante: The French bash vintage and antique stores WELL. This is different prime for those whose decor tastes thin a spot towards the accepted oregon ornate. Here, you’ll find elegant crystal sconces, Italian chandeliers, and gilded French lamps – it’s everything you request to instrumentality your location to the adjacent level (you’ll beryllium feelin’ similar royalty successful nary time!!!).

This is wherever I permission you for today. I cognize that photos of lamps, each shadeless and bare and sad, tin often beryllium a small depressing – but I curse that ANY of these would beryllium stunning if fixed the country to radiance successful your home. For now…what accidental you??? Let’s chat astir it 🙂 xx

P.S. From Jess: “Today is Caitlin’s BIRTHDAY!!!”

Opening Image Credits: Photo by David Tsay | From: Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, From Tabletops to Bookshelves

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