Here’s How EHD Stylist, Hina, Designed Her Beautiful And Budget-Friendly Diwali Celebration

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Hello EHD Readers! My sanction is Hina and though astir of you person ne'er heard of maine before, I person worked alongside the EHD squad since 2019 erstwhile they were shooting for Em’s 2nd publication (mostly arsenic a PA). I proceed to enactment with EHD alum (briefly with Velinda & Grace for VHD, assorted EHD productions, ongoing arsenic an adjunct to Bowser & Erik arsenic good arsenic alongside Veronica wherever she shoots and I benignant for other brands).  So I americium beauteous EHD adjacent adjacent though this is my archetypal clip officially contributing to the blog! 🙂

I’m excited to stock however I big 1 of the astir peculiar times of the twelvemonth for maine which immoderate of you whitethorn already know. Diwali, besides known arsenic the festival of lights, is simply a salient solemnisation observed by Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains astir the world. Last twelvemonth connected Diwali, I was really with Emily, Bowser & Sara connected acceptable astatine the Mountain House and was capable to stock the solemnisation with them. It was small, but intentional arsenic I brought up immoderate Indian snacks & sweets on with immoderate twinkle lights to marque the time special. I usually big an yearly Diwali solemnisation and missed it the past 2 years for evident pandemic reasons, truthful I was other excited to footwear it disconnected again this year. I would emotion to bring you on to stock however I weave successful Diwali decor passim my assorted hosting zones.

So archetypal off, what is Diwali and however is it celebrated? Diwali is celebrated successful either October oregon November each twelvemonth depending connected the lunar calendar. As mentioned above, Diwali is the festival of lights and it celebrates the conquering of bully implicit evil oregon airy implicit dark. It is celebrated successful a assortment of ways but 1 of the astir salient ways is by lighting diyas (clay lamps). This symbolizes illuminating an interior airy and extortion from darkness. Many houses are adorned by lighting diyas astir the home. There are besides beauteous displays of rangoli (elaborate patterns made of colored powder, flowers oregon dyed rice), fireworks/ sparklers, tons of yummy food, and tidying/cleaning the location to invitation successful Lakshmi- the Goddess of prosperity and bully fortune. This each amounts to celebrating the caller twelvemonth (at slightest for Gujaratis – Gujarat is the portion of India my ancestors are from). The caller twelvemonth involves visiting household and friends and exchanging each the fantastic Diwali homemade snacks by each household. Celebrating Diwali helps maine consciousness connected to my household & friends who I’ve lived distant from for the past 6 years (I hail from Toronto and my hubby is from Sydney, neither of america commonwealth citizens person household successful LA fto unsocial America successful general).

pic of myself, my small sis, and my ma successful the mid-90s

Even though I americium not religious, I subordinate Diwali with taste belonging and resonate with the conception of remembering determination is airy adjacent successful acheronian times. The past respective years person been dense with devastating blows astir the globe- clime change, societal unrest/injustice, and the pandemic being forefront of truthful galore of our lives. It feels adjacent much indispensable to grant and clasp connected to immoderate symbolic oregon spiritual ritual tied to anticipation and being reminded of the quality of the airy that inactive exists particularly successful darker times. Getting to stock this juncture with friends successful LA who whitethorn oregon whitethorn not cognize overmuch astir the solemnisation is precise peculiar for me.

Now that everyone has a basal conception of what Diwali is and however it is celebrated, I’ll dive into however I planned a Diwali solemnisation centered astir Indian nutrient & Diwali decor that’s casual to execute. I kept things simple, accessible, and beauteous (after all, I americium a stylist astatine the extremity of the day!).

My archetypal measurement was creating zones and utilizing a antithetic Diwali decor for each zone: The 3 zones are savoury snacks with florals, sweets a.k.a. mithai with diyas/ candles and a drinks country with rangoli.

Zone #1: The Savoury Table

Diwali nutrient is usually vegetarian, and I’m biased but Indians bash vegetarian dishes WELL! My savoury array has a premix of blistery nutrient snacks and adust snacks (I’ve seen adust Indian snacks similar Bombay premix astatine Trader Joe’s and depending connected what metropolis you unrecorded in, you tin find akin Indian snacks astatine section market stores). I purchased astir of the nutrient from an Indian store and added successful a crudités platter and a charcuterie committee of adust Indian snacks mixed with immoderate berries and cocoa balls to adhd pops of freshness and colour. LA admittedly has an astonishing angiosperm marketplace that I was capable to acquisition astir of these blooms from, BUT I’d accidental 35% of these flowers are from Trader Joe’s. Local market stores travel successful clutch erstwhile hosting and are a overmuch much accessible mode to bring successful caller florals to your home! 

Traditionally, floral garlands are utilized successful Diwali decor, but if you’re abbreviated connected clip similar I was, arranging immoderate mini bouquets and sprinkling angiosperm petals astir the nutrient added truthful overmuch colour and beauty, adjacent if it’s not successful the accepted sense. Fun fact, marigolds which are often utilized successful floral garlands (and are successful play this clip of year) are edible, truthful spell up and sprinkle them onto the nutrient arsenic a garnish for a small other popular arsenic well.

Wall Mural | Small Framed Art | Stoneware Pie Dish

Having varying crockery shapes and sizes gives much ocular involvement and magnitude to the array particularly due to the fact that astir of the nutrient was successful a yellowish tone. In addition, keeping the dishware colour palette successful enactment with the wide colour taxable kept everything feeling cohesive. 

Zone #2: The Sweets Table

Tea Light Holders | Glass Tulip Glasses | Marble Tray

The adjacent portion I focused connected was the sweets table. Indian sweets are precise affluent and indulgent truthful a small goes a agelong way! Different types of sweets oregon mithai are besides a large mode to incorporated much colour into your nutrient coupled with dynamic flavours of mango, cardamom, roseate and antithetic nuts. I made a elemental mango mousse retired of mango puree, dense cream, and agar agar powder, but besides emotion incorporating easy-to-acquire sweets similar cocoa connected my sweets array (Ferrero Rocher is ever a deed and the golden wrapping reflects the glow of your diyas oregon candles truthful well!). 

This portion is wherever I included astir of my tealight candles. I person a fewer accepted clay diyas, which necessitate ghee and fabric to light, but truthfully I’m not arsenic skilled arsenic my parents astatine preparing them. So alternatively I utilized them to show immoderate mithai by lining them with mini cupcake liners and placing them successful the diyas. This felt similar a amusive mode to incorporated a much accepted constituent and springiness it a multi-use intent each portion keeping the lighting process much elemental for me! I emotion however this portion truly sparkles and gives the feeling of warmth the vacation play is each about.

White Sun Plate | Gold Plate | Pink Tall Votive

Zone #3: The Drink Table

Side Table | Mirror | Console Table | Wood Tray | Mint Green Thermos | Sconces (vintage but from here)

My last portion was for drinks wherever I incorporated a floral floating rangoli connected a adjacent table. I made masala chai up of clip utilizing Diaspora Co’s chai spice blend (which is genuinely phenomenal if anyone is funny successful an authentic chai flavour by an ethically sourced, queer, WOC-owned brand!) and enactment it successful a thermos to marque it casual for self-serving on with immoderate sweetener cubes. I emotion having tropical juices connected manus arsenic mixers oregon for non-alcoholic portion options successful mango, passionateness fruit, oregon lychee, but successful this case, I stuck with immoderate bully aged Trader Joe’s sparkling lemonade. I decided to bash a floating angiosperm rangoli (because I already had the florals connected hand) and it contained the flowers for elemental cleanup erstwhile it’s clip to compost. If you’ve ever made rangoli from colored rice, pulverization oregon flowers connected the floor, you cognize the process of cleaning up aft is not amusive and you tin beryllium definite to find remnants of it for months connected extremity afterward lol. 

Rangoli tin beryllium arsenic elemental oregon intricate arsenic you’d like. You tin besides easy people a design/stencil from the net if you’re wanting a spot of guidance connected a signifier you’re blessed with. I decided to widen my signifier beyond the vessel of floating flowers since I had much abstraction connected the table. I placed each Dahlia successful a mini pinch vessel with h2o to support them caller and sprinkled angiosperm petals astir the full plan to capable immoderate further antagonistic space. I’m truly blessed with however it turned retired and recovered the process to beryllium rather meditative. After all, going inwards and reflecting connected however we privation to unrecorded with volition and illuminating that which we support successful the acheronian is what this clip of twelvemonth is each about! At the extremity of the night, I gave each my guests leftover flowers to instrumentality location arsenic a enactment favour and volition proceed to bask each the antithetic areas of caller flowers successful my location for the coming days.

I anticipation this station serves arsenic inspiration to spell up and observe Diwali successful a mode you emotion adjacent though you whitethorn not person entree to the astir accepted ways of celebrating, oregon you conscionable privation to forge your ain way connected however to observe specified a affluent festival. I besides anticipation it enlightened anyone who wasn’t acquainted with Diwali and has fixed you an appreciation of a festival truthful galore clasp beloved to their hearts. Thanks for coming on for the travel readers. Wishing you each a Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak (Happy New Year!). xo

*Styled by Hina Mistry
**Photos by Veronica Crawford

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