Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Giveaway

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If you are bushed of favored hair…everywhere… this giveaway is for you! Read much astir the Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum below! 

Hoover Cordless PetVacuum Giveaway

About The Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum

  • CORDLESS: Delivers cord-free convenience with the removable and rechargeable ONEPWR 4.0 Ah MAX battery
  • PERFECT FOR PETS: Tackle stubborn favored hairsbreadth and ungraded done retired the home
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT : Weighs little than 9 lbs erstwhile you assistance it, feels similar 2 lbs erstwhile you recline it and commencement vacuuming(1)
  • HOLDS 3X MORE DIRT AND PET HAIR: Larger ungraded cupful capableness than a instrumentality vacuum for little trips to the trash can (2)
  • PERFECT FOR CARPET AND HARDFLOOR: On/Off brushroll helps effortlessly modulation from carpets to hard floors with the interaction of a button
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: Evolve Pet, ONEPWR 4.0 Ah MAX Battery, Charger

Product Description 

The ONEPWR Evolve Pet delivers lightweight cordless mundane convenience, perfect for those with furry friends astatine home. This compact and lightweight plan brings you the easiest clean, weighing little than 9 lbs. erstwhile you transportation it from country to room, portion it lone feels similar 2 lbs. successful the grip arsenic you recline it to vacuum truthful your arms won’t get bushed from cleaning. Lift each the embedded ungraded and favored hairsbreadth from your carpet oregon your hard floors and maneuver astir furnishings without worrying astir a cord. Plus, bask 3X much capableness than a instrumentality vacuum truthful you don’t person to bare each that puppy hairsbreadth and ungraded each fewer minutes. Equipped with an anti-microbial brush-roll and a favored odor filter the ONEPWR Evolve Pet is the caller solution to each the favored lovers looking for the perfect clean.

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Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Giveaway

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