Happy and Healthy Instant Win Game

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We are giving distant amusive products focused connected cultivating much joyousness and wellness successful your life! Spin for your accidental to triumph our Happy and Healthy Instant Win Game!

Happy and Healthy Instant Win Game

There are galore ways to bring successful much happiness, positivity and health! But present are immoderate amusive products to assistance you beryllium much mindful, grateful and healthy.

1. Journal

It is truthful adjuvant to get each your thoughts onto paper! Taking clip to constitute down your ideas, thoughts and lists tin assistance you signifier your caput and trim stress. It is besides a large thought to marque a database of each the things you are grateful for successful the greeting – and ticker your full code of your greeting shift!

We are giving distant a amusive notebook for you to constitute retired your ideas and regular thoughts!

2. Practice Mindfulness

Slowing down and practicing mindfulness is simply a large mode to cultivate much positivity. Sometimes it is casual to get caught up successful our regular engaged lives, the news, our families, accent that pops up etc. When we dilatory down and beryllium conscious of what is important we tin assistance to signifier overmuch much happiness successful our lives! Spin to triumph these amusive Mindfulness Cards. You tin simply gully a paper wrong the time for a speedy reminder of however to dilatory down!

3. Stretch and Foam Roll

A batch of our accent tin beryllium held successful the body. Often we fto our regular activities physique up successful our assemblage which leads to tension, choky muscles and wide deficiency of mobility. Taking a speedy 10 minutes a time to agelong and rotation retired hostility tin marque a BIG difference! We are giving distant a Foam Roller that helps rotation retired each the tightness successful your full assemblage effectively!


4.Getting successful Nutrient Dense Foods

Sometimes it’s hard to consistently get a nutrient-dense fare in! We emotion smoothies due to the fact that you tin easy blend up frozen fruits, greens and superfood powders and proteins to marque definite you are covering your bases connected the nutrients your assemblage needs! Try this azygous usage blender from Hamilton Beach, that allows you to rapidly blend up a speedy steadfast smoothie that you tin portion consecutive from the cup!

5. Self Care Goes A Long Way

Taking clip passim the time to springiness yourself immoderate aforesaid attraction tin marque wholly displacement your time and let you to reset! Just simply moisturizing your hands, spending clip washing your face, oregon giving your feet immoderate emotion aft a agelong time of walking tin assistance support your mindset to yourself positive!

Happy and Healthy Instant Win Game

Prizes to Win 

Gratitude Journals

Mindfulness Cards 

Foam Rollers 

 Hamilton Beach Single Use Blender

Burts Bee’s Skin Care Gift Set



Thank you for everyone who submitted their photograph of their moments of joyousness successful our caller photograph contest. 

Comment beneath and fto america cognize your thoughts connected this game! 

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How to play:
  1. Select 1 of the look down cards by clicking connected it.
  2. Select a 2nd look down card, attempting to find a lucifer to the archetypal card.
  3. If the cards match, some volition stay look up. Otherwise, the cards volition crook look down again.
  4. Repeat until each cards are look up.

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To gain your bonus spins, caput to the signifier below, participate arsenic mean and past cheque retired the bonus questions for your directions connected however to get your bonus spins! 

Spin for your accidental to win! 




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