Hennessey Velociraptor Bronco is 493bhp V6 off-roader

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Ford Bronco velociraptor 1 The caller Bronco Velociraptor gets a full raft of upgrades implicit the modular Bronco Raptor American tuner's latest outlandish instauration commands £30,000 premium implicit blistery Ford 4x4 connected which it's based

Hennessey, known for its outlandish tuning of fashionable American vehicles, has revealed its latest project: the Velociraptor Bronco. 

The Texas-based company has uprated the Ford Bronco Raptor's 3.0-litre V6 petrol motor from 412bhp and 440lb ft to 493bhp and 550lb ft – a akin output to the old C7 Chevrolet Corvette.

It has fixed the SUV a new high-capacity intercooler for amended aerial induction, tweaked its engine-management strategy to summation powerfulness and fitted a stainless-steel, low-flow exhaust. 

The Velociraptor Bronco is expected to sprint from 0-62mph faster than the 5.6sec the Bronco Raptor can negociate and could adjacent propulsion adjacent to the 4.9sec clip achieved by the Land Rover Defender V8.

The modular Bronco Raptor has off-road-focused features including a protective skidplate and higher thrust height, and Hennessey has taken this a measurement further. It has fitted 18in wheels with 37-in off-road tyres, wide wheel-arch extensions, an exclusive bumper, a classical ‘bucking bronco’ livery and Velociraptor 500 badging.

The interior volition see akin badging, albeit connected the headrests to differentiate it from the mean car. This, alongside a plaque commemorating it being 1 of 200 units to beryllium delivered successful 2022/2023, sets it apart. 

Prices for the Velociraptor Bronco commencement astatine $32,950 (£28,950) successful summation to the $68,500 (£60,200) terms of the modular Bronco Raptor.

US deliveries are primed to statesman soon, though a day has yet to beryllium confirmed. UK customers volition request a grey import astatine present, although Hennessey said it's successful talks with dealers here.

Other caller Hennessey projects include a 1012bhp six-wheeled Ram TRX pick-up motortruck named the Mammoth.

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