How A Bitcoin College Would Reshape Academia

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Information is already escaped connected the net and students tin get an fantabulous acquisition by focusing connected Bitcoin with a radical of like-minded peers.

This is an sentiment editorial by Peter Conley, a merchandise advocator astatine Vercel.

“Education is already free, 99% of the radical don’t recognize it yet.” — Jeff Booth

Education is free.

It has been for galore years now.

In my self-directed pursuit of understanding Bitcoin, I’ve forced myself to larn much than successful immoderate different play successful my life. More than immoderate erstwhile job, much than each of my undergraduate acquisition and much than my full-stack web improvement programme astatine Bloomtech.

In essence, I learned much from “Bitcoin College” than from “real college.”

With the Student Loan Debt Relief Plan astatine the forefront of everyone’s minds, it’s bringing galore large questions to the surface:

  • Is $80,000 for the worldly you tin get escaped connected the net worthy the terms of the credentials it affords you?
  • Aren’t astir undergraduate experiences conscionable four-year-long binge drinking vacations that don’t thatch you applicable occupation skills?
  • Why are these concern professors who don’t ain a concern teaching students astir business?
  • Why the fuck is Keynesian economics inactive the norm?
  • Is determination a amended way?

To reply the past question: Yes, I judge so.

Before I laic retired a imaginativeness for a specialized assemblage alternate centered astir Bitcoin, let’s unpack the existent assemblage merchandise bundle.

Institutions volition reason that “you get truthful overmuch much than an education!” This tin beryllium true, but let’s research what that “more” really is and however it tin beryllium provided à la carte.

The Standard College Product Bundle

Information And Knowledge

The immense bulk of the cognition you get successful assemblage is from professors who haven’t participated successful the escaped marketplace for years. The textbooks you work person nary inducement to supply honorable feedback oregon editing due to the fact that colleges necessitate students to acquisition them careless of the accuracy of their content.

The cold, hard information is accusation has been commoditized and has been packaged into ones and zeros connected permissionless servers you tin entree astatine will; it’s efficaciously escaped connected the internet.

Furthermore, I tin make a bully argument that the cognition you larn astatine university, by its plan and inducement model, can’t vie with the accusation connected the internet.

Social Life And Personal Development

A emblematic assemblage pupil has unspeakable slumber hygiene, eats processed foods, drinks to get drunk and lives for the weekend. As a student, you unconsciously prime up lessons connected nutrition, dating and manner from “adults” who are 4 to 7 years distant from having afloat formed brains.

And they telephone this a higher acquisition environment?

The lone happening I learned successful assemblage was however to suppress my emotions with alcohol. Yes, liable students exist, but they aren’t the majority.


A batch of dorms were built successful the 1960s and could beryllium mistaken for situation barracks. Plus you’re paying for each the facilities, amenities and infrastructure you ne'er usage and don’t springiness a crap about. It’s each 1 large bundle. Take it oregon permission it.

Of course, immoderate campuses are beautiful, and immoderate top-tier schools bash person bully surviving facilities, but they are the minority. Worst of all, they’re stuck wherever they are built; there’s nary optionality. You person to endure 4 Boston winters to articulation the MIT alumni network.

Alumni Network

Alumni networks tin perfectly beryllium a crippled changer for your career. The occupation is that they travel a Pareto distribution, meaning that the immense bulk of the spoils spell to the top, i.e., Ivy Leagues, Stanford, MIT, etc.

The instrumentality connected concern of paying $200,000 to beryllium an alumnus of Kenyon oregon Oberlin diminishes each year. All the while, the worth of a due societal media pursuing increases.

“I deliberation my Twitter relationship is worthy much than my assemblage degree.” — David Perell

I don’t cognize astir you, but I’m 100 times much apt to assistance and link with idiosyncratic I respect connected Twitter than idiosyncratic I person zero transportation with that happened to postgraduate from my alma mater (SUNY Geneseo).

I’m of people the number — for now, but humans similar to assistance and enactment with radical who stock their interests. The bittersweet information is I seldom shared communal interests with the 5,000 students I shared a assemblage field with.

How To Create A Better College Bundle — For Bitcoiners

What if we could physique a amended bundle? Cheaper, much niche and students larn astir the astir important plus of this century: bitcoin. Furthermore, the essays and contented they make portion learning won’t beryllium stored down gated learning platforms.

Students constitute to physique an online assemblage — a much invaluable web than immoderate alma mater — and to get invaluable feedback to amended their skills.

Here’s my vision:

Knowledge And Information

All accusation volition beryllium free. If a pupil wants to work “The Bitcoin Standard,” I stake if we inquire Dr. Saifedean Ammous he’ll donate arsenic galore arsenic we need.

We don’t archer students specifically what to learn, they travel their earthy curiosity — arsenic agelong arsenic it’s Bitcoin contented — but successful bid to genuinely larn it and integrate it, they person to nutrient their ain content. They indispensable constitute astir what they learned and stock it publicly, oregon podcast astir it oregon make a YouTube channel. Get feedback from the marketplace and amended your connection skills.

No much penning assemblage essays that ne'er spot the airy of day.

Social Life And Personal Development

You volition navigator meat, you volition not slumber successful a pod and you volition beryllium aggravated that Modern Monetary Theory is inactive a thing.

In each seriousness, you could make a civilization and operation for the students, centered astir steadfast habits alternatively of wrecking your encephalon and gut.

Of course, immoderate 18-year-olds would take Penn State implicit Bitcoin College to portion themselves into oblivion, but determination volition beryllium a tiny marketplace for a existent idiosyncratic improvement environment. This volition astir apt weed retired the lazy ones and pull those that privation to turn and learn.

How bash you bash this? You make a marketplace for like-minded students to link and you facilitate getting them a carnal situation successful which to study.


Network effects besides enactment for learning subjects. Don’t you deliberation that if you’re trying to larn French you’d person much occurrence if each your roommates lone spoke French? You’d lone ticker shows successful French oregon with French subtitles. You’d velocity up your gait of learning, astatine least. The aforesaid volition beryllium existent with learning astir Bitcoin.

In presumption of carnal space, you don’t request to physique anything. You tin conscionable rent it — oregon it tin beryllium a escaped space.

Let maine overgarment the representation for you.

Option A - Renting

Find a pupil lodging aggregator similar Unilodgers oregon adjacent a dorm that has excess capacity. You and your chap Bitcoin students go roommates too.

Option B - Local Learning Pods

Perhaps determination are capable Bitcoiners successful the aforesaid metropolis and each they request to bash is make an “education pod,” similar truthful galore did during COVID-19.

The pod could beryllium successful the basement of 1 of the student’s homes, oregon adjacent successful a nationalist library. It each comes down to connecting with like-minded, anxious students.

How bash you make this carnal network? With a marketplace for a customized assemblage experience, which is wherefore I’m gathering Unbundl.ed. It’s efficaciously Airbnb for assemblage alternatives.

Alumni Network

This whitethorn beryllium the champion part. You’ll beryllium walking into 1 of the richest alumni networks imaginable.

Plus, Bitcoiners are the astir passionate and astir forward-thinking web connected the planet.

If a young idiosyncratic approaches maine and says they went to my alma mater I truly don’t springiness a shit, but if they archer maine 50% of their nett worthy is successful bitcoin, I volition tally done walls to assistance them.

Making It A Reality

Is this imaginable oregon is this conscionable a blog post?

It’s perfectly possible.

This assemblage could bash it.

It’s clip to instrumentality backmost the satellite from the overly schooled and grossly undereducated.

This is simply a impermanent station by Peter Conley. Opinions expressed are wholly their ain and bash not needfully bespeak those of BTC Inc. oregon Bitcoin Magazine.

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