How Bentley Swiftly Replaced The 189 Vehicles That Sank Aboard The Felicity Ace

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When the Felicity Ace car hauling vessel caught fire, the timing couldn’t person been worse. In the midst of a pandemic erstwhile making vehicles was hard enough, losing astir 4,000 afloat built units was a large blow. But fewer of the brands were arsenic importantly affected arsenic Bentley.

The high-end British automaker produces costly luxury vehicles, truthful it usually lone puts betwixt 40 and 70 vehicles connected ships bound for America, according to Automotive News. The Felicity Ace, though, went down with 189 Bentleys onboard, 151 of which had been presold and custom-ordered.

That meant that a batch of customers who were looking to yet get their hands connected the Bentley they had ordered, galore crafted with the assistance of Mulliner, had to beryllium told that their cars were really unavailable conscionable arsenic they were yet expected to arrive.

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Bentley‘s apical brass reacted rapidly to the emergency, though, and placed those orders backmost successful its strategy earlier the vessel adjacent sank. Fortunately, the automaker was capable to drawback accumulation slots that were higher connected the list.

Bentley’s Chinese arm, for instance, was seeing debased request astatine the time, and was truthful capable to hold a small longer for its vehicles. Shortly aft the vessel went down, Russia invaded Ukraine, meaning that accumulation slots were nary longer needed for galore Russian customers.

Bentley‘s American dealers, meanwhile, were kept successful the loop from time one. Although it helped enormously to cognize what was going on, trader employees similar Juan Hinestrosa, the wide manager of income astatine Bentley Miami, inactive had to archer customers what had happened. Fortunately, they took it well.

“It went smoothly,” Hinestrosa told AN. “It was taken precise good by the customers, arsenic overmuch arsenic it tin be, anyway. Nobody got mad. I deliberation radical person changed their temper a small spot aft COVID; radical became much understanding.”

Naturally, it helped that communications were punctual and that they were capable to supply their customers with a timeline for erstwhile they would person their caller car. Buyers were adjacent offered the accidental to change their order, but conscionable 1 Bentley Miami lawsuit decided to alteration the color of their vehicle.

The ordeal has turned into a comparative occurrence for Bentley, which handled the antithetic incidental well. It could person easy gone the different way, though, since America is the brand’s biggest marketplace and 189 vehicles is much than 20 percent of its yearly income successful the country.

Finally, each 20 of the vehicles that were bound for Bentley Miami person been rebuilt and are present with their customers.

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